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    Books on the Fourier Transform

    At different times I'm an experimentalist, mathematician, theorist, and engineer. Though my skill levels across those domains varies tremednously. I would be interested in an introductory text from any perspective, really. My key requirement is that any introduction should arrive at the...
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    Books on the Fourier Transform

    I'm solid with Fourier series, yep. The integral expression for the Fourier transform feels close enough to a Fourier series that I almost feel like I could figure out what it does on my own (with a blackboard and a lot of free time). That book by Lathi looks interesting, I'll give it a peek...
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    Books on the Fourier Transform

    I need a good book on the Fourier transform, which I know almost noting about. Some online sources were suggesting Bracewell's "The Fourier Transform & Its Applications." I gave it shot, but it's competely unreadable. On page 1 he throws out an internal expression and says "There, that's the...
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    Good book on C++?

    I would suggest the 3rd edition of Stroustrup's book, which covers C++98: I would also advise using C++, though I do think that learning it is worth the effort.