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    Exponential equation - how to use ln?

    Aha! So i get a simple second degree equation: 64x^{2}-50x+4=0 Thanks :) But I'm thinking now that these numbers were 'convenient'...are there other ways to solve this if the numbers don't play along this nicely?
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    Exponential equation - how to use ln?

    Homework Statement Problem: find t in the following equation Homework Equations 64000e^{-1600t}+4000e^{-400t}=50000e^{-1000t} The Attempt at a Solution I know the answer: t=6.17\cdot\;10^{-4}s. But I'm struggling with how to get there. This is my attempt: Factorizing down to...
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    Differential equation (to solve analytically)

    (x^2+1)y'=x^2+x-1+4xy How can I solve this equation analytically? I have almost no idea. I thought that y might be a series...please help :) Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution