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    Recommendation for hydroelectricity

    Homework Statement I am trying to write a report that recommends hydro electric power as a future technology for Canada. I was looking for help in deciding what topics will make up the body of the report Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution for example, Benefits of Hydroelectricity...
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    Equal friction method for duct sizing

    Homework Statement In the attachment. Homework Equations Chart of pressure loss due to friction for steel ducts : The Attempt at a Solution I don't understand the deltaP/L column of the results table. Where did the values come from? Shouldn't they all be...
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    Pressure control

    Homework Statement I have a lab on pressure control but I don't really understand the setup. I was wondering if someone could tell me what topics,chapters I need to read/look over to understand the network of valves on pg2. Homework Equations - The Attempt at a Solution -