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    Please help check work

    Can someone please check my work, thank you Discuss any discontinuities. classify each discontinuity as removable or nonremovable. (this is a peicewise function) f(x)={sin(x), x<-3(pi)/2 {tan(x/2), -3(pi)/2<x(less than or equal to)0 {(-3x+1)/(x-2), 1<x<3 {-sqrt(x+6), x(greater than or...
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    Series representation and other problems

    Thank You AKG, I need help with the following problem if you care to assist. the integral of 2 sin(lnx)+ 1/x. u=ln(x). du=1/x so 2sin(u)+du=-2cos(u)+u=-2cos(lnx)+ln(x) also the integral(from pi/2 to 0) of sinx+tanx. I get this is really sin(x)+sin(x)/cos(x). so u=cos(x). du=-sinx dx...
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    Series representation and other problems

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    Series representation and other problems

    find the series for sin(x)/x. I believe this would just mean dividing the series representation of sin(x) by x, therefore sin(x)/x=1-x^2/3!+x^4/5!-x^6/7!...=sigma(x^2n/(2n+1)!) how then would we find the radius of convergence and interval of convergence. is the series n/sigma(1/k(k+2))...
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    Calc problems

    1)Find equations of both lines through point (2,-3) that are tangent to the parabola y=x^2+x. 2)The normal line to a curve c at a point Pis, by defininiton, the line that passes through p and is perpindicular to the tangent line c at P. Where does the normal line to the parabola y=x^2-x...