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    Fiberglass degradation by salt water

    Fiberglass with common resins is hydroscopic so it absorbs water, hence the reason for coatings. They are washing and waxing the coating to make it look nice. If they did not do that, then the sun and air would degrade it and make it look ugly. But you can recover an ugly coating with a fine...
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    Well depth

    I can't way for sure without knowing the context, but a well is a hole in the ground from which you draw or pump water. But it could mean something else in another context.
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    Will atomized kerosene ignite?

    Yep. Blew up a house that way when I was a kid. Made a great fuel air bomb, but I was too young to understand what one of those was at the time. You do not need a stoichiometric ratio because burning happens on the surface of each atomized droplet. This is why you can run a diesel engine...
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    How do you stop rusting if an iron object is already underwater?

    Go explore the many coatings designed to be applied under water. I only have experience with the epoxies, but there are others.