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    Using excel to make plots

    Do you know how to use the quick fill corner?
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    Winword 2002 doesn't have MS equation object

    Use the help function in word. If you look for equation editor you should get a search result something like "install or remove components" which details how to add equation editor.
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    Program that'll give a squared value of z

    #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> #include <cmath> //maybe you should also add whitespace here, I'm not sure using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { int x; cin >> x; // you don't have to add endl here because when you will enter some number and hit...
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    Fun with Word

    ARGH! I HATE THOSE TABS! I was using Excel the other day and those little tags kept popping up. I had a column of data and a second column with an equation to manipulate the data. I did the little grab the square box and drag trick to fill my second column with the equation manipulating the...
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    Program that'll give a squared value of z

    yes: pow(x,y) will yield the vaule of x to the power of y. You can use variables.
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    Programming tip needed

    What exactly is your question? Do you need a language suggestion? Do you need help with implementation? You will get a lot more help if you ask a pointed question i.e. why won't this code work, or how do I use this windows API... The question you are asking is akin to "How do I write a...
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    Program interface

    There's also wxWidgets(multiplatform as well)
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    Pentium 4's FP ability is lower than Athlon64 1 time,aid,104075,00.asp [Broken] I don't know the outcome or if the suit was allowed to proceed. I just remembered...
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    Pentium 4's FP ability is lower than Athlon64 1 time

    There was a class action lawsuit filed against Intel for this very reason. Intel touted the P4's as "more powerful" when the reality was the P3's outperformed the P4's for quite some time. Ealry adopters of the P4 got screwed.
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    Clock_t start, stop in C

    That's the Windows OS time though which is not that accurate. Also, is that accurate below 0.1 seconds? The original poster was worried about the lowest time increment being 0.05. Victor, the link in my previous response has a zip file which contains routines which give access to hardware...
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    Clock_t start, stop in C

    No, it won't be accurate. Programs running under windows run in a layer so, you have the hardware layer with a real time clock then you have a core OS layer then a GUI layer then your user program layer. Since user programs are not running at the lowest layer the lower layers can preempt your...
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    Linux wont boot

    Did you try hitting 'enter' when the 'boot from cd' prompt came up?
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    Sharing files between Operating Systems

    It sounds like the two OS's are running on the same system so running putty/windows and ssh/Linix at the same time will be tough. Under Linux you can mount NTFS or FAT file systems(FAT is much easier) I don't recall the details though--I banished Windows a long time ago. Google "mounting...
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    Remember IE only opens one window at a time?

    ddurado hit the nail on the proverbial head here. You should reload windows, download firefox set it as your default browser and forget IE is even on your system unless you come across the few odd sites that (UGH!) require that you use IE. How does the old Chinese proverb go? "Fool me once...
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    OS X to displace Windows?

    Exactly, which is why I think OS X would accel. By standardizing on a seemingly inferior chip Apple has opened the door to the millions of Windows users to try OS X---if Apple chooses to go this route. If a huge OEM like Dell is willing to give MacTel a shot I think Mac OS has a real chance.
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    OS X to displace Windows?

    Ha Ha yeah your right... Touche'
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    Redesigning the Desktop

    1) I disagree. We live in a day and age where GUI's are available and should be used when most effecient. Sometimes it is easier to type a few lines and be done with a task; however, I would never go so far as to say all programs must be designed for the console. 2) Yes---but getting this...
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    OS X to displace Windows?

    Good catch. I'm a dumba$$! The link you gave is for XP pro upgrade. XP pro is still $299 retail. 4) If OS X is available for the HW they currently own then people will be more...
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    OS X to displace Windows?

    1) Actually, Upgrade is $199. XP Pro is $499. [edit] Though I used 499---consequently changed--- above as hyperbole I was actually right it appers. Amazon says the retail price for XP Pro is 499: 2) Apple could easily lower it's price to $99 or below to compete. I said I'd pay $129 because...
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    OS X to displace Windows?

    With Apple's move towards Intel processors there has been a lot of specualtion about the eventual outcome of this venture. Well, if M.Dell has anything to say---according to the Forbes article below---then we might just see stand-alone copies of OS X right next to the virus monster known as...
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    A new laptop

    You can get an iBook.
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    Should I move from windows to linux?

    Linux is all you need. Forego the anti-this, and spybot that, and cpu cycle waste because windows ties is graphical API to the core OS thus opening more doors into your data creating the need for virus protection. Linux isn't hack-proof, but it is script-kiddie proof. Oh, and with Linux you...
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    Should I move from windows to linux?

    Stick with Linux. If you install XP a lot of your problems will go away, but Windows is Windosw IMHO. No telling when and how the next virus will attack, there's a new Windows plague every week you know. With Linux you have security through obscurity---or rather security through a sound design.
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    Official: Apple moving to x86

    What I said was an opinion. What you said was false. You said "With the Apple you are locked into using an apple os" To wit I replied "I run Gentoo on my Mac when I need to" So when you said Apple HW is only suitible for Mac OS and that is all that runs on it I pointed out that you where...
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    Official: Apple moving to x86

    What are you talking about? I run Gentoo on my Mac when I need to. Seems there are about a half dozen linux variants that run on Mac/PPC. Mac Os is BSD, so *nix's run on PPC without a problem. My airport doesn't work under Linux---I'll give you that. Essentially you're spreading FUD.
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    Official: Apple moving to x86

    It's pretty self explainatory don't you think? Take a feature from one system and compare it to a feature on another system. It doesn't take a lot to do either. Let's take a system from an industry dig-whig---Dell. Now you'd think that volume would result in a significant savings, so let's take...
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    Official: Apple moving to x86

    Straigh no-nonesence computations are faster on an x86. This has been shown time and again. Every other thing a computer needs to do is done faster on a Mac---ESPECIALLY if the software running on the Mac has been optomized to take advantage of the PPC and not just a recompile. I use Maple and...
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    Official: Apple moving to x86

    Here, Here G7! Hmmm, let's all revert to a processor who's ability to arbitrate conflicts between external devices is circa 1971. Nothing like a good old IRQ conflict when installing a new PCI/AGP/whatever card---these conflicts don't occur on modern processors BTW, just the P4(x86) dinosaurs...
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    Why have pipelining?

    Adding complexity tends to slow things down and increases costs. The costs associated with transistor on a processor die are exponential in that 1 transistor may cost x while 100 may cost x^n. Possibly. In retrospect on this you are probably right. This is false, I said RISC processors...
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    Why have pipelining?

    A three stage pipeline is very common---for speed and performance gains---hence the use of three parallel paths in my discussion. Just register for the book. Make some stuff up if you don't feel like giving your correct information. How is it that you bounce around between not adding...
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    Why have pipelining?

    I don't think you understand why pipelines are used. Read the reference above for a clearer picture of why processors are pipelined. Replace flash with HD or slow ram(the ram speed is a fraction of clock speed isn't it?) and you'll understand why your proposal will either a) slow the processor...
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    Why have pipelining?

    The point of pipelining is to limit the number of wasted clock cycles. You can add as much latency as you want if your goal is to cool the processor by using wait cycles though you are going in the reverse direction of the intel engineers by doing so. Read this for a good explanation of why...
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    Course on Data structures and algorithms

    Sedgewick has a Java version too along with a couple of more basic intro books. Give Amazon or your local book store a peep. Along the lines of egsmith's comments though, I wouldn't bother buying a book before you take the class---unless you know what book will be used for the class. Read...
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    My C drive suddenly shrunk to 1.83GB.

    Did you run system scan yet? A lost file fragment under ME/98/95 can cause the problems you are having. Do you know what kind of drive you have? If so then go to the manufacturers website and try to download their diskcheck utility.
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    Crafting text editor

    You will need to use a dynamic array. You are currently creating an array with 1000 holes that can be filled with letters. A better solution is to create an array with one hole and simple add holes as needed. To do this you will need to look into reallocating array space to grow or shrink as...
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    Reading open source software code

    I think you are looking at this wrong. You expect professional programmers to be able to open a project like EMACS up and immediatly know what is going on. That never happens. Generally, a programmer new to a project will talk to programmers currently involved in the project. The new programmer...
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    No numerical sort in python ?

    So, you are decrying python because you did not take the time to even quickly read through the python docs? You don't need to declare variable types in python. 4 is a number and '4' is a string. Here, try this: a=[123,234,542,821,111,54,767,23453,90,9,0,1,321] a a.sort() a it will...
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    System rousources low, what the hell

    System resources on windows 98 also includes your hard drive into the equation. If you are running low on HD space then the swap file will be doggedly slow on win98 as well. Also, when was the last time you defragged or did a system scan? A lost or missplaced file can do this sort of thing to...
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    Auto Swith-On

    Wake on LAN. [Broken] Nothing special now-a-days. Your NIC simply listens for a wake up call over the net.
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    Learning C

    Oh c'mon this is not true. You DO NOT have to learn C to optimize code. Now, your point about the games is bcause most games are written in C but use a C++ like interface because game environments include a lot of 'objects'---creatures, textures, halls, pools, guns, etc. Someone502 you need...
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    Why not hardwire software ?

    How are you equating parallel memory to your parallel process? You could have done a search for parallel processing and came up with more applicable information. Heck the Amiga I hade in 1989 utilized limited parallel processing by offloading most functions to support chips all coordinated by...
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    Learning C

    1) This most likely has been covered at some point here. I've partaken in a few C discussions so I know they exist. 2) No you can go right to C++ if you like. C++ is backwards compatible in many respects. 3) School/University, KN.King wrote a book called "C A Modern Approach" which is an...
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    Why not hardwire software ?

    For the reasons already mentioned. $$$$$ and bugs. If an AMD chip with the Linux Kernel hard-coded in cost $1.37 then you'd see the Linux Kernel come hard coded. The cost of hard coding something like that would be great to say the least so it's not going to happen anytime soon. Moreover, the...
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    Why is not Delphi commonly used professionaly?

    How does one define which language is better? Is it better to have an ISO standards launguge that can be ported across platforms or is it better to have a seemingly easier language that locks you into one platform? Delphi may be easier to use than VB; however, VB comes as part of MS in some way...
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    Softwares for mechanical engineering

    I recently had the pleasure of playing with Inventor (made by autodesk). I liked it a lot. It was easy to use and the design aspect was more intuitive than UG (I use NX2 mostly). Are you looking for some sort of analysis software? Look at MCS Adams or any of their other software. It takes a...
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    Make a Pdf file into an ordinary web file (html file)?

    There are other readers out there besides adobe. I use this for reading text PDF files when I'm forced to use a windows PC. That pgm fits and executes from a usb drive, is fast but the anti-alias fonts are not the greatest(I guess lots of smoothing...
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    Database suggestions

    No, MySQL only charges for corporate licenses(I think the lowest level is $200 at least that's what it used to be). MySQL is open source and free to use on all platforms for non-corporate uses. In fact MySQL has better support of MS and Apple than it does for Linux. Actually, MySQL may be used...
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    Database suggestions

    what about access or foxpro? [Broken] If you're into Java there's There's also firebird, or filemaker
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    Introduction to Java

    Because 2 and 3 are integers. You have to explicitly cast these as doubles or use 2.0 and/or 3.0. import java.util.*; public class test { public static void main (String args[]) { double y = 2.0/3; System.out.println(y); } } [edit] Ok, here's what's...