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    Coulomb's Law dealing with electrons & protons?

    Styrofoam is a polymer containing carbon and hydrogen. Assume the formula is C8H8. How many molecules are in a 0.2 g styrofoam peanut? How many protons and electrons are in this peanut if it carries no excess charges? How many coulombs of positive and negative charge does this represent? If the...
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    Van de Graaff & electric force?

    Homework Statement A Van de Graaff generator is charged so that the electric field exerted at the top surface is 2.0× 10^6 N/C directed upwards. Find the a) the electric force exerted on a styrofoam peanut (q= 0.025μC) released at its surface, b) the gravitational force on the peanut, c) its...
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    Spring Constant of DNA, etc?

    Consider a segment of a molecule of DNA that is a coil with an overall length of 1.6 μm. If the end of the molecule become singly ionized (one end loosing a single electron and the other end gaining a single electron) the helical molecule acts like a spring and compresses 1.10% of its original...