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    Earths surface temperature at night

    No, Earth doesn't cool by radiation. Only the ground really produces much radiation. Water is a very poor radiator because transparent substances in general don't produce much radiation. Much of the cooling of the ground results from heat energy transfer to the air through conduction. This...
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    Japanese Earthquake - was it really that devastating?

    Keep in mind that much of the devastation associated with this earthquake came from the tsunami that it generated which hit the Japanese coast.
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    Where are the missing dimensions?

    The idea of other dimensions is difficult to understand because our brains are programed at an early age to think of dimensions as something like the Euclidean dimensions of length, width and height. We need to look at dimensions in the broader sense as variables. The Euclidean dimensions...
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    Predictive power of the Farmer's Almanac

    My understanding is that it is based on the cyclic nature of weather. I don't think they look at the sun's sunspot cycles, but those cycles are a cause for some years to be warmer or cooler, etc. Up to now those cycles have been followed a regular pattern, but the new sunspot cycle has...
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    Forget ocean levels rising due to global warming what if

    Right. It's proximity to the sun would mean it could have been hit by a large object coming back from the sun on a comet like trajectory. The slingshot affect of going around the sun would have meant it was traveling at an extremely high speed. If it was close enough to the sun as it went...
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    Parting of the Red Sea 'may have happened'

    I believe the Biblical account specifically states that a strong wind was responsible although it probably didn't look like it did in the Ten Commandments movie.
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    Near death out-of-body experiences

    People in a coma can hear everything that is being said even though they have may no feeling and cannot direct movement of any parts of their bodies. As for the out of body issue, I'm not sure whatever energy field might be involved would be able to detect light. If brain waves demonstrate...
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    Effect of gravity on atmosphere

    Air molecules move at extremely high speeds which allow them to temporarily move away from the ground. As they move up some of the kinetic energy (i.e., heat) is lost causing them to slow down, but they are also farther from the center of the Earth so the gravitational attraction is lower...
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    Science and religion

    How about the Big Bang? The ancient work The Secrets of Enoch describes "all of creation" coming out of an "invisible" object with a "fiery light" inside. The description of what the universe came out of is consistent with the description of a black hole -- an object which cannot be seen with...
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    How does Earth cool itself?

    Keep in mind that much of the radiation reaching Earth is not converted into heat directly because plants store it in the form of the electrical bonds that hold complex carbon molecules together. Animals or combustion may eventually convert part of this energy into heat. Cold blooded animals...
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    Question about examples used to visualise higher dimensions

    You seem to be making the common mistake of thinking that other dimensions would be like length, width and height in some way. That's because our brains are programmed beginning at an early age to think that those are the only types of things that can be dimensions. The Stephen Hawking of my...
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    Why don't the glaciers just melt?

    Partly for the same reason snow remains in shaded areas of my backyard that the sun doesn't reach long after the other snow has melted and air temperatures have risen above freezing. It takes a lot of heat to melt snow and ice because water has a higher specific heat than air and most other...
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    Experiments on Greenhouse Gases

    Are you familiar with the experiment IR expert R.W. Wood conducted in 1909? He used two identical greenhouses with one being reflective of IR and the other transparent. XXIV. Note on the Theory of the Greenhouse By Professor R. W. Wood (Communicated by the Author) THERE appears to be a...
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    Greenhouse Gas Equation Wrong

    Hungarian scientist Ferenc Miskolczi has discovered the greenhouse gas equation Arthur Milne developed in 1922 contains a serious flaw. Milne mistakenly solved the differential equation involved by assuming an infinitely thick atmosphere. Miskolczi was working for NASA at the time and NASA...
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    Bacteria make snow?

    The possibility that these bacteria could play a role in cloud formation was suggested as early as 1985. Snow resorts have been taking advantage of the ability to form ice crystals by using the bacteria...
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    What causes the Pacific decadal oscillation?

    At this point the cause is unknown. The terms tends to be used for the North Pacific with the El Nino Southern Oscillation being used for the South Pacific. The PDO is a longer (possibly 20 years) cycle than the ENSO (6 to 18 months) but the ENSO can have periods in which either El Nino...
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    Global warming is not caused by CO2

    Preachers and politicians make absolute statements. Real scientists tend to qualify what they say because they realize they do not have perfect knowledge. Historically "scientists" who claim certainty about whatever they are selling have been attempting to con people into giving them money...
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    Global warming is not caused by CO2

    Many humans have difficulty accepting the idea that climatic change is normal. Any change seems to possesses the potential for disaster. The fact that social and technological changes are common exacerbates the situation. Politicians who have nothing else to offer often play on fears to gain...
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    Global warming is not caused by CO2

    Physicist R. W. Wood disproved the claim that greenhouses function by holding in IR in. 1909. Thus CO2 is incapable of causing warming by affecting IR.
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    Global warming is not caused by CO2 is a better source for climate related research.
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    Global warming is not caused by CO2

    The impact of changes in solar output is not linear and not immediate. Land areas heat and cool faster than water. SSTs increases will follow increases in solar output and will decline sometime after solar output has declined. The snow feedback loop complicates the situation. As solar...
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    Global Climate Change and Scientific Proof

    You apparently aren't paying attention to the Rev. Gore of the Church of Global Warming. HIs followers regularly forecast disastrous weather that will result from "global warming". You know more and more hurricanes each year except of course for the last two years...
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    Physicist Falsifies GH gas theory

    The decline in Arctic Ice is sometimes cited as an example of warming air temperatures. A recently published study indicates that much of the older, thicker ice has floated out through the Fram Strait between Greenland and Norway...
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    Global Climate Change and Scientific Proof

    The numbers tell nothing about what actual conditions worldwide because the set of possibilities the average temperature represents is too large. Consider the following for example, Let's examine what an increase in average temperature might mean. Clmatologists who claim they can predict...
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    Physicist Falsifies GH gas theory

    Those who find Gerlich's essay hard to understand, may find some of Heinz Thieme's essays useful. Thieme doesn't have the credentials of Gerlich, but his essays are directed to a more general audience. Scientists take two approaches to determining the validity of theories. One approach...
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    Physicist Falsifies GH gas theory

    Dr. Gerhard Gerlich and Ralf D. Tscheuschner of the Institute for Mathematical Physics at the Carolo-Wilhelmina Technical University, Germany, demonstrate the falsity of the greenhouse gas theory in lengthy technical discussion. The process that greenhouse gas advocates support doesn't...
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    Global Climate Change and Scientific Proof

    Global temperature is mathematically impossible. Averages are rarely of any value in real science. Scientists prefer to examine the range of data or whether the distribution of data resembles something like a bell curve...
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    Wouldn't growing trees solve Global Warming?

    The primary impact of trees and other plants is that they convert solar radiation into the chemical bonds of complex carbon molecules rather than heat. There is a common myth that trees cause heating, but plant covered areas will not become as hot as bare ground. If you watch pictures of...
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    Resonance and bridge collapses

    I remember the discussion of resonance from physics class a long time ago because of the illustration of the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge which was presented as a result of resonance resulting in part from the fact that the bridge's two suspended spans were the same length...
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    Why Michelson-Morley Were Wrong (Wind vs Rain)

    Why should anyone expect an aether wind, if it exists to affect, the speed of light? A speed of a tsunami wave in the ocean is unaffected by the velocity of ocean currents. Speed is determined solely by the depth of the water and the gravitational constant. Even if such a wind could be...
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    Experimental evidence that confirms or points toward extraspatial dims

    What do you mean by a "dimension". In the strict mathematical sense a "dimension" is a variable. A "physical dimension" would be a physical variable or characteristic. One difficulty in dealing with the issue is that we are conditioned early in our education to believe that physical...
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    Topic please, thanks.

    Thanks. I'm a little skeptical of the theory because it seems to based on statistical claims which may be a necessary approach in biology or the social sciences. Physics should involve a more direct experimental approach showing how the effect occurs.
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    Topic please, thanks.

    El Nino/ La Nina among other things affects upper level air flow in the United States which can influence whether or not hurricanes develop. El Nino involves high sea surface temperatures and La Nina cooler temperatures. The past hurricane season for the U.S. was a bust because upper level...
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    Earth's Energy System

    Those who talk about global warming take a very superficial view of earth’s energy system. Even many who call themselves scientists seem to think Earth is a simple system of solar radiation in, heating of Earth's matter and radiation out. They believe that Earth must radiate as much energy...
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    Huge Methane Release Documented

    \ Physicist David Willey provided a graphic demonstration of how methane releases could sink ships or bring down planes. The bubbling methane disrupts the surface tension of the water and reduces its ability to support a ship. A plane encountering methane gas over the area would ignite the...
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    Any speculation on the giant polynya in the Beaufort Sea?

    Is there any indication of undersea geothermal activity in the region? A few years ago an undersea volcano was discovered in the area of Antarctica in which the Larson B ice shelf collapsed.
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    About white holes

    Our universe seems to have an imbalance of matter and anti-matter. Perhaps it might also have an imbalance of black holes and white holes, or perhaps white holes and black holes would not (or could not) exist in the same universe. A black hole is continuous in operation. It's opposite...
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    The eyes inhibit science

    You should rethink the last statement. Whether or not something exists is not dependent upon whether scientists can detect it with existing technology. Electrons, protons and neutrons existed long before J.J. Thompson discovered that atoms actually contained smaller particles. Quarks existed...
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    The eyes inhibit science

    I doubt that the establishment is attempting to suppress me, because I doubt that I show up on its radar. The establishment in any field (not just in physical sciences) typically only concerns itself with specialists within the field who typically have been indoctrinated with what John Kenenth...
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    The eyes inhibit science

    What change in the value of length, width or height explains whether an atom's temperature is 2 C or 3 C? The size of the atom's nucleus doesn't change with a change in temperture. The distance of the electrons from the nucleus can change, but the change involves the energy state of the...
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    How can anyone question man's significant role in global warming?

    You're correct about the difficulty of determining the impact of clouds. An additional factor is the elevation and thickness (or density) of the clouds. Some clouds are sufficiently transparent/translucent that some sunlight reaches the ground. The impact at night is not due to...
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    The eyes inhibit science

    For heat to be three dimensional atoms must hold a constant position in 3-space. If they are moving a additional variable is needed to describe the change in location. When NASA gives the location of a space probe it provides a location with respect to some planet, for example, at a specific...
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    The eyes inhibit science

    You apparently are not following discussions of string theory. A common criticism of string theory is that the strings involving other dimension cannot be seen and thus cannot exist. The idea that the eyes need to be able to see other dimensions was recently mentioned in a Discover magazine...
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    An Inconvient Truth

    I notice that the temperature increase is primarily in the northern latitudes where most of the people live. Has anyone attempted to measure the amount of heat generated by human activity. Human skin temperature is about 88 F if I remember correctly which would likely cause some warming during...
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    The eyes inhibit science

    I'm getting tired of reading about how some people think other physical dimensions would have to be seen with the eyes in order to exist. The way other dimensions are being conceptualized is inhibiting understanding of the subject. To use a popular phrase, those working in the field need...
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    Official global warming PF Earth forum poll!

    There is a real problem with the temperature data. Averaging the high and low numbers in an irregularly distributed series of numbers does not produce a mathematically reliable result. The high or low number on a specific day may represent the temperature for a few minutes or for a few hours...
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    Carbon dating and half times

    Calculation of half-lives is normally based on the assumption that the particular atoms are unaffected by background radiation. In a laboratory setting this approach works, but in the real world radioactive decay will be affected by background radiation. Decay is measured in half-lives rather...
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    Global warming and the sciencific method

    The primary concern with CO2 and water is that CO2 is going from the atmosphere to the water and increasing the acidity of the oceans. The carbon molecules that come out of water tend to be methane CH4. Some experts believe that the release of large quantities of CH4 at one time may explain...
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    Global warming and the sciencific method

    I believe the CO2 in carbonated beveridges is in the form of bubbles (groups of molecules) rather than individual molecules. Pressure forces them into the liquid. As area occupied by the bubbles is less dense than the liquid which allows them to rise much like a hot air balloon rises in the...
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    Global warming and the sciencific method

    Individual water molecules are lighter than air or CO2 molecules. H2O contains only one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms - hydrogen is the lightest element. Most molecules in the air are either N2 or O2. Nitrogen and oxygen atoms do not exist separately, but bond either with another like...