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    Rotating wheel initial angular velocity given final and time

    That works (though you should check your final answer, it looks like you have a couple digits flipped around. You can also do this with \omega_f^2 = \omega_i^2 + 2 \alpha \Delta \theta and \alpha = \frac{\omega_f - \omega_i}{\Delta t} I think your way is probably simpler, but requires...
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    Electron spin in magnetic field

    Homework Statement An electron is an eigenstate of sz at time t = 0 (spin up). It is in a magnetic field \vec B = (B \sin \theta, 0,B\cos\theta). Find the probability of finding the electron with spin down at time t. Homework Equations U(t) = \exp \left( -i \mathcal{H}...
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    Programs Physics or biology major?

    Why don't you try taking another undergrad physics course and see how you do? I doubt most departments would let you into a graduate course with only two intro undergrad courses under your belt. And even if they did, unless you have very, very strong math skills, you'd probably be hopelessly...
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    Just a question regarding Q.M text by griffith.

    Yes. I highly recommend picking up something like Shankar to supplement Griffiths. Griffiths' book is, at best, watered down, and at worst, completely lacking important discussions.
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    The Simple Pendulum

    It took 70.1s, 69s, and 69s to do 50 oscillations. So how much time did it take, on average, to do one oscillation? All you wrote down is the average time for 50 periods. Then you put the square of that result into the T^{2} column.
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    Just a question regarding Q.M text by griffith.

    I used it for my undergrad Quantum course. It's a terrible book.
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    Definition of vector by MIT

    A vector is an object in a linear vector space. A linear vector space has rules for vector addition and scalar multiplication, with the restrictions that: The space is closed (if you add two vectors or multiply a vector by a scalar, you get another element of the space) Scalar multiplication...
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    Good book on Thermodynamics

    I actually found Heat and Thermodynamics by Zemansky to be pretty good.
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    Schools Are my Grad School dreams over?

    It depends, really. Some schools don't offer a terminal MS normally (it's the prize you get when you fail to get your PhD). Some schools only offer an MS, in which case you would need to go to another school to finish up. This path may not be the best idea, as you'll likely end up taking...
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    Schools Are my Grad School dreams over?

    Yes. Many people go straight from BS to PhD.
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    Schools Are my Grad School dreams over?

    I would definitely take the general GRE again. With a modest amount of studying, you should be able to score significantly better on the math section. I would guesstimate that anything below ~750 on the math section will get you rejected from all but the least selective of schools. You could...
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    Should I do science or engineering?

    Without more information, it's really difficult to say. I assume, since you already have an undergrad degree, that you're looking at graduate school. With that in mind, what type of career do you want? Academia? Government lab? Industry? If industry, research or development (i.e. finding...