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    Post Your Summer/Fall 2012 Class Schedules

    Intro to Quantum Mech Electromagnetism Intro to Programming in C Mathematics of Waves and Fields Second Year Lab Lagrangian Dynamics
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    The only trajectory problem on my whole SI sheet (trajectory) I cannot do!

    If the ball hits the wall at an angle of 45° after traveling 25m upwards, what does that tell you about what the maximum height reached would have been if the wall was not present?
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    General Relativity Concepts

    Yeah, perhaps I should have clarified that slightly, GPS does use both GR and SR in order to attain the precision that we expect nowadays.
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    General Relativity Concepts

    Hi Rapier! In question 6, \gamma denotes the Lorentz factor, \gamma=\frac{1}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v{^2}}{c^{2}}}}. Does this help you determine the correct answer? For question 11, as you correctly said, we have the idea of a relativistic mass. This is the "actual" mass of an object traveling at...
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    Programs Why are there so few physics majors?

    At my university here in the UK the physics department is just getting larger and larger, the intake this year was ~250, up from ~220, and only ~20-30% drop out before graduation.
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    Looking for A-Level Physics Exams! [Broken] OCR maintain a stock of all their A-level past papers free for anyone to download. This is the exam board I did my A-level physics with, I wouldn't say they are particularly difficult at all, although the grade...
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    Beer Mug Angle

    Well, start with the x-component of v_f. What will that be? Remember there's no friction whilst the mug is sliding, and I assume there is no air resistance.
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    Beer Mug Angle

    How do you think vx and the sliding velocity compare? Think about it, don't try use the equations!
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    Physics Photo

    Well, I could derive why it produces a hyperbolic cosine here, if you like? With regards to a qualitative explanation, I'm sure someone else can provide a clearer answer than myself.
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    Bohr atom problem.

    Well, your solution is incorrect at two significant figures, so I presume your book didn't make that assumption, and you may have to use reduced mass in the future. It seems like you have been asked to find the first Lyman series wavelength for this atom, correct? You have worked out the...
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    Bohr atom problem.

    I wouldn't say it was resolved in the wrong way, your reasoning will work well enough for any purpose where the orbiting particle has negligible mass compared to the nucleus. The same idea applies when we model planetary orbits. Assuming that the orbiting body orbits the centre of mass of the...
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    Physics Photo

    Not quite parabolic, try hyperbolic!
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    Bohr atom problem.

    By simply replacing me with 207me, you are assuming that the meson is orbiting the centre of mass of the hydrogen proton. This assumption is valid for electron orbits as their mass is negligible for all intents and purposes, but as the proton is only ~9 times more massive than the meson, we must...
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    Is Cambridge good for Mathematics/Physics There you go. The Shanghai rankings are based purely on research quality/teaching, whereas a lot of the newspaper rankings (including the good uni guide) also take into account factors such as city life. I wouldn't base any decisions on...
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    Is Cambridge good for Mathematics/Physics

    I applied to Cambridge (NatSci as my school didn't offer further maths) last year with 5 A's at AS-level and predictions of A*A*A*. One thing to watch out for is that it comes down to more than just letter grades. My interview went well (or so I was told by the interview feedback they gave), but...
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    Post your spring schedule!

    Properties of Matter Advanced Dynamics Vibrations and Waves Advanced Applications of Calculus in Physics Electricity and Magnetism Mathematics II
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    Advice on UK unis for physics

    Well done! An interview at Manchester is basically an offer. My interview was very informal and it gave the opportunity to get to know one of the staff members. I hope you enjoy it!
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    Advice on UK unis for physics

    Warwick was my insurance, it's a great place. Got friends there doing economics/maths and they love it. Good luck with your application!
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    Advice on UK unis for physics

    Hi, I've just started at uni studying physics with theoretical physics at Manchester. I applied to Cambridge, Manchester, Warwick, Birmingham and Lancaster, with offers from all of them except Cambridge (it was natural sciences, I was pressured into applying and hence I did not perform in the...
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    Programs UK Master Degree, requirements

    I'd check out Manchester too if you haven't already, the physics department there churns out a lot of world class research. Best of luck!
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    Summer getting too hard for you? Post your Fall Schedule to cool down!

    First semester at University starts September, Physics with Theoretical Physics MSci from the UK. Mathematics 1 Dynamics Quantum Physics and Relativity Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology First Year Laboratory incl. Computing and Data Analysis Random Processes in Physics (Taught by maths...
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    Support PF: Buy your textbooks here

    As a full-time lurker of physicsforums, I replaced my amazon bookmark with a bookmark of this thread. Before I leave to uni, I was going to buy EVERYTHING I needed off amazon, so prepare to receive 6% of my wage packet for the next 11 weeks (I wouldn't be too excited).
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    Chocolate and other lifestyle aids for the Mathematician

    Definitely exercise, I joined a gym 7 months ago and my grades have been improving even with less time to study per week.
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    BATH VS MANCHESTER! (Aerospace Engineering Help!)

    I'm not sure I completely agree with this, I have heard great things about the teaching (of physics at least) at Manchester, with it receiving faultless assesment scores. I am currently holding an offer from there to study theoretical physics next year, so I would be interested in your...