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    Quick questions about Area-Velocity relation

    No, the area velocity relation is dA/A = (M^2 -1) dV/V
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    Experimental Fluid Mechanics Videos Series

    We watched two of these in my aerodynamics class last semester! I'm glad that they're online -- what a great resource!
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    Quick questions about Area-Velocity relation

    Is it valid for real gases? My initial thought would be no, since the derivation is based on the assumption that the flow is isentropic. Is it valid for square ducts?
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    Advice on purchasing new laptop

    Size/weight really isn't an issue. I'm willing to pay up to $1600 for a new laptop. If you could give me some links to specific models, that would be greatly appreciated.
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    Advice on purchasing new laptop

    I am planning on purchasing a new laptop. Now that I'm in grad school for engineering, I need something with very high processing speeds and good graphics. The programs I plan to run are: ProE, Fluent, NASTRAN/PATRAN (finite element), a Robotics simulation program, CAD, Inventor 11, MATLAB...
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    Whirlpool action in a tank created by inlet water

    There's a great Mythbusters episode on whirlpools -- they actually build a whirlpool tank and create rotation at various speeds. Maybe you could find it on YouTube?
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    Dynamic mesh analysis

    I have never used FLUENT, but you could create a mesh and analyze it using NASTRAN/PATRAN (a finite element program). It's menu-based program, so there's really no code-writing involved -- very user-friendly!
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    Ideas for review paper

    I use the term "recent" pretty loosely (70s onward, I suppose). I like the idea about the inlet spikes. We just got done covering RAMjets and flow with heat addition, so I think it might be doable for me. I was also thinking about space shuttle re-entry, but I know that with hypersonic flight...
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    Ideas for review paper

    Hello all! I have to write a review paper of several current articles for my Gas Dynamics course. My research is in Welding and Automation, so I have very little experience in the area of aerodynamics. However, I have recently read a book on Lockheed Skunk Works and think that I would like to...