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    Prove that the earth goes around the sun

    how can you say that the Earth doesn't go around the sun? the sun is as we have mathematically proven much much larger than the earth, and has a far greater mass. so if you believe gravity is directly a result of the presence of mass, and larger massed objects have greater gravitational pulls...
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    Zero gravity

    Yes it does make sense, but I'm just really confused about momentum. If its all relative then what if you view the satalite and Earth while spinning really fast, the geosyncronized satalite will be orbiting around the Earth and so it would have enough momentum to hold its possition or even fly...
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    Stargazing Lunar Eclipse and earth's shadow

    Do lunar eclipses and solar eclipses go hand and hand? Because the moons already lined up so it should go from having a lunar eclipse, then like half a month later a solar eclipse. Does this happen often?
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    Zero gravity

    If that is not true, then what prevents geosyncronized satalites from crashing to earth? If all motion is relative you may observe both the Earth and the satalite as stationary, so there would be no centrifical force holding the satalite up, and so it would be pulled down be gravity.
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    Zero gravity

    Imagine a universe with nothing in it exept for the earth. Now if you were to put a satalite up in space with a geosyncronized orbit, the gravity of Earth would not pull the object down. but how can that happen if the Earth is not spinning? At least not spinning relative to anything(because...