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  1. Repetit

    What does the direction of torque signify

    The direction of the torque vector is always perpendicular to the plane of rotation. Therefore it has basically only two directions, up or down. This direction tells you whether the rotation caused by the force is clockwise or counterclockwise. There is nothing more to the direction of the...
  2. Repetit

    Landing a plane on water.

    Is it possible to land a large plane on the water (in the ocean for example)? I am of course talking planes not meant for landing on the water. I am wondering whether the heavy weight of the water will cause such a fast braking that the plane would crash? Of course you could say that it depends...
  3. Repetit

    As the waves travel through a medium, they lose velocity

    I believe you are talking about the Doppler effect? This is not due to light traveling long distances, but due to the object emitting light moving away from you.