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  1. Repetit

    Schrödinger equation - !

    There's not a general procedure for solving the 3D Schrödinger Equation (SE). I think you will get better responses if you describe for what kind of system you are trying to solve the 3D SE. For systems with spherical symmetry (atoms, for example) you could rewrite the SE in spherical...
  2. Repetit

    Calculating eigenvalues and eigenstates

    For a free particle the wave function is given by (one dimensional) \Psi(x)=e^{i k x}. If you operate the hamiltonian on this eigenfunction you see that this particular wave function is a solution to the Schrödinger equation with eigenvalue E=\hbar^2 k^2 / 2m. The momentum operator is -i...
  3. Repetit

    Electron Binding Energy

    To convert it to kJ/mole you first convert the result from E=hv to joules and the multiply the result by Avogadros number.
  4. Repetit

    Work done in adiabatic quasistatic compression

    Hmm, of course... what was i thinking :-) Thanks alot!
  5. Repetit

    Work done in adiabatic quasistatic compression

    Hey! "Calculate the work done on 1 mole of a perfect gas in an adiabatic quasistatic compression from volume V1 to V2." The work done on the gas in this compression is: -\int_{V1}^{V2} P dV Because we are talking about an ideal gas the ideal gas law applies so...
  6. Repetit

    Solid State Physics [Ashcroft] Chapter 1, Question 1a!

    Or you could use a Poisson distribution to evaluate the probability. Then you get the exponential function naturally from the poisson distribution.
  7. Repetit

    Ground state energy of free electron fermi gas

    Can someone explain to me why the ground state energy of a free electron fermi gas is not just: E = 2 \int_0^{k_f} \frac{\hbar^2 k^2}{2m} 3k^2 dk Where the factor of two is due to the fact that there are two electron states for each value of k. The idea is to add up all the energies of...
  8. Repetit

    Reversible Process?

    The total entropy change for a reversible process should equal zero. The entropy of the system can change, but the entropy change of the surroundings cancels out this change, so that the overall change is zero. To find out whether the process is reversible or not, you should look at the entropy...
  9. Repetit

    Position expectation value of a particle in a box

    I have calculated the expectation value of a particle in a box of width a to be a/2. The wavefunction of the particle is: N Sin(k_n x) Exp[-i \frac{E_n t}{\hbar}] Now, in the first excited state with k_n equal to 2\pi / a the position probability density peaks at a/4 and 3a/4 but is zero...
  10. Repetit

    Magnetization current density?

    Can someone explain to me what the magnetization current density (given by the curl of the magnetization M) and surface magnetization current density (given by the vector product between M and a surface normal vector) are? I have a book on electromagnetism but it doesn't really give a good...