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    Simple Magnification Question

    My question is simple but i can't seem to find a straight answer. Can a single lens, a biconvex lens let's say, have a fixed magnification.I know that magnification is a factor of focal length, and object distance so the answer should be no. However, i often come across examples of simple lenses...
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    Problem with Voltage Dividers

    i know this is a very basic question, but there's something i don't understand about voltage dividers.Vout is supposed to be(v2/V2+v1)* V, or the voltage drop across a resistor, but i don't see how this works in practice. When you put a load across the output, this changes the voltage drop of...
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    Infrared Incandescence

    From what i understand thermal cameras like flir can see "heat" because objects at room temperature release Ir light like hot metal would visible light. But most cameras like commercial security cameras can see IR but don't work like thermal cameras because they aren't sensitive to the right...