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    Few Quick Questions

    I just have a few quick questions. If I'm given an inital and final velocity how can I use that information to find the launch angle of the projectile? Secondly, having to also do with projectiles, what are the factors which determine how long an object is in projectile flight. I'm pretty...
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    Easy physics quetion

    I'm pretty sure that initial launch speed and initial angle are factors. My guess would be that acceleration due to gravity wouldn't be since gravity is always the same. I think that the mass must play a roll - the more matter the harder it is to be thrown. And finally I was unsure what they...
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    Easy physics quetion

    I know this is probably a super easy question but I have no idea what the answer is. Which of the following factors are relevant in determining the range of a projectile that is launched on a very large flat plain (i.e. no hills or cliffs): - initial launch speed - acceleration due to...