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    Compressed spring physics

    I was trying to work on this for a little but couldn't figure it out. A. A spring with a spring constant k=30 N/m is compressed and latched at 0.10 m. How much elastic potential energy is stored in the spring? ? 0.15 J B. An object with a mass of 5.0 kg is placed next to the...
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    2kg ball in simple harmonic motion

    a 2-kg ball is supended from a spring. when disturbed in a vertical direction, the ball moves up and down in simple harmonic motion with a period of 0.25s. a. what is the upward force exerted on the ball by the spring when the ball is at the midpoint of its up-and-down path? b. how much...
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    Launched projectile

    an object is launched from the ground with an initial velocity (vo) at an angle (theta) with the ground. disregard air resistance a. what is the initial horizontal velocity of the object? the initial vertical velocity? b. what is the horizontal distance the object moves in time t? the...
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    What is its acceleration down the plane?

    An object of mass m is moving on a frictionless inclined plane that makes an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal. a. what is the net force on the object? b. what is its acceleration down the plane?? could someone please help me get started??
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    Calculating Time of Collision for Dropped Stone and Thrown Ball

    A stone is dropped off a cliff of height h. at the same instant a ball is thrown straight up from the base of the cliff with initial velocity (vi). assuming the ball is thrown hard enough, at what time t will stone and ball meet? (neglect air resistance) I just don't even know how to...