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    Moving in the 4th

    to move in the 4th dimension As the common mode, it is hard to move in the 4th dimension, as all actions is same as so. but it is able, first in a computer model, next in some time-space perfect structure actions to move, it is hard so the time space structure action to use. :blushing:
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    What warps space?

    Near the mass ,the space and time deviate Near some worm hole, the time is permission to deviation or fluctuate as it is very near the field resource. When the time deviate the outside system, the wormhole is convex with negative time, but its action will be concave. :blushing:
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    What warps space?

    Why it is the time Why it is not the time, the reasonable is that is not to measure ease. :approve: The time with space no zero dimension area!
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    Division By Zero

    The error is in the zero The sorry is a absolute zero being true. In math, it is right. In nature, it is ease to division but in math or phys is not right. The sorry as God in another world. :rofl:
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    Sorry the loss thread.

    As last thread about laser question, Don't tell me some good information here as a new question. Is it like the external world humans laser gun in principle within some secret stories. That is very powerful no source laser gun.
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    The fun wormhole neutrino through experiment and zero inertia mass action

    As some theory resuly, in p or n, there is a tini wormhole, to pass the tini hole, only by a neutrino. Naturely lower enerty is super. To freeze p or n self whirlpoor in one direction by strong enough magnetic field. and pole the neutrino by strong laser beam structure. After some neutrino to...
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    SuperString Theory Question

    It is hard to measure. 0 1 dimension, it is hard to measure for ever. :cry:
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    Time travel and Multiverse Theory

    Time travel is differn to back past The time travel is a event in time right direction, but in time to back is different in time action. right time system is to permit exist in now. but the back time system is different. The time travel profit in space or distance some times! :rolleyes:
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    Parallel and Serial Events

    Travel by time, it to use time power. The time system is power enough first.
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    No same factor theory inference by

    This rusult follow as the Goldbach's conjecture prove by To follow Goldbach's conjecture. this result is good with no same factor theory. :wink: :rofl: :wink:
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    No same factor theory inference by

    As natural number N, from N/3 to N, if N is not divide exactly by 3, there are at least one different prime number factor between every both odd number; from N/5 to N, if N is not divide exactly by 5,except for factor 3, there are at least one different prime number factor between every both...
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    What sorry time travel stories by writer Washington Irving in 1820

    The <<Rip Van Wirkle>> is a early time travel stories. It is sorry very. What is right to face? So sorry the time travel stories from 1820 by Washington Irving.
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    How the suggestion to found the time travel award

    The negative mass structure mechanism As the wormhole is a negative mass structure model. the L-S-E wave is a hole model like the wormhole, in its inside wall, there are some negative mass to lead the speed fast light. It is the l-s-e wave to fast the light mechanism. The base wormhole...
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    How the suggestion to found the time travel award

    [How could one build a time machine? The simplest way currently being discussed is to take a wormhole (a tunnel connecting spatially separated regions of space-time) and give one mouth of the wormhole a substantial velocity with respect to the other. Passage through the wormhole would then allow...
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    How the suggestion to found the time travel award

    Is The negative mass in a worm hole? I read the negative mass is in a wormhole in [PLAIN]www.[/url] and search by Now it is a hot direction. but it is puzzle. As the relative theory and in a mini wormhole, Is the negative mass true in a worm hole?
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    How the suggestion to found the time travel award

    Thank you reply carely! Thank you to reply, I think. the negative mass is different the nagative energy, as the relativity is not right in negative mass . energy is not equal the mass. as some secret event like UFO and so. it is fast perhaps. Thanks.
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    The bathe in a good health space time

    Did you listen the outspace livings to song so? Did you listen the outspace livings to say so ... . What secret the lengthways e-m waves!
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    How the suggestion to found the time travel award

    To get into time travel, the negative mass structure is reasonable as it is ease to exceed the c. This is a very hard question. The negative mass traveler invention and patent would be awarded. Is it right the ten millions money award. Who can do it ready ? Help please!
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    Special Relativity Contains Massive Error

    The relativity is not right in new physics time-space area As the new area habit, the relativity isn't right in new time- space area. like time travel, exceed light speed particle. semi-dimension. no common reference frame. and so on. specially, as it is not right in reverse mind like the sun...
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    Another Paradox of Time Travel

    A unit progress is as so As commonly, the time travel isn't to change the nature include life to get away , in life the complex very to end its life it is stopped, and the time travel isn't this line same. in this words, many many progresses to go front, but the time travel is a humans future...
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    To see there is easier than to be there

    To see is a progress AS the progress , the time is a period, sorry it isn't a time travel question,but to see the past image is truth. it is a fun question.
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    Who Cares About Time Travel When

    It is same in space and time space As the nature exist and mind is different, the space and time is same permit and some semi-dimension like time progress as so.
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    Multiple Timelines

    Times is enable in same point One point, as it is permit to pass many light wave or particles, it is enable in different progress and time serious, but it is only in bose progress, don't in action or femi progress or mass progress. so many interest progress is hard still... .
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    The bathe in a good health space time

    e-m particle is the first action particle for time travel Mass, it is not ease to travel in s-t unit, the first particle to travel in time is from e-m particle. but it is errors very right , Why the way is ease to lose? only a reasonable errors so hard to clear.
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    Time travel into the past is logically possible

    Only a light particle Only a light particle, it is everywhere. but it is different from this world. only it is not exist , we can get it information. as the time or space dimension action, naturely , it is not enable to get some information in it , only it is not exist but its action is clear...
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    Theory of the big bang and other universes

    A question is in dimension As usually idea, the dimension is so everywhere. but in nature, it is unknown now, in time the semi-dimension is trouble very, as a point , a universe point , the dimension questions is unknown now.
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    Theory of the big bang and other universes

    The Here is everywhere As the space and time is to get away fast still, the here or owned or had is everywhere in future. To get in nature is in nature way unchanged. The physics is a tool to ease it . But it is a value in this world or another livithings worlds to known by the wisdom thought...
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    Travel at the speed of light

    Again all light particles that is true The other idea is . again all light particles , that is true but it is meanless. sorry as it.
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    The bathe in a good health space time

    To travel in time. It is a great dream . Sorry as my knowledge is poor in this side, to live in younger time or to younger some years by to travel in time. but, in the way to keep good health and to long life time. I know some. Here it is my draft design about the bathe in a good health space...
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    Deductive Logic on the subject of Time Travel.

    Why the travel is not to go some distance? Why the time travel is to go in time , it is semi-dimension as the first event. to return , first to face the first event. it is no mean. If to take the mass system time help, it is enable and the time is in some progress only. but the livethings to...
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    Trying to track down a Partition theorem

    Daily problem is that, The math problem is in some famour mind I see, some simple problem is fun very. but it is mean sole. As some mean enough math question is to let it free fly... .
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    Do bosons anihilate?

    If the space time is sole only As commonly concept, the time-space is one only. that is true ,it is hard to fact the fact. if there is a universe t-s and mass t-s and the later is unpermit to measure. and the event is always happen near some mass. perhaps this idea is a way.
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    Time travel into the past is logically possible

    If the time systems is not sole If the time system isn't sole, it is formed in mass system and a beautiful universy. but the later is absolute and semi-dimension. to travel in time is in this semi-dimension . if to travel in mass systems time , it is puzzle very still.
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    Deductive Logic on the subject of Time Travel.

    One mean of Time travel is movement in time dimension Time system is not in future past and nowonly , but in space time , it is exist in a semi-dimension. to move in this semi-dimension and take the university strong power, it is ony way to exceed the light to travel. as the time system is one...
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    Freezing light

    solid surface T The T is right in some solid surface.
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    Multiplication and division in physics

    Means in relations unit The phys means are in relations unit some times, naturely, the * ? and another calculation is mean in some concept. but it isn't a unit. a complete unit mean in phys is important.
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    The semi-dimension time and fraction dimensions

    To begin with, thank a pubil and that puzzle divided by zero. What is the dimension concept? One dimension is a close simple curve or to spred non limit far away in both directions, the universe time dimension only one side to spread straight far away. It is a semi-dimension time, and the...
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    Mass of light?

    mass in light particle is a secret mass in light particle is a secret question. future it will give some new information about this nature. mass in light will be value in future. but its classcal mean is not value enough. to known light mass well . wait please!
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    Comment on my Light Theory

    conjecture is conjecture still c is far away now C is a beautiful dream to conjecture. but it is far away enough like to move some mass to c and naturely light travel by c. c it is naturely the c.
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    Time travel

    To follow some error events. travel in time was right past time to travel in time. that is happen as some past event perhaps , but the secret and rule is not clearn now. to move a particle is complex very in time dimension. so to move Earth it is very hard now. very hard.
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    A letter from Hey.LIke

    Thank you moni Thank you moni !
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    How to solve X/0

    Not complete the zero It isn't complete accept about zero.naturely it is rule. some time. the rule isn't complete , but to use is good enough. If the interest enough about zero, its means are very enough. but in some idle time please!
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    POLL - geographic location of our members From China Male from Datong city of China This is a secret enough and winter cold enough city. Naturely , wind with sky.
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    A letter from Hey.LIke

    In this time, there are a good many group to study time-space, it is overjoued with some anxiety as the region is very hard. Similarly, it is goldbach's conjecture[About its right visit the title goldbach's right in math forum here] , evenif it is simple enough, but more than ten thousands...
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    Wasting Time

    If the time phys relation exist If the time phys relations is exist. the progress is determind. as this serious , the time can determind in another.
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    Another Fundamental Force?

    Force is a classcal concept As the force is a achive concept last time, if this concept been taken the next important position, it is hard duty perhaps.
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    Time machine.

    The time mechine isn't in right but perhaps in some big valus mistake Right, it is nature, to travel in space only and time is go front naturely. as this reason, some big value time mistake and structure for time travel is right or permit direction .
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    The question is: When?

    Future it will be beauty enough Future, it is a bigger ideal in a goodwell men, whenever by works and to compete with war, naturely, future it will be beauty enough. Nature, the action will be down this beauty dream , perhaps in some another wise development in another stars. Dream ...
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    The time space unit structure

    To part away the complexity, all events or progresses are in Relativity reference frame. The time axiom1 as follow: Time is with a physical progress always. perhaps progresses may be more than one. If there is not a physical progress , the time isn't exist. If the time is mean clearnly...
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    It's me again about mass

    Mass and gravity mass and gravity is a unit , I think The charge is not, it is relation with time-space, don't relations each other.