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    Medical Brain imprinting

    Just wondering...does anyone here have any infomation to share on brain imprinting? such as transfering memories and thoughts from one person to another?
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    Fat and muscle

    just wondering... people usually say one can convert fat to muscle. is this a direct mechanism of just converting or does one burn off the fat first then build the muscle?
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    Biology representation

    Hey, jus an after thought: Which greek god would you associate with biology and Which person(s) would you associate with biology and which work do u tink best represent biology lastly what breakthrought(s) do u tink represent biology??
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    Major Complications w/ the Problem of Evil

    Quote:About nothing being the same -- you seem to have similar views to Heraclitus. Heraclitus believed everything is in a state of flux. Aristotle later said, "If everything is in flux, and nothing is permanent, then how do we know the words you are stating and i am hearing at this instant, are...
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    Big fish small fish

    the reason y i dun want to include the real world thingy is that i want to c how ppl respond to a question phrased in a diff manner... and hey i get wat i wan..haha
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    Major Complications w/ the Problem of Evil

    Quote: Standards are discovered, not created. They are produced, not created. a bit of contradiction here? anyway, we percive natural law to b a constant and it is our faith in it that we hold it to b a constant.nothing is constant in this world , onli wat we perceive to be. on a lighter...
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    Major Complications w/ the Problem of Evil

    my point is you can't define good or evil. you may say that they are standards..but by whose standards?? these standards r come up wif by us humans therefore it is more of a perception rather than a reality
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    Big fish small fish

    this is sort of a question that examies how far u would gp for freedom big fish small pond...u r the king of the world but yr kingdom is limited small fish big ocean..u r small fry but u r free to roam the 4 corner of the world... so which is better? tough question...
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    Major Complications w/ the Problem of Evil

    what makes u tink the colour blue you see is the same as the colour blue someone else is seeing?:p besides, if all the animals eat, and survive we would face another whole set of problems that would threaten their survival such as overpopluation, dwindling food supply...going by your...
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    Major Complications w/ the Problem of Evil

    i disagree wif dekoi. evil and good did not always exist. it only came to b when the first human came to b and perceive the world around him. a sheep a goat a caterpillar do not wat is good or evil: there is no such things to them, onli survival matters to them Besides, the colour blue is...
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    Big fish small fish

    juz a question to c yr thoughts n tis question is open to interpretation is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a large ocean?
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    Major Complications w/ the Problem of Evil

    i would like to point out that 'evil' and 'good' are attributes that we humans come up such before humans came to be, there were no such things as evil and good... if there was no evil and no good then there should not be a god... there would just be nothing.
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    Algae mania

    any fish aquarium enthuiasts here?
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    What are the limits of intelligence?

    where did the quote come from?
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    Algcides and environment

    anyone here know how does algicides, flocculants , polyquat n oxidisers affect the environment?all the above kills algae but wat r the consequenses 2 the environment?
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    Algae mania

    anyone here know how does oxidizers kill off those algae?i know that oxygen atoms are produced but am not sure the mechanism that cause the death of the algae. also how do flocculants actually work in clumping the algae together?
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    Amino acids on their own vs in a polypeptide chain?

    hello polypeptide chains are amnio acids joined together in one lon chain there r several diff: lenght presence of peptide bonds diff function an egg hardens when boiled because the heat destroys most of the bonds holding the protein structure togther hence causes aggluntination of the...
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    What is the function of ribosome?

    Wat about nucleoli?
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    Whats your purpose in life?

    then watz the purpose of living?
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    Serious challenge to Evolution?

    "The only external source of information or design that I could accept is life being introduced to Earth from outer space by way of meteorites" Dun tink that is valid, since the next question will be where did life on that meteorite come from?
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    Thread for Armpit Odor

    did u know that the armpit contains the most bacteria than any part of your external body?:p
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    Whats your purpose in life?

    just want to know... Whats your purpose in life? what governs the way u live your life?
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    Chlorophyll solution is excited with UV radiation

    hi ppl, i have some questions here about photosynthesis,really appreciate if you can answer them for me. 1) If a chlorophyll solution is excited with UV radiation, how do we know what colour is the fluorescence? 2)In the water splitting step of photosynthesis, two Hydrogen ions and one oxygen...
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    Is Mother Earth getting fatter ?

    are photons considered to be a matter?
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    I am up WAY too late!

    i used to try tinking nothing... unless u r a real focus person it won't do much help yr mind will still wander... instead try to focus yr mind on a single word or picture... soon u will feel tired... well at least it works for me...
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    Enzymes trouble

    alter the rate of reaction...
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    Substance and knowledge

    u believe in reductionism?
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    Did you ever wake up and found you were unable to move?

    i used to haf some of the sysptoms above...quite often in the past...but now seemed to grow out of it...but in my case i get to hear some music while my body's watcha supposed to do when it happens? relax?
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    Is greed good?

    greed is essential for the progress of mankind but not for the individual... agree?
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    Mental pictures

    i can play blindfold chess but yet cannot see a map in my head...playing blindfold chess is just a matter of training...
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    Males predispositioned to find certain females

    the extent of symmetry in the face or body? studies haf shown that the more symmetrical yr face is the more 'attractive' u r
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    Algaecides control algae growth?

    methods of growing algae?
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    Algaecides control algae growth?

    anyone here know how algaecides control algae growth?specificity? any other methods on controlling algae growth would b greatly appreciated
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    Possible to create the spidey web that spiderman uses?

    its kinda cool isn't it? but i just want to find out if its theroctically possible... imagine...spidermna's webbing
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    Shape of a polypeptide chain

    thanks for the luck.
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    Possible to create the spidey web that spiderman uses?

    onli 15 grams per litre? haha any other more household method?
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    Shape of a polypeptide chain

    mine is next week...
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    Possible to create the spidey web that spiderman uses?

    just it possible to create the spidey web that spiderman uses?:P
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    Please tell me why they carbonate drinks?

    for the gassy feeling? u knoe...when the liquid in yr mouth sort of jumps about...
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    Sodium potassium pump

    i suppose the next question would be why cells contain mostly negatively charged organic molecules?
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    Shape of a polypeptide chain

    thanks guys...u r rite...i m studying 4 some tests...i hate mid term tests...
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    Sodium potassium pump

    Why do cells tend to mantain low internal concentrations of Na ions and high internal concentration of k ions despite the surrounding fluid being low in k ions but high in na ions?
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    Shape of a polypeptide chain

    how does the diff in shape of a polypeptide chain( alpha helix or beta pleated sheet) give rise to a diff in properties and functions? thanks for yr ans...
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    Some questions

    does anyone here has any idea what is froth flotation(in extraction pf metals) and negative energy of activation( as in chemical energetics)? thanks for any input.
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    Lazy people wins ultimately

    thatz not lazy. thatz crazy. hey it rhymns...haha seriously if u don't even go up then what is the purpose of buying a apartment in a high rise building?
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    Fats and solvents

    then why are some molecules non-polar if at any moment they are polar?
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    Fats and solvents

    wait doesn't dispersion forces make all molecules polar then? even for juz a moment?
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    Lazy people wins ultimately

    so u agree that u order for society to advance we nid to b lazy bcos being lazy means we find new ways to do work faster n more efficiently?
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    Yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value

    so wat was the outcome of the experiment?