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    CT Convolutions and their bounds

    This question deals with an example found in Signals and Systems, 2ed, page 99, ex 2.7. But I can summarize it here: EDIT - my latex doesn't seem to work ... x(t) = (1, 0 < t < T) or (0, otherwise) h(t) = (t, 0 < t < 2T) or (0, otherwise) I realize there are five bounds...
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    Torque and center of mass question

    yes they are. the wire making an angle phi_1 is on the left side and the wire making an angle phi_2 is on the right side.
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    Torque and center of mass question

    my fulcrum is x_cm, or the center of mass of the block from the left side.
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    Torque and center of mass question

    We have a block of un-uniform density of mass m suspended by two massless wires, against gravity. The left wire makes an angle phi_1while the right angle makes an angle phi_2. The block has length L. They want me to find the center of mass. THis is what I've done: We have tension in the wires...
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    Schools Do you guys work while attending University?

    Oh man I'm running into problems with working and school. I work a workstudy, 16 hours a week, and it requires real work, with real people depending on what I do. While it's nice to have a job you matter, it's destroying my homework time. Everyday I go home and think to myself, dang, I could've...
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    Educational versus Personal Pursuits

    Hmmmm... sounds like a solution that would solve this would be to go to grad school at the same university. While it might be frowned upon you won't be frowning when everythign else works out right. Also, i should comment that everything's oriented towards your finace right now. I'm not...
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    Learning physics outside uni.

    Saldy, however true, a lack of a degree indicates a lack of the ability to put up with menial instructions and other types of hardships. Since life isn't all glory, people want to hire people that can do the boring stuff as well. Even if you were brialliant beyond imagination, you would...
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    Schools Grade point vs. achievements in college

    Just strive for both and it'll all fall in place. Why cut yourself short in one aspect?
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    Saving money

    "If she is paying with a credit card, she will get caught VERY fast. " So the book barcode is unique? And this info is attached to the purchase information? How could you get caught this way as opposed to paying in cash?
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    Saving money

    That's pretty ballsy poop loops :) I guess the barcode on the back isn't unique for each book?
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    Programs Double major EE and ME

    Switched to EE. Only have to take two more courses and I also have a good start into the degree program (2.5 years left).
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    Programs Double major EE and ME

    well i was told that it'd take a looong time to double major and i'd only be hired for one position related to a major. I might become a manager type and yes that would be useful but that's a long ways off. No one stuides engineering so they can fill their life long dream of being an manager :)
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    Programs Double major EE and ME

    Well I met with my advisor. it doens't really make sense to major in ME and EE beause Id get hired to do one of those fields, not both. Also, the EE school is a bit better than the ME school (Kilpsch School of EE i guess). I'm meeting with the EE advisor next week and it looks like I'm well on...
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    Programs Double major EE and ME

    Hmm, I'm getting somewhat conflicting answers. I think I'll bring this up with my so-called adviser on campus.
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    Programs Double major EE and ME

    I'm finding, that once you get to your junior and senior year, the students get a bit better, so my current view is cloudy because a lot of people will drop out anyway. I have this view because i went through college before, with a previous degree. So state schools aren't bad once your get to...
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    Programs Double major EE and ME

    Do any new job prospects open if you double major in EE and ME? And isn't that kind of like mechtronics? I'm a year and a half into ME (taking calc III next semester) and I'm thinking I should've been in EE all along ... but ME has it's intersting points. My passion is in robotics and...
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    Need Math advice a.s.a.p please

    Yes you can do it. You need to learn how to focus your mind upon the task at hand. After every problem, ask yourself what could have gone wrong, what silly mistakes could you have made which you'll regreat later? Find them, if any and correct them. I suggest doing twice or even three times the...
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    Stupid stupid stupid!

    yeah i know there's not a real difference. It's usually is a harder to go from an A- to an A+, but here it was a matter of respect towards Calc II, and I didn't have it on the exam. My calc teacher even told me that one problem would've made the difference and he's a stotic Indian dude that...
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    Stupid stupid stupid!

    I found out I could've gotten an A+ in Calc II if i had answered one more problem. I forgot (dont' ask me how) to answer a problem and there was another set of problems that I should've paid more attnetion to. As is, I got an A-. Stupid stupid stupid!
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    Research Woes

    what did this undergrad do that took all summer?
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    Math and what?

    Dont you end up with a minor math in most american engineering programs? I know mine does. From there it should only be two or three more courses to earn a major.
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    Prerequisites and setbacks

    I suggest taking a college pre-calculus course. That will help you hone your skills in algebra and mathematical thinking.
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    Graduating Early

    the only reasons i can see to graduate early are to: a) get a job sooner or b) enter grad school sooner. If these don't sound like good reasons to you then don't graduate early. Another reason might be if you feel you're burning out.
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    The computer and engineering industry

    weeeeelll I'm oversimplifying things a bit. I should've said CS is a component of EE. That's what i meant by "and understanding," by implying there's a lot more to it. :)
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    The computer and engineering industry

    Yeah I get the feeling, as an engineer, that CS is just a weak form of science. If you love computers, you might as well go for EE. Even if the market is saturated an EE can be applied in areas where a CS can not because EE is basically CS with a bit more math and understanding. The idea here is...
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    Programs What it takes to get a phd

    Is there a general consenus on what gravenwworld says?
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    Advice for [frightened] Undergraduate

    the poster wrote "undergraduate career." Simplely be ready to start homework and study on thursday, through friday, sat and sunday. Get real cozy with your teachers by showing passions so when you apply for a research assistantship it'll be easier to get a job. Never shoot for less than a...
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    Programs Best Places to Recieve a Degree (Maths) From?

    mathwonk - what was their rationale for giving you a maximum of three years for your degree (was it a masters or phd?)
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    Volume Question with cirular base and square top

    Um, isn't that just a cylinder then? And I suppose i introduced an extra constraint; the cross sectino is never said to decrease.
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    Volume Question with cirular base and square top

    The question goes like this: "The base of a certain solid is circular with a radius of 1. Cross-sections of the solid, perpendicular to the base, are square. Find the volume of the solid." In visualizing this object, i see that it looks like a "blocky" foot ball, where the perimeter is...
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    Military Service (the looks)

    ... and if you do this and fin. aid reviews your records for consistency and total loan/scholarhship amounts then you're screwed. They regularly yank people out that lied on their appilcation.
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    Money vs. actual meaning?

    Become an engineer temporailly, send loads of monehy back to your parents. Theng o back to school and do yoru thing. If you don't compensate your parents now it's unlikely they'll ever get a return on their investment.
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    Future direction needed for Uni student

    You might get slanted results, asking in a physics board :) But I think you should do math. The reason being, it's a lot less stressful. Even if you do have to keep up with recent developments like a mad man, you don't require an expensive budget and a team of assistants. There is life...
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    Method of cylindrical shells

    Hmm, i'll see if casting things in that light simpifies things.
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    Method of cylindrical shells

    I know one can figure the volume of a torus by the difference of two volumes, but I'm trying out the method of cylinderical shells. As far as i understand, you can often create a primitive with a calcuable volume and approximate the volume of the shape you wish by scaling the primitive along the...
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    Programs Computer science minor - yes or no?

    Im not a EE, but a ME, but I have a previous minor in CS. From my previuos experience and current experience I suggest taking 22 units in other engineering classes. Find a sub speciality in EE and see if you can focus on that via your classes. EDIT- that is, studying to be an ME
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    Reformed Felon

    I would stick with studying for engineering becuase the job opportunities are so diverse. And screw how others may percieve you; you're doing this for yourself, not them. Therefore it's best to continue in engineering and maixmize your future potential and opportunity. That's what allt his is...
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    Schools Studying at the top universities

    No, getting into a top ranked university is not a key to greatness. The qualities you are enough to get there.When all is said and done, what you do is what matters, not numbers or where you went to school.
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    Book of math brain twisters

    Are they any kind fun math brain twister books that are restricted to calculus (up to sequences) and require engaging algebra manipulation and forethought? Can anyone suggest such a book?
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    Total length of ellipse

    wow. that was down and funky. I figured it out in four lines after an embarrassing number of scrap sheets before. Thanks people. I'll give several hints to those with the same question in the future: The integral is from 0 to 2pi originally, but you can cut it down to 0 to pi/2 and...
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    Total length of ellipse

    I'm asked to show that the total length of the ellipse x = a sin x y = b cos x, a>b>0 is L = 4a \int_{1}^{pi/2} \sqrt{1-e^2sin^2x} dx where e is the eccentricity of the ellipse (e = c/a, where c = \sqrt{a^2-b^2} I've tried a whole bunch of algebraic and trignometric manipulation...
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    What language to learn?

    neurocomp2003 - How would the diffuculty of learning Japanese compare to that of Chinese? If you feel this is offtopic, feel free to repy via PM.
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    Integral abs(x)

    ahh i see. I'm mixing up the variable value and its result in the absolute value function. thanks gale17.
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    Integral abs(x)

    yeah all this makes sense, but i was taught to do F(upper limit) - F(lower limit) (F is the antiderivative) and when I do that with 0 and -2 i get a negative answer, which make sthe integral result negative. Therein lies my problem. I can do away with it by substitution or inspection, but other...
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    Integral abs(x)

    That makes sense OlderDan. And I did use that integral property, but w/o substution; \int_{-2}^{0} |x| dx + \int_{0}^{1} |x| dx = (0 - 2^2/2) + 1/2 = -2+1/2 which isn't correct. I guess I should just use subsitution.
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    Integral abs(x)

    By what logic can I (if it's true) that \int_{-2}^{0} |x| dx = \int_{0}^{2} |x| dx = 2 I know the areas are both the same, positive, but the integrals can be negative. Specifically, i am trying to evaluate \int_{-2}^{1} |x| dx which equals 11/5 so the negative turned positive and did the...
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    How to write the abstract for a paper

    "I may be incapable of writing that way. I would say that it has more the look & feel of software documentation. The paper is heavy on thought experiments and light on math. Only high school algebra is used by me." That's why they won't publish it. It's to easy to understand :) I'd put the...
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    Burning out ?

    I find that team sports that involve a lot of running helps, as opposed to working out in the gym. Soccer or Ultimate frisbee should do it. What kind of excercise are you doing?
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    Burning out ?

    The winning tape is right ahead of you! I've been burned out in a similar situation and what I do is: 1. remind myself why I'm doing this; I have an over arching reason that gives me the backbone to do all this. 2. A lot of excercise, to sweat out the burn-out, so to speak. I...
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    How do you earn a living and still have a life?

    I've been told several things about GPAs and engineering, etc. And it amounts to this: a 3.1 is not "competitive" enough to get the internships required for a nice engineering/physics job out of college. The work you put into college now translates into less work getting where you want to be in...