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    News How does Europe still have a lot of money?

    Would it be safe to say that, Europeans colonised the world because of industrialisation. As only then they had to get raw materials for new industries and create artificial markets in the colonies by taxing local production? So now that they don't have those colonies how are they still able to...
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    News How does Europe still have a lot of money?

    But, does that mean there has been no change in the wealth of European nations after giving independence to asian and African countries ?
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    News How does Europe still have a lot of money?

    European nations were colonial powers hence plundered a lot of countries and became rich. But now that they are no longer in power, how are they still so rich ?
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    Medical How many of you use a Nootropic?

    Is it alright to mess up the brain chemicals by taking all these drugs? The brain might get confused into believing that there are higher levels of such chemicals and stop its own natural production. This might cause reduced cognition, memory etc. during periods of non-use
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    Can any action be classified as good or bad? Like say, two people

    Can any action be classified as good or bad? Like say, two people equally good are vying for a job. The manager chooses A instead of B, it is good for A but bad for B isn't it? Also if one wanted to create some good, like say set up and industry to give jobs to the local populace he has to...
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    I'm India, and I'd like to know if I pass USMLE, and study in the US.

    I'm India, and I'd like to know if I pass USMLE, and study in the US. Will I be allowed to practice medicine over there after my education or should I have to come back to India then apply for visa again and then come to US inorder to practice?
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    Medical Fruits make you fat?

    But if a person ate lots of fruits, due to rapid accumulation of ATP, NADH the body will switch to lipogenesis. This will happen even before the utilsation of that ATP However if a person took more glucose, due to regulation of glucose utilisation, the rate of formation of ATP will be slower...
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    Questions bout the Chloride Shift in R.B.cell

    A wild guess: Maybe there's not much space for all that HCO3- in the RBC, its m.wt. being 61 and for Cl- it is 35 ? A better guess I think would be the altered pH of the RBC cytosol due to HCO3- accumulating in it causes it to become more basic? Maybe the HCO3- may try to displace the H+ from...
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    Medical Fruits make you fat?

    I read in Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry, that since fruits have fructose and fructose isn't all that well regulated as glucose metabolism they can make you overweight! Are there any studies that prove/disprove these? For example, fructose can be metabolised without regulation and form...
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    Blood levels and Plasma levels

    In my physiology examination, I came across this question: Find the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), when Urine Concentration of Urea (U) = 70 (I don't remember the exact values, but it is of no importance), Urine flow rate (V) = 1ml/min Blood level of Urea = 20 ( or something) In...
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    Insurance is a subject mater of solicitation

    All insurance ads have this line "Insurance is a subject mater of solicitation". What do they mean?
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    Engineering branch which has lots of physics and less mathematics

    Lesser of trigonometry and calculus Branch which has less trig and calculus? I'm afraid of those two, coz they(in my school, in India) give u an equation and for no apparent reason u multiply by something, divide by something, separate the term into two, and viola u get the answer. Its too...
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    Engineering branch which has lots of physics and less mathematics

    Which engineering branch which has lots of physics (or chem) and less mathematics in its course of study?
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    What does an MBA graduate do?

    What does an MBA graduate do? I've always wondered that coz, if u get an MBA from Indian Institute of Management u get a salary of like Rs.1 crore(I think that's roughly USD250,000. Not sure if that's a high salary in US but definitely high according to Indian standards ). What do they...
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    Electro magnetic Induction problem. Simple one, but check wehre I am wrong.

    I think I get it now. Initially B and Area vectors are antiparallel, so flux is negative. Hence, the induced emf is positive.
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    Electro magnetic Induction problem. Simple one, but check wehre I am wrong.

    Electro magnetic Induction problem. Simple one, but please check wehre I am wrong. Homework Statement A magnet moving down, goes through a coil and exits it below. Plot the graph showing variation of induced emf in coil with time. Homework Equations emf = - Flux/Time The Attempt...
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    Qualitative analysis of Barium, Strontium, Calcium

    During qualitative analysis of Barium, Strontium, Calcium, why do we use NH4CO3, NH4OH, NH4Cl. Even if we were to apply common ion effect, two NH4+ ions are enough right? What is the need for third one?
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    Chemistry behind the following tests

    What is the chemistry behind the following tests? 1)Biuret 2)Xanthoprotic 3)Millon's 4)Mollisch's test(Carbohydrates)
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    Virus resistant plant cells

    My Bio textbook says that, by introducing the virus coat protein gene into a plant cell the cell becomes virus resistant. How is that possible?
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    Tution fees so high in US!

    Why are the tuition fees in colleges so high in US, UK? (>$20000) The people at education fairs tell me that you can work part time and pay a substantial part. I can't believe that by working part time I can pay my tuition while my full time working father cant. Can you really pay the tuition...
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    Self pollination & Cross pollination

    My book says self pollination maintains the parental characters or purity of the race indefinitely and is used to maintain pure lines for hybridization experiments. How can that be true. Coz, meiosis takes place in micro & mega spore mother cells. So there is crossing over which will lead to...
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    News Turning search queries over to the government?

    What exactly will the US government do when search engines like AOL, google turn over the search queries over to the government?
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    Reservation justified or not?

    Basically in India, we now have the Forward castes and Backward castes. The forwards basically have the rich folks/ educated/ well off (of course there are some poor there too). The backward castes were full of suppressed people. Not allowed to even cast their shadows on the FCs coz even their...
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    Antibacterial soap

    No I need a technical answer
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    Eutectic point

    Actually I read that but couldn't understand what was written that's why I posted here
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    Antibacterial soap

    How exactly does trichlorocarbanilide kill bacteria?
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    Eutectic point

    What is eutectic point?
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    Where exactly do you get the chemicals to do your own experiments?

    "Google" for the chemical
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    Cockroach trachea

    What is the name of cuticular lining that supports the trachea of cockroaches from collapsing??
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    Water potential

    Is water potential the kinetic energy or potential energy of water? Coz my textbook says it potential energy whereas another reference book says ts kietic energy
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    Direction of current

    Can electric current be made to flow from + to - and - to + at the same time? And does it normally flow from + to - or - to +?
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    Testing Sending SAT scores to colleges

    I haven't written the sat exam yet, I'll do it on Jun3
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    Testing Sending SAT scores to colleges

    While registering for the SAT exam I had the option to send my SAT scores to 4 colleges. I have not yet started applying for college, so can I send my SAT scores to any college even though the college doesn't know that I'm applying?
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    Seebeck coefficeints

    what are Seebeck coefficeints? What do they signify? Does anyone have a pic of a thermocouple? What is thermopower?
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    What is the full form of TCC found in Dettol soaps?

    What is the full form of TCC found in Dettol soaps?
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    Taking bacteria from skin

    How do you take bacteria from skin and which is the part :rolleyes: most concetrated with them?
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    Simple yet interesting project in Bio

    Can anyone suggest ideas for interesting projects in Biology, preferably Botany. There should be some amount of practical work involved in it. It shouldn't go too complex like DNA fingerprinting, etc.
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    Ionisation constants

    If 6.8 * 10-4 is ionisation constant(IC) of HF, what is the IC of its conjugate base. HF +H2O -----> H3O+ +F- So F- is the conjugate base(CB) I figured the IC of CB would be the reciprocal of IC of HF. But the answer given is the same but multiplied by Ionic product of water i.e. 10-14 Please...
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    Doppler Effect

    Why does the wavelength of the wave change when source is moving but not when listener moves?
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    What is the quantum model?

    Does the model basically quantisize everything?
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    Flux and Gauss's theorem

    What exactly is electromagnetic flux? In wikipedia I read it is the " surface integral of a vector field" what is a vector field? Is it the electric field. What exactly is the electric field? Please explain it to me with using gravitational peotential, etc. as an example. How is the...
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    Preventing Gas Expansion: Molar Specific Heats at Constant Pressure & Volume

    Aren't we doing some work to prevent the gas from expanding if we maintain the constant volume. So shouldn't molar specific heat at constant pressure be equal to constant volume?
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    Eqilibrium between ice and water

    I thought pressure was inversely propotional to volume. So if u increase pressure volume should also increase to decrease the pressure
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    Eqilibrium between ice and water

    When ice is @ eqilibrium with water, the pressure is increased, what happens to the eqilibrium?
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    A man standing near

    A man standing near the top of the ladder fells unstable. Why? Is it due to the change in centre of mass? A thin wheel can stay upright on its rim if it is rolled but when it stops it falls down, Why?
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    If you ever visit meerut

    It happened in Tamil Nadu too! Few couples were sitting in a park and this police people thrash them. In some schools and colleges, boys are not allowed to talk to girls (you're fined/suspended) In a private party, a couple kissed each other, a reporter happened to take a photo and displayed it...
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    Date of world war 3

    There's too much of interdependence between huge economies like US EU China Japan India. China would never hit developed economies like US since they are the primary consumers of Chinese goods. It'd probably try invading Taiwan. Taiwan is a little chummy with the US I believe and Bush is...
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    Why doesent water fall down from a bucket while rotating it upside down?

    rbj Can it be expressed mathematically as Weight = mass(gravity-acceleration of bucket), since a >g it experiences negative weight?