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    Angular Velocity and Angular Acceleration help!

    Homework Statement Consider four situations: I) a fan's rotation is speeding up while going in the clockwise direction; II) it is speeding up while going in the counterclockwise direction; III) it is slowing down while going in the clockwise direction; and IV) it is slowing down while going...
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    The Equations of Rotational Kinematics help!

    [b]1. Consider a fan that has rotated by a total of 2 complete revolutions from where it started. This quantity (2 revolutions) is analogous to what quantity in linear kinematics? Position Displacement Velocity Speed Time Time Homework Equations I am...
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    Gravitational energy help !

    I got 1569 for my efficiency What do I do after I get the Efficiency ?
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    Power problem Help!

    Where are getting that number from?
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    Gravitational energy help !

    250-Calorie* snack, which contains 1x10^6 J
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    Power problem Help!

    can i use 9.8 for acceleration? in that case squid has a greater velocity since it started at 2.0
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    Gravitational energy help !

    Homework Statement I am 65 kg and eat a 500 Calorie lunch and go hiking up a mountain afterwards. Assuming that chemical energy is converted to gravitational potential energy with 50% efficiency, approximately how many miles up the mountain can I go before I need my dinner? 0.5 miles...
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    Power problem Help!

    I need the acceleration to solve for the velocity...
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    Power problem Help!

    Homework Statement I push two frictionless carts along a table, using a force of 10 N on each. Riding on one cart is a squid and on the other cart is a mango. They have the same mass. The squid's cart is moving at 2.0 m/s when I start pushing, in the same direction that I push. The mango's...
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    How much work is done by tension?

    Homework Statement Let's say I tie a string to a clicker and swing it in a horizontal circle around my head at constant speed. How much work is done by the tension force due to the string when it goes all the way around one full circle? A. No work is done. B. The work equals the...
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    Weight of Satellite around earth

    Homework Statement A satellite sitting on the ground has a weight of 5000 N. When it is placed in orbit 500 km above the surface of the Earth (which has a radius of 6380 km), which choice best describes its weight? Very small but slightly greater than zero. Zero. Still 5000 N...
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    Force of artificial gravity

    Homework Statement Figure 5.18 shows a space station rotating about an axis. Because of the rotational motion, any object located at a point P on the interior surface of the station experiences a centripetal force directed toward the axis. The surface of the station provides this force by...
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    Mass of Earth Period

    Homework Statement If you suddenly multiplied the mass of Earth by a factor of 4, how would the period of a satellite change, if the radius of its orbit did not change? 4 times as long 1/4 as long 2 times as long 1/2 as long Unchanged Homework Equations The...
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    Equilibrium of a constant speed

    TO get the centripetal force I used to equation F=(mV)/r and I got 100 and 201... So it is not in equilibrium ?
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    Equilibrium of a constant speed

    Homework Statement The model airplane in Figure 5.6 has a mass of 0.90 kg and moves at a constant speed on a circle that is parallel to the ground. The path of the airplane and its guideline lie in the same horizontal plane, because the weight of the plane is balanced by the lift generated...
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    Circular Motion of the Earth around the sun

    Homework Statement What is the period of Earth's (nearly) circular motion around the Sun? (2*pi*r)/T 1 year (1 year)/(2*pi) (2*pi)/(1 year) 2*pi*(1 year) Homework Equations There is only one speed that a satellite can have if the satellite is to remain in...