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    Revision question

    hi okay i have a question, it is an old test question so it would be nice is someone ans b4 8am cos that is when the test it but if not that is fine just incase someone is surfing this website at this time.. ha.n e ways the question is a 25mH inductor is connected in series with a 20ohm resisto...
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    Homework question

    At a given instant of time in an electromagnetic field the Electric Field has a value of 501 N/C. To the nearest hundredth of a mJ/m3, what is the instantaneous energy density at that point?
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    Hoework help

    Electrons in a television set are accelerated through a potential difference of 2.0 kV. (a) Find the speed of the electrons when they reach the screen. Ignore any relativistic effects. how to do this i have no idea what formula to use
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    What is the reactance of the capacitor at 1.00 kHz?

    i seemto be frequenting this board more than i intended to but i physics is not my strong point at all so if i seem bothersome apologize about that and i also try to put what i have done sor for in the problem so it don;t seem like i am not trying so here goes and besides does anyone know where...
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    What is the speed of the blood?

    thank very solvable now :)
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    What is the speed of the blood?

    The artery in Figure 22-11 has an inside diameter of 2.30 mm and passes through a region where the magnetic field is 0.065 T. (a) If the voltage difference between the electrodes is 175 µV, what is the speed of the blood? m/s quite honestly, i do not know how to go about this one...
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    Some more help pls

    (c=keA/d (b) Estimate the charge generated at each end of a catfish as follows: Treat the catfish as a parallel plate capacitor with plates of area 1.8 * 10-2 m2, separation 1. m, and filled with dielectric with a dielectric constant k = 95. with v=350. ans should be in C seems easy enough...
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    Pls help me figure out

    Measurements show that a honeybee in active flight can acquire an electrostatic charge as great as 93.0 pC. Q1 is How many electrons must be transferred to produce this charge? my proposed ans using the formula f=k e after rearranging equation e= 93pC * ./8.99 *10^9 = ?(the ans) but i do...
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    Hello question please

    an electron is accelerated from rest thru a potential difference of 400v. what is the final kinetic energy of the electrom how much work is requires to bring four point charges eacg wit q= -8pc from infinity to a distance of 3nm from each other your help is greatly appreciated
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    Would someone pls help to clarify for me

    hey all i am new on here and i have to say after searching for helpful websites with no luck i am gald i found this one. My nigghtmare this summer is physics, no mtter how much i read the material it does not click to me. i need someone to "break it down". my problem right now is the electric...