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    Physics Podcast

    Hey, I'm not sure if anyone on this site listens to my podcast on physics, but I just finished the second show, and am looking for ideas for the third show. If you have any suggetstions either leave them here or email the show at You can get the feed from above.
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    Your ideal bumper sticker

    I have one that says "Smart as a Horse and Hung like Einstein"
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    Physics Podcast

    Yea, but the podcast is in mp3, and can play on any mp3 player, or can be played right on the computer, don't have to put it on a player. I just got an ipod, and never had any player before that so I know what it is like, that is why I made it playable anywhere you can play an mp3. I hope no...
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    Physics Podcast

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to inform those of you who might be interested in my new podcast I have started. It is called Singularity Podcast and is done around physics. The rss feed is here [Broken]. I hope some of you give it a chance...
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    What is your greatest achievement in physics?

    Getting a job with my physics degree
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    Time travel into future possible

    Why sleep, just go about your normal day. But if you really want to travel into the future, just get on a plane and fly coast to coast, you'll pick up a few seconds if you do it every day for a few years.
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    Material science

    Hey, I am preparing to graduate at the end of this semester, and was wondering if anyone here is or has worked int he material science field. I don't think I'm going to go to grad school right away, and am thinking of looking into this field for a job, and would just like to know of any...
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    Brian Greene

    Don't know if anyone watches the screen savers on Techtv, but Brian Greene was on tonight, not a bad interview. Of course, this forum is a Kaku site.
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    Speed limit (of light)

    HallsofIvy you are correct, SR came before GR, so there was a limit on c before GR, but I think that rtharbaugh1 was asking about a rule in Newtonian Mechanics, which does not limit v or c, in fact c was believed to be infinite or atleast unmeasurable at the time of Newton.
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    Speed limit (of light)

    No there wasn't any limit on c before GR, and you can't use part of GR for the event horizon and not the speed limit.
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    Speed limit (of light)

    You need to remember that the event horizon is caused by the limitation of the speed of light, so if you could pass the speed of light, then you would change the event horizon. As for your an object whose accelleration was powered by the mass energy equivalence, as the object accelerates it...
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    Microsoft interview questions

    The best interview question I have seen is "How would you move Mt. Fuji?" My answer, I would just wait, it is always moving anyway.
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    STM resolution

    does anyone have a link or a formula for calculating the resolution of a STM based on the tip size.
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    The moons' spiraling oribts

    The moon is actually moving away from the earth, this is one of the key pieces of evedince used to explain the imact creation of the moon.
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    How to diffract a bowling ball

    hehe good one
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    How to diffract a bowling ball

    Yes it is true, I didn't give his name, or the University he attended, of course I also didn't say that, so that is probably the reason that I didn't give that information, but thanks for think of me when you quote other people. Hey, that's your poragitive. Have a good day.
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    How to diffract a bowling ball

    I guess I'm missing the point, the limit on v is zero, or not moving, if it is moving, even the slightest, then it is considered moving. Note: Yes PHd's are given for work done, i.e. a paper based on research, or experiments, but De'Brolie basicly had a paper 1 sentence long, that wasn't...
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    How to diffract a bowling ball

    And as a side note, DeBroglie got his doctorite, by writing a paper less than a page long, predicting the difraction of objects, without ever even attempting to prove it. Unfair I say.
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    How to diffract a bowling ball

    Talking purely theoreticaly, you could diffract any object through a door way with the correct speed.
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    Multi-verse experiment

    I would say that a multiverse is defined by a collections of dimensions separated upon quantum splitting.
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    How to diffract a bowling ball

    No, because it is rolling, and making contact with the ground.
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    Settle a bet:

    The speed at which a object moves is dependent on the energy applied to it.
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    Multi-verse experiment

    Ok so I was thinking that if a multiverse was created for every possible outcome of all situations, then it may be easy to detect them. Ok here I go, if I decide to run an experiment to ditect other dimensions, then I make a desicion to either create a device that sends a signal, or one that...
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    Speed of light

    Actually what your missin is that the speed of light is constant everywhere. What happens in material is that light interacts with matter, i.e. is absorbed and emitted, making it appear to have slown down, but between those interactions it is still moving at c.
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    Medical Physics

    Hey, thanks that is exactly what I was looking for.
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    Which is the metric of the Universe?

    I don't think we have found the correct one yet.
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    Medical Physics

    Hey everybody. I am interviewing for a internship at a neuclear medicine company and was wondering if anyone had any good links to current research in the field, or what the name of the main journal is.
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    Crystals that modify the frequency of light.

    Isn't that what the predator used to be invisable?
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    Hitting Water at Terminal Velocity

    A human will die at hitting the water at a minimum of 60 mph. Water has a very strong surface tension, trust me I've hit it at about 40 mph, it hurts like hell.
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    Milky Way's settelite galaxy

    Hey, that's the third, go milky way.
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    Star Birth: Process & Gravity Effects

    The reason for the collapse has to due with the Jeans radius, or Jeans mass, do a google for that and it should help out alot.
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    Project Idea

    a rail gun is pretty simple, you creat two conducting rods that run parrallel to each other, then lay another one across them, and run a huge voltage through the two rails to shot the third rod, or disk or whatever.
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    Stargazing Lunar Eclipse

    Yup, perfect temp, no bugs, and lots and lots of clouds.
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    Project Idea

    Your best bet is to do a search for HERF devices, they are similar to what you are talking about, most emp weapons are pulse weapons, so keep it away from electronics, but a HERF gun is directional. Another, mabey more dangoures, but easier to construct is a rail gun, those can be fun and...
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    Atomic radii

    you can calculate them, roughly by multiplying the contents radii
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    Black Holes: Viable Scientific Theory? Or Voo-Doo Science?

    John, I think your intent was good to create a discussion about black holes, I feel that you started from a poor angle, and made opening statements that were detremental to your want of a discussion. You can't expect to have a real discussion of black holes if you make bad assumtions on half...
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    Black Holes: Viable Scientific Theory? Or Voo-Doo Science?

    Hurkly did a good job, but there is somehting that John is missunderstanding, the mass isn't compressed into a point so small that it can't be seen, infact naked singularities have been mathmaticlay proven, but not observed, the size of a singularity can be very very large. Another point is...
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    Was the first moon landing a fake?

    if you need proof that it was real, they left mirrors on the surface, which we have bounced lasers off to measure the distance.
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    Photon structure - light decyphering

    Ok, not sure on the nature of your post, but the photon is an elementry structure, so its not made up of anything.
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    Tell me the 3 greatest physicist u think

    Galileo died almost completely blind from staring at the sun through a telescope, remember kids, just say no to science, science kills.
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    Equation handy for the recoil of an electron

    Hey does anybody have an equation handy for the recoil of an electron passing through a magnetic field?
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    Tell me the 3 greatest physicist u think

    I have to put 1. Newton Because of the work he did making calculus, while he did supress some ideas, he still did a lot of great work, that we would be in trouble without. 2. 2. Einstien Same reason as everyone else 3. Wien He did a lot for physics, astronomy, and chemestry.
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    Suicidal Black Holes

    No, energy isn't being released when you treat it like a charged particle. Its like if you take any charged particle, and shake it up and down, a distant observer sees an induced em field, or light wave
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    Suicidal Black Holes

    Hawking radiation isn't EM radiation, its particle loss. A virtual particle becomes a real particle, and escapes the black hole with its mass.
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    Suicidal Black Holes

    Ok, so I was thinking, if charge is conserved in the singularity of a black hole, you could have a black hole with a net charge one way or another. And then you could treat the black hole as a charged particle and in a binary system it could actually produce an em-wave. Then thinking further...
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    Coriolis effect and water spin

    The coriolis effect doesn't determine the way a drain drains. And they don't drain the same way everywere on the hemisphere. Now most drains do drain the same way, because they are made the same way, that is they are all spun the same way when polished, producing grooves that determine the...
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    Einstein's cross

    You took my meaning of lining wrong, its not a straight line, the quasar in the back is off alittle bit, which creates the four points. Actually the light is bent spherecly, but due to the alignment, it peaks at four points, and the other stuff gets lost in space. That is it is so small it...
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    A physics experiment with magnets and a vote pole

    I voted nothing, but that is only if you can get the magnet spinning fast enough, most likely in a fast spinning magnet, you would simply see a wobble on the other magnet.
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    Einstein's cross

    It's not rectangular, the lining is just that good, it is an oddity, but one that sheds a lot of light, no pun intended, on gravitational lensing.
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    Traveling near c

    Ok, so I'm sitting in class thinking, which is never a good idea, about objects moving near c. I think that if you have a wire moving near c and shoot an electrical signal down it, the signal is going to move faster than c, but then I remember Lorentz and that contraction will fix that, but...