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    Job scope of Actuaries and Statisticians

    Hi, I'm hoping some of you could provide me with information about actuarial and statistics work. I like a diverse range of problems and creative solutions. Other fields I'm interested in are engineering and computing. I like visualization and am interested in using computation to model real...
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    Where and what should I be studying?

    Singapore! I take the Cambridge A levels.
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    Where and what should I be studying?

    No I'm not! I'm Asian, actually.
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    Where and what should I be studying?

    Hi guys, I'm about the graduate from high school but for two years after that I will be serving compulsory enlistment in the army. My subjects in high school weren't science, though I did take math. Despite this I would probably like to gain a degree in STEM, whether with a focus in industry or...
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    Small talk

    So basically I'm wondering if any of you guys find small talk annoying. I'm still in high school, where interpersonal relationships are becoming more complex and 'formal'. Personally I find it really contrived, as I'm used to engaging in some activity with others before conversation naturally...