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    I'm 31 and I think I want to study physics

    To 7roosters and MacLaddy, please keep us updated. Would love to find out what your final decision is and how well you are progressing.
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    Earth from the Moon

    This graphic you created does a great job explaining this apparent wobbling. Thank you.
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    Another impact on Jupiter

    Thank you for clearing up the confusion. The "sweeping" action you mentioned explains it really well.
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    Another impact on Jupiter

    This is interesting, but how would this explain us being protected when Jupiter and Earth are on opposing sides during their respective orbits around the Sun? The same question goes with Saturn, etc.
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    Stargazing Total solar eclipse

    Sorry about the late notice guys. You can watch a live broadcast of the total eclipse from University of North Dakota's site. [Broken] It may take some time to load and it starts at 5:15 PST...
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    40 years since the first moon landing

    Simply amazing. Thank you for sharing.
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    NASA Do all engineers secretly wish to work for NASA?

    Me neither. I would think Boeing, Lockheed, SpaceX, etc (private industry) would be just as cool if not cooler.
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    Schools How important are grades in grad school?

    +1. A high GPA tends to get you the "audience", then you can use your experience or projects to actually impress that audience.
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    How to ask a professor about research?

    OP, would like to read your response to our suggestions.
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    How to ask a professor about research?

    Agreed, but it is also important for him to start somewhere so he can figure out what he wants to do when he graduates.
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    Programs Im too dumb for my major

    You need drive and passion for what you are doing. F's are inexcusable IMO. Typically most of the class grade is directed toward exams (usually 60-70%), while you have a decent amount for areas where you can always MAXIMIZE your score. What is wrong with the homework section? Do you go to study...
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    Physics Should I leave Physics?

    I am very happy to read a post from someone with this kind of attitude. I am sure that with your credentials you will find yourself back in a position that you will be passionate about in no time.
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    Opinions about the SAT

    I am hard-pressed to agree with this statement. I enrolled in a preparation course by Princeton Review a couple months before the SAT back in high school, and the most valuable thing I got from that course was probably the 10 sample SAT exams book. The actual class was next to useless for me...
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    Atlantis and Hubble (viewed from earth)

    He's most likely talking about the artist conceptions he's seeing that show up in an image search. I just searched for "Milky Way" in Google Images and it's amazing how many "spiral" images show up.
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    Why is it harder to get into Engineering?

    At my University, all concentrations under the "Arts and Sciences" category were open majors, where anyone could become an undergraduate of a subject if they chose to be. Engineering required an application after several freshman and sophomore courses were taken. This to me, this policy was...
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    Engineering Follow me becoming and Aerospace Engineer

    AeroAstroNut, I seem to be having difficulty accessing your blog. Is anyone else having the same issue? I receive: "The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available."
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    Phoenix craft to dig under Mars ice (landing planned 25 May)

    Thanks for the links Marcus. It's amazing how there was little to no dust on the solar arrays after they deployed! Now that the Phoenix can harness the sun's energy as best as possible let's just see how it holds up during the Martian nights. =)
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    Phoenix craft to dig under Mars ice (landing planned 25 May)

    This is excellent news. I can't wait to learn about what it uncovers.
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    Need some advice on two's complement comparitor circuit

    I was thinking about it more. You can deal with the overflow simply by XOR-ing C2 and C3, taking that result and XOR-ing it with the output of S3. I'll leave it to you to understand what that actually does. Good luck!
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    Need some advice on two's complement comparitor circuit

    You are going to have to make use of an adder/subtractor. Here are some necessary things to consider: When A > B, what will be the MSB of the result A-B? What about B-A? A-B will give you an MSB of 0, while B-A will give a 1. Basically...
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    What does the big F stand for?

    Did you mean to type anything else? I didn't see a closed parenthesis. If it is indeed so, then the F(x) you saw does not refer to any antiderivative, but simply f(x) / g(x). As Hurkyl said below, the antiderivative notation is simply convention, and not a strict rule of mathematics.
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    College Football Bragging Rights Thread

    Way to go Texas... I remember the one point where they put up yardage comparisons: USC-190 Vince Young-159 that's right kids, not USC vs. UT just shows that he deserved the trophy more than Bush. Stupid USC... Alright on to the 2006 Draft. A sure-fire bet that Reggie Bush will be the #1...
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    The Philadelphia Eagles Thread

    I still can't believe my Hawks killed you guys 42-0.
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    Intro to EE Prerequisites

    Yeah it'll be helpful if you recall your knowledge about capacitors, resistors and inductors... but due to the fact that this is basic ckt theory, you treat all effects as instantaneous--- you won't need to know about Gauss Law, wave propagation or maxwell's equations... or anything like that...
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    Intro to EE Prerequisites

    Nilsson and Riedel's "Electric Circuits" --- see if you can borrow it or get the older 6th edition. (7th ed is the newest one but its really the same thing!) BTW I don't think you should have to self study--- enjoy your break! (What little you have left!)
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    The following is the link to the Electronics II (Ckts and devices) class at my school... the instructor has posted some useful study tips here along with the text which I find quite useful... hopefully someone else can guide you with some materials they have found...
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    No girl wants engineering

    I dunno--- I am an EE, and have noticed that EE seems to have very few girls at my school (Univ of washington). But other engineering disciplines like BioEngineering and Chemical Engineering are actually close to being 50 - 50 here. I don't know why, but perhaps it's the notion that ChemE and...
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    KVL and KCL are usually used in engineering books--- but physics books always call them closed loop and junction rules respectively.
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    Electric field symbol

    Yeah I noticed that squigly looking E when scanning through a materials science textbook--- engineers may often use different symbols than physicists--- but as an EE student... most of the stuff in my EE textbooks is pretty much the same as physics... although the confusion of EEs using H for...
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    Derivation of Q Value

    I'm under the assumption that the threadmaker simply made a typo... regardless that is a very minor error that would cause a huge difference in value.
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    Do you have this book? (Early Transcendentals - James Stewart) - It's the green one.

    Shoot--- I have the book, but all those problems you want have an accompanying figure--- my scanner is on the fritz too :( Sorry man--- parametric surfaces will most of the time require you to look at a picture.
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    Planet w/ hole drilled through it (gravity prob)

    It was interesting because in this problem was on a physics test of mine a while back, and he told use to find the time for the earth, and the moon--- but since the period is independent of the mass the time for something to reach the other side would be the same!
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    Actual intensity of the sound

    I would hate to think I am being tested! Please explain your thoughts before this discussion begins!
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    Planet w/ hole drilled through it (gravity prob)

    Task for you: Newtons law of gravity can be written as a "Gauss" law of gravity: \int g dA = (4\pi G)\int{\rho_m dV} where \rho_m is the mass density... you should convince yourself that the acceleration inside the Earth a distance d away from the center is: 4 \pi G \rho_m \frac{d}{3}...
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    Planet w/ hole drilled through it (gravity prob)

    Yes. You should treat this as a mechanical oscillator problem--- that is why the acceleration is not constant---- You would do well to find the "effective spring constant" for the situation. I will give you the hint that the effective spring constant involves the acceleration of free fall...
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    Conservative force fields

    no, that is violation of the terms of service.
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    Conservative force fields

    how could he be the same person?
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    Conservative force fields

    Understanding the basics of divergence and curl are essential to know the meanings of the math that you are doing--- if your instructor has not explained the curl of a vector field to you, it baffles me as to why you are required to solve the aforementioned problem.
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    Tricky trig substitution

    *Cough* Table *Cough* Excuse me... something in my throat--- tables are great to have around so you barely have to think.
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    Tricky trig substitution

    I punched it into mathematica and it produced the same as yours, save for a 7/2 exponent rather than 7.
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    Kirchoffs Laws and Thevinen Equivalent

    I don't have Pspice or any other relevant software installed on my laptop, and I'm not at home unfortunately! I don't doubt that it's correct. Check your EE dept's IEEE student branch or local EE student organizations to see if they hold Pspice, Hspice, Multisim, Matlab, etc tutorials...
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    Kirchoffs Laws and Thevinen Equivalent

    For your Kirchoff example, I found your mistake--- although your method is on the right track, you would do well to make use of Mesh Currents... that is, instead of labeling i1, i2, i3 etc... you should label each in terms of mesh currents... that is--- i1 would equal the current ia thru first...
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    Kirchoffs Laws and Thevinen Equivalent

    Whoops nm i didnt know that they gave you the resistance of the load! With that in mind, with your Thevenin voltage you can easily find the current through the load.
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    Kirchoffs Laws and Thevinen Equivalent

    Your Vth is correct in the thevenin example, it is indeed 76 Volts. I'm guessing you messed up a sign somewhere in the Kirchoff example--- being the nice person I am I'll try to find it for you :D Also I'll check your Thevenin Rth by using a short circuit current method.