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    CpG islets ? [Broken]
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    DNA concentration [Broken] I like isopropanol instead of ethanol, but that is more of a personal preference thing. Good luck.
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    Rejection of Substance by Body

    Common?...I'm not sure, but beta-lactam antibiotics in the context of a serious bacterial infection might qualify, as there are so many people allergic to penicillin.
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    What are these called?

    Monique, I haven't been to the lab in awhile, as I am graduated and taking a little time off, but that IS a good idea. I am a good 40 minutes from the lab however. Thank you so much for your help Ian and Monique. I do appreciate it.
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    What are these called?

    Electrically operated (either by battery or plug in), and uses vacuum to direct fluid transfer into and out of pipettes that you attach to it. I always thought they were automated pipettors but I can't find anything like what I use in the lab on the web. Any thoughts? I'm looking to purchase...
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    What happens to bread that makes it go stale?

    Well anytime you leave any sort of sugar source out at room temp, you up the odds of having an escalation of the resident microbial population. However given the amount of time you are talking, the reason it is tought is because there is also evaporation at work. Try this. Get the same...
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    What happens to bread that makes it go stale?

    In a word...evaporation.
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    For those of you with the Alberts text

    For those of you with the Alberts text... Page 999, top paragraph: "Once the pre-RC has been assembled in G1, the replication origin is ready to fire . The activation of S-Cdk in late G1 pulls the trigger and initiates DNA replcation. The initiation of replication also requires the...
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    Buffer preparation problem

    I don't know if I can effectively convey what I am doing here, but I am going to try because I need the help. I am trying to determine my ratio of acid to base and subsequently make a .5M Tris-HCl buffer utilizing Tris base, and concentrated HCl. By my calculations I get a 19.05 parts acid/1...
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    Horse hemoglobin

    I am looking for information regarding bovine or (preferrably) horse hemoglobin (human may even work). Specifically, I would like to know molecular weight, heat stability characteristics and behavior in any popular detergents (SDS would be nice). The link below was the only thing I turned up...
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    Hendersen Hasselbach

    I am starting to make the various buffers for my research, but I am a bit rusty with my chemistry. I want to know if hendersen hasselbach equation can be used if the desired pH is higher than the pKA. Specifically, I want to make 1.5 M Tris-HCl buffer (pH 8.8) utilizing Tris base and HCl. I...
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    Cell wall and uptake of nutrients

    I just asked this question in my Mycology class. Fungal walls are either (usually) composed of chitin or cross-links of N-Acetylglucosamine. Either way, they don't seem to pose a problem for nutrient uptake as they go right through the cell wall. I think the primary purpose of the cell wall...
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    HIV needle stick infection rate

    Aren't there drugs available to those that have been exposed in a 12-24 hour time-frame that dramatically lowers the odds of being infected?
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    Taxonomy question

    Nevermind, I think I figured it out.
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    Taxonomy question

    Is phylum=division? Thanks!
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    Enhancers and response elements

    That does look good. If you don't get it let me know.
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    Enhancers and response elements

    What is the difference exactly? Thanks!
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    What does expressed at a basal level mean?

    OK. Found was in the Lewin text, I have been using Alberts as a secondary source, they are both excellent. It looks to me like it is in the context of protein expression, but why don't you be the judge: "The metallothionein (MT) gene provides an example of how a single gene may be...
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    What does expressed at a basal level mean?

    Uh oh...It was a long night and I can't remember if that was the Alberts or the Lewin text. I'll get it posted in a little bit.
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    What does expressed at a basal level mean?

    "expressed at a basal level"; used in reference to expression of the the human metallothionein gene. Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks!
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    Looking for books

    Perhaps this will be of use to other people as well. I am looking for a book or books that basically consists of techniques used and currently in use in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology with an emphasis on theory and NOT protocol. I will start, as I do have one good one, but...
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    Cis and Trans Acting Elements/Sites

    I am a bit confused I guess about exactly what these are. If anyone could offer up an example of each, I would be very grateful. I did find this much: [Broken]
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    More terminology

    Well Another God, it looks like you are going to get your wish! What is a nucleosome positioning element?
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    2D structure of molecules?

    Looks like that was all I could find as well. Maybe you could post an easier question? [Broken] [Broken]
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    Amniotic Fluid

    Well I didn't find anything regarding taste.
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    Amniotic Fluid Looks like a lot of this stuff depends on who you consult with. This should give yo a start though.
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    Speed and rate of combustion (in car)

    Well, I wasn't aware that any necessary readings measured by the computer were taken from the tach. Unless I am mistaken, the amount of fuel metered by the ECM for the engine is based on MAF, TPS,, CTS, and IAT/MAT readings. In your scenario, the engine would still be pumping air to some...
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    Speed and rate of combustion (in car)

    Basically just the part about the engine not needing any fuel at all. There are a lot of reasons I disagree, but I will just name one for now. What you are describing is essentially "displacement on demand". A neat concept developed in the mid-late '70's by Cadillac in which the theory...
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    Speed and rate of combustion (in car)

    The amount of gas you burn at any given time depends on a lot of factors, but only (ultimately) one you can control while you are in the cabin (unless you are using a direct link to a fuel injected car with aftermarket software)is the throttle position. GENERALLY speaking, driving faster versus...
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    Mobility shift assays

    If you do a google search with moblity shift essay you will find plenty of protocols and explanation. I did do a google search, but the results of my find were pretty protocol intensive, and my focus was on theory. I also like to believe that depending on the subject material, some members...
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    Mobility shift assays

    I am looking for some good links on this particular methodology. Anybody have any?
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    Exactly what causes inter-species breeding to not work?

    My answer to this would be that every organism I can think of relies on a protein-protein, and protein-DNA interactions as a fundamental basis for the sustainance (sp??) of life. Assuming for a moment that you could get a viable fetus (I have never had developmental or embryology mind you), it...
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    Allergies and smoking

    facial swelling, rashes, swelling that affects breathing, abnormal sensitivity to sking irritation; etc. Benadryl slows/ stops all this temporarily.
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    Arteriosclerosis vs Atherosclerosis

    That link you posted isn't working?
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    Allergies and smoking

    Are you asking what an allergic reaction is or what specifically alllergic reactions she is having?
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    Arteriosclerosis vs Atherosclerosis

    Looks to me like they are very close to being the same thing? [Broken] [Broken]
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    Allergies and smoking

    I have a friend who has developed some really horrendous allergies lately, and it is my suspicion that it is because she is a heavy smoker (there is a correlation between when she started and the allergies). I can't find anything specific in my immuno textbook though. Can anyone refer me to...
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    Very beginner questions:

    I second this idea. I would also recommend a subscription to a general biology journal or magazine of some sort. If the topic really interests you, and you read all your issues, you would be amazed how much you actually pick up.
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    Transcriptional start sites are called promoters

    You are right. I don't know what I was thinking...brain lapse I guess.[zz)] Ian pretty much hit on the head with the core promoter thing. I actually found it in my textbook. If you haven't looked at 'em already, the "Genes" books by Lewin are excellent.
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    Transcriptional start sites are called promoters

    I know that transcriptional start sites are called promoters. My professor made reference to a "core promoter" on a day that I missed class (looking at notes from that day). I am not familiar with this terminology, can anyone help me out here?
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    Neat website [Broken]
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    Proteases and glycosidases

    Sorry, I totally misread your question there.:frown: I am not familiar with the lysosomal storage disease or glycosidases so much either, but I do know that proteases contain the potential to be quite specific based on the amino acid side chains that are contained within the peptide. Don't...
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    Piggy back/ bag?

    According to my molecular prof, this is referred to as trafficing. Piggybacking is is specific "type" of trafficing. We just covered the topic this week or I would have chimed in sooner.
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    Proteases and glycosidases

    Well according to my sources, a glycosidase is active in the degredation of sugars, while proteases break down proteins. [Broken] [Broken]
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    Cell division?

    I saw a Nova special awhile back on endostatin. The research that was behind it was amazing, as was the initial results, but I haven't heard anything more on it. A friend of mine at Purdue is doing some interesting virus work with cancer as well.
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    Genetics Terminology Question

    Sadly enough, I have never seen a delta symbol in front of a printed genotype. Does this mean anymore than the obvious (obvious being some given changed, unstated, to the genotype)?
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    PpGpp and cellular processes

    I am interested in knowing if ppGpp plays a role, direct or indirect, in inhibition of DNA replication and transcription in prokaryotic cells. I can't find anything direct, but it would be my guess that in times of amino acid starvation, the cell won't actively divide, or transcribe any RNA.
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    New Medication Against Heart Attack

    I'm not sure I am following you here. Let me give you an example. the laboratory goal for this semester of my molcular biology class is to clone a fragment of the fur gene for chinese hamsters. Once the PCR product has been cleaned up, digested, and ligated into a specific plasmid, the gene...
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    New Medication Against Heart Attack

    In a microbiology or molecular biology lab for instance, when the scientiest wants to maintain the presence of foreign DNA in a system, they use antibiotic resistance genes, growing the cells in the presence of the antibiotic. So in otherwords, if you wanted the continuted expression of your...
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    Polymyxin and LPS

    Thank you Ian. Your input is always very much appreciated.:smile: I have just been looking for the detailed mechanism of the antibiotic on the membrane itself and can't find exactly what I am looking for.