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    Kirchhoff's Laws and current through resistors

    Question: The diagram below shows a circuit where; R1 = 5.00 Ω, R2 = 6.00 Ω, R3 = 1.00 Ω, V1 = 4.500 V, V2 = 20.00 V, and V3 = 6.00 V. (In solving the problems that follow, initially pick the current directions as shown. If the actual current turns out to be in the opposite direction, then...
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    Optics Question

    Homework Statement A)Two flat slides of glass are separated at one edge by a thin wire. The top surface of the upper slide and the bottom surface of the lower slide have special coatings on them so that they reflect no light. The system is illuminated with light of wavelength 418 nm. Looking...
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    Intermediate Value Thoerum?

    Homework Statement Show that the equation e^x = x + 2 had exactly two solutions. Explain your reasoning. Homework Equations Okay so I guess I'm using the intermediate value theorum and proving that f(a)f(b) < 0 we can find a c and d such that f(c) = 0 and f(d) = 0 so that by...
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    Angles in a circle [Broken] How would I prove that angle 2 is twice the size of angle 1? thankyou, Vash.