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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    i doubt .. was israel defeated in lebanon ?
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    if the reader never used eyeQ it needs he needs 20 more seconds than the time needed to realize that this is a stupid answer why am i considered dead ?
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    PIC uc latency time

    well the second is not possibel , because saving the registers is done through the intrupt, and the first one .. yea it do pipelining (: , but it is already shown in the figer .. and if pc+1 is a calling function .. there will be extra latency (not shown in the figure) .. anyway it is not a...
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    Greatest physicist of all time?

    feyman is really great .. but not all time :) , i think it must be bohr or instien
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    World cup 2006 - Warm up

    i hope i am dead before that day :/, i hope they don't win ..
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    Dice question

    no , because some times you will get zero as a result for mod , and you will never get 6 (: so you must add 1 to the final answer (:
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    the baker was testing his new knife why ... birds ?
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    What Do You Do If ?

    i will eat tomatos .. red ones what would you do if the sky started raining colored rain ?
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    PIC uc latency time [Broken] this graph shows a latency time diagram when an inturept request occur in a micro controller .. i was just wondering why doesn't the micro controller in the third machine cycle call the address "0004h" directly ? whats the use of...
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive [Broken] am still alive! !:grumpy:
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    New Skin Update

    yay, so kewl , so proffesional :) nice work
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    What Do You Do If ?

    i will make some tea .. so i won't sleep trying to get your question :confused: what do you do if you saw god coming to you, telling you "greetings human ! you are the next prophet, you lead ppl back to the right way" ?
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    dude , you are sleeping in the wrong place ! what is the difference between a mad cow and a mad cat ?
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    Single or not?

    single .. not looking .. 2 parents ... is that enough? btw moses .. your name mean "*****!" in my area ! :)
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    What is the answer and why?

    what is the answer... and why? * infinity=inf. questions a) 1^inf. b) inf.^0 c) inf.*0 what is the answer for these and why?
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    because the edges will be brocken if you round it .. are you evil?
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    Who is the Funniest Person at PF?

    maybe zero, tom and boulderhead.. i don't know .. i haven't been here for a time so i can't judge.
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    News What is wrong with the Islamic world?

    well, this is sura 9:5 {But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the...
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    women! should i ask a [stuped] question?
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    Do you eat rice?

    i eat rice every day .. but my most favourite is the hot spicy rice (indian one!)
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    Visit South East Asia

    i think malaysia is the gr8est .. i have been to it .. a lot cheaper than here .. and it is really gr8 ..
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    News What is the problem

    well the fighters here always agreed to have truce but always it was israel who broke it! israel won't have peace with us, because this will be against its peace, israel is trying to get all palestine and this will happen sooner or later .. they are waiting to make this legal
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    News Sex and politics

    well sometimes women have their influence! .. and this is a way to have it :)
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    Your current email signature

    me? .. here it is "LIFE SUCKS , DON'T GET CLOSE TO DEADMEN!"
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    I hate chemistry! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

    well i hate chemistry too, reason: every chemistry teacher i know sucks! they are all stuped and doesn't accept arguments .. all you have to do is taking chemistry and memorize it by heart! i didn't go to a chemistry lab ever!
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    from the milk of a white cow with strange black shapes on it! why the cats are always afraid of dogs?
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    because god doesn't like us! what do you do if you were in a desert with your love and a gun with one bullet and two lions, one following you and the other following her?
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    because some one has to answer what is a "stuped question"?
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    ya .. when he is drunk why isn't this topic sticked?!
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    What Do You Do If ?

    i will just say **** life! what do you do if you know that you will die the next week?
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    it is a groub of letters making an unusable word like my ones what is the @@@@ when it goes to the $$$$ and it get the ####, go up down? now that is a stuped question :wink:
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    What Do You Do If ?

    i will wake up :wink: what do you do if you were a donut in hands of 6 years old boy?
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    Is this still PHYSICS FORUMS?

    guys told me about what have been written here first thanks FZ for what you said second i am sorry greg .. may be i was kind of mean in my post but that is because of my weakness in english... you know ;) third thanks Adrian Baker for what u said i think your kind of right but how ever when...
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    Is this still PHYSICS FORUMS?

    is this still PHYSICS FORUMS?! hi guys its been a long time since i hanged around PF and to today i just came by to see how is it going here but i found a complete diffrent site! i know that greg is devloping the site but this way, he is going in a wrong way ,,, i mean there is not that much...
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    This is the end. The beautiful end, my friend.

    good bye thanks boulderhead for mentioning that i am really busy this year i got to finish my graduation project and i got to leave my girl friend :frown: i won't take here to the next adventure in my life i think i should leave her to live her life as i said after i graduate i will do the...
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    This is the end. The beautiful end, my friend.

    leaving i am MSI i come here to waste time and have some fun! i always destroy threads and write a lot of typos .. , i have some good news ... I AM LEAVING THIS FORUMS...! --------------------------------------------- SATANICS, ... chat with me!
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    Best movie of these?

    what do you think is the best movie of these three movies: 1.spider man. 2.daredevil 3.the HULK for me i think the hulk was the most butifull intersting movie in them all
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    Favorite strategy game

    WARCRAFT is the best the best movies i ever seen in warcraft 3
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    What would you have printed on a t-shirt?

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    What Do You Do If ?

    **** that work i will leave it and come to post... what do you do if you come and post and your manger fired you because you didn't do that work?
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    I'm Starting a Company Who's In?

    if i were in any of these : i would have been a RF IC Design Engineers or RF System Engineers or Electrical Technicians in your company [?] !
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    Math puzzle question

    as i understand i think each son could sell the apples for free so they will get the same income or: a=1/5 $ "for each apple" b=1/3 $ c=1 $ am i right? because i feel i am in a bigggggg wrong
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    What are you going to do in the future?

    what are you going to do in the future? for me i still have 6 monthes to graduate then i am thinking to go to europ to take the MA ... maybe in england then i will go to onther country to take the PHA ... and then i will still down in onther country "i will go around europ!" i will live in...
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    What Do You Do If ?

    then say good bye to my house ... just one hour will be enough to finish eating it what do you do if there was 10 big rats in your house?
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    News Today in gaza israeli troops

    why when palestinian killed one of israeli minsters in 2001 isrrael occupyed all the west bank and killed a lot of people ... and hamas did less than what israel did i think you need to read some history books ,... didn't you hear abotu the mascars that israel did in palestine ., in kofor...
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    News Today in gaza israeli troops

    hamas never renouncing terrorism except israel did something wrong ... and they did't reannounce terrorism because of what happened to "abd el-3azeez" it was because of the killed citizens ... (there was a mother and her son and a man killed) and in the westbank there was onther three killed...
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    News Today in gaza israeli troops

    i don't know what you really mean here but if it was that every 10 israel kill is (4 civillians and 6 combatants) thats mean that every child throw a rock on the jew troops is a combatants in intifada there was 800 (under 18) killed and all are considerd civilians kat, i hope you write the...
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    What Do You Do If ?

    for english i am really weak in english ... i don't know why i always tried to be good at english but didn't succeed ... i am from israel but as i become muslim i lift my family and go to jordan then i went to the moon :wink: and some times to Mars they are more cool creats :smile: back...
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    News Today in gaza israeli troops

    ohhhh not at allll! hamas is not the terrorist org. QASSAM is the "terrorist" org and they are a part of hammas and that makes a big difference israel did that not abaas... before what happened hammas was going to seise fire and there were no any innocencts killing but when israel knew that...