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    Spin from QM and SR?

    An electron's spin causes it to have an associated magnetic moment. What is the orientation of the poles of the moment?
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    Spin from QM and SR?

    I've been trying to understand something for the past few days but can't seem to get my head around it. Could someone please explain to me how an extra internal degree of freedom arises for a particle when special relativity is combined with quantum mechanics?
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    Parabolic light-path's function for index of refraction

    Homework Statement The setup is a planar cross-section of a medium. The horizontal direction is 'x' and the vertical direction is 'y'. I fire a beam of light into this plane, starting at some positive y, at x = 0, and traveling horizontally in the x+ direction. I need to find a function n(y)...
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    Dark Energy as a Gravitational Field?

    Mentz114: Right, there would be no accelerative effects, but the calculations have to be made using relativistic methods. There would definitely be red-shift, which again could be perceived as galaxies receding from each other. yogi: That's my point, kind of. The more to the past we look, the...
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    Dark Energy as a Gravitational Field?

    Isn't greater matter at great distance from the Hubble center what we see? We find far more galaxies at the edge of Hubble radius than we do in the local vicinity.
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    Dark Energy as a Gravitational Field?

    I've been wondering, is it possible to model both the Hubble redshift and dark energy as a gravitational field which gets strong the further away you look? For example, we know that light from distant galaxies is red-shifted, which is equivalent to a photon having climbed out of a gravitational...
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    GR, time-like energy, and photon-path bending?

    Does time-like curvature of spacetime cause light to bend, for example, around the sun? Or is the gravitational bending of light only due to the space-like curvature? So far, I understand the concepts as: Time-like curvature is caused by the mc^2 part of E, while space-like curvature is caused...
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    Two daughters in rivalry

    Answer in white: They jump into each others' cars.
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    Pakistan earthquake

    My father, being a doctor, went to and came back from Muzaffarabad and other areas to the north. He was telling me the situation is just utterly beyond belief there. :sad:
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    Too young for a cell phone?

    I was 16 when I first came to the university. Seeing as I was away from home, and the only cheap and easy way to communicate was a cell phone, my parents got me one. So I had my first cell phone at the age of 16. What's wrong with that? :mad: :confused:
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    Would you shoot Hitler?

    No, the world needed Hitler at the time. Otherwise who knows where we'd be now.
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    What would you do for no pay?

    Other = Software programming :smile:
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    Quick test(How clever you are?)

    1. Second position 2. First position if its a multiple lap race, otherwise you can't overtake the last person. 3. 4100 4. Nunu 5. He's blind he doesn't need sunglasses! But he can just say it out loud. So number 4 got me :P And I just realized for number 2: It could be any position from first...
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    Ever wanted to help name a small pumpkin?

    Chota Kaddu (urdu for little pumpkin)
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    Gender poll!

    Let's have your say :rofl:
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    A feeling like no other

    The first time my operating system booted up and worked correctly. That was the most awesome feeling ever :approve:
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    Crazy things

    i thought babies came down a rainbow colored slide from the sky and into the hospital room until i was about 5 :tongue2:
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    Map out where you live!

    I didnt see the name of my city either, but I just typed it in and it recognized it
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    Post a Test, Take a Test

    Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Moderate Schizotypal: Moderate Antisocial: Low Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: Low Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Low And I'm Achilles too lol
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    Map out where you live!

    can i stalk you gale? o:)
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    What's on YOUR bookmarks bar?

    heh my favorites are empty too
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    What's on YOUR bookmarks bar?

    I have no bookmarks. :biggrin:
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    Shenzhou 6!

    What I meant is going to the moon again for NASA. Also, the Chinese are extremely meticulous in their engineering, and there is no hurry for them, so I think they are going to have it much safer.
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    Shenzhou 6!

    Shenzhou 6 was launched earlier today. What do you think the implications are for the worldwide space industry, and also where do you think the Chinese may be headed with this? How long until they get to the Moon, Mars, or surpass NASA? Also, if given the chance, would you take a ride on a...
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    Why we say bless you

    Hmm well in Islam the person that sneezed says "Alhamdulillah" (Praise be to God), because the sneeze has gotten ridden of bad things from your body. The other person then says "Yarhamukallah" if the sneezer is a male or "Yarhamukillah" if the sneezer is a female, meaning "May God have mercy on...
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    7.6 magnitude earthquake early this morning in Pakistan

    Good news: Donations of supplies by people in the port city of Karachi to the PAF Museum collection alone have reached the level of 130 C-130 transport planes in just 2 days. Bad news: The aid is not getting to the victims fast enough, and there are only 2 C-130 transport planes available from...
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    Solid fuel rockets

    In terms of pressure, you can think of it like this: Pressure is applied by the gases to all the sides of the rocket. However since pressure on one side is balanced by pressure on another side, this results in no net force. Pressure is also applied to the forward of the rocket, but this is not...
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    Solid fuel rockets

    Yes, the gases that are ejected have mass. Since every force has an equal and opposite reaction, the rocket is pushed forward.
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    Your ideal outing

    What does "jacking on high" mean? :confused:
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    Your ideal outing

    Hijack Alert!
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    7.6 magnitude earthquake early this morning in Pakistan

    The turnout of the people everywhere has been really amazing to me. So much aid has been received and is still coming (40 more helicopters are coming in tomorrow) from the international community. And from within Pakistan, it seems almost every person capable of donating something is doing so. I...
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    HOAX ALERT! If you own a new laptop, read this

    Ahhhh girls...yes. We geeks call them the Dark Side.
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    Mess with this guy

    aw man he ate my pet fly :cry:
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    ODE Exam! A simple ODE

    ODE Exam! A simple ODE...please help! I've got a midterm exam later this morning on ODEs. I know how to solve second-order and higher ODEs with constant coefficients, but what about variable coefficients?? Can someone please walk me step-by-step through the solving of: y'' + A(x)y' + B(x)y...
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    News Strange school

    Apart from the fact that al-Aqsa Masjid is referred to in the Quran, it must not be forgotten that the Quran is not the only source of Islam. In fact, you cannot even follow Islam through only the Quran. The Quran does not tell us how to pray, or how to make the ablution for prayer, or many...
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    News Quake rocks Asia

    hmm kuwait has given has $100m :bugeyes:
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    7.6 magnitude earthquake early this morning in Pakistan

    Death toll more than 42,000 now. People are still being rescued alive from the rubble of collapsed buildings. Entire villages have been wiped off the map in Kashmir and the Northern Areas, and since no one has been able to reach them yet, we have no idea how many are dead there. Pakistani...
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    Main purposes of Christian marriage?

    Marriage is the union of two people and two families, to create a new family and to further the human race with a solid social foundation. The husband serves as a cover unto the wife and the wife as a cover unto the husband. It channels our desires to a purposeful and meaningful end, and quells...
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    Bubble wrap.

    There were people on that website who had bubble wrap popping rates of more than 200 pops per second! :cry:
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    7.6 magnitude earthquake early this morning in Pakistan

    Perhaps you could tell me where he lived or his phone number or any other contact info you have for him?
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    Getting up late in the morning = another crappy day!

    Sleep during the day and stay awake during the night, as I usually do. Then you're never early and you're never late :wink:
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    The Amazing Adventures of Antara Aggie Ant (A^5)

    Antara walked into the hallway quickly, her dark eyes fixed in a steely, absorbing gaze. As her slender figure graced the rough edges of the magnanimous object in front of her, her breath shallowed in anticipation of what was imminent. She felt the energy of the crystal energize her veins, as if...
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    The Amazing Adventures of Antara Aggie Ant (A^5)

    I will be composing a short adventure of Antara Aggie Ant and posting a few daily. Enjoy!
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    Favorite animal

    Humans. Then umm umm, maybe tigers? :tongue:
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    Your fantastic title

    "The Mind of God"
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    Why are you here?

    And here's the real story of why I'm here. Night was falling in the Amazon rainforest as I and my tribal guide trekked ever closer to the foreboding Temple of Death. I saw my guide trembling with fear at an exponential rate as we got ever nearer to that dreaded place. We should never have gone...
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    Thread killer champions

    And here are some thread killer champions of my own: "I know what you did last night." "[name] is actually someone else." "The title of this thread literally scared the sh*t out of me." "Your mother is fatter than my mother." "You're fatter than me." "I just won the lottery. Type '1' in the...
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    Why are you here?

    Oh yeah, the GUT will be revealed by a man not a woman.
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    Thread killer champions

    This thread should be shot.
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    Why are you here?

    To discuss my own physics theory... You will one day remember you chatted with the future Einstein that will reveal the GUT and will the Nobel Prize before he is 25 years of age. And I stuck around cause of GD :smile: