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  1. Repetit

    Fire - what is?

    I know about solids, liquids, gasses and plasmas. What other forms of matter exist?
  2. Repetit

    Why is the continuity equation called the continuity equation?

    Most of you are probably familiar with the continuity equation, but what does the term "continuity" mean? I mean, what is continuous in the context of the continuity eq.? Just wondering...
  3. Repetit

    Relation between H and B fields, and D and E fields

    Thanks for the replies, good to know my thinking was right! It seems strange however that E and D have different units in one system of units, and the same units in another one. I mean, one could never define another system of units where a Newton had the same units as coulomb, right?
  4. Repetit

    Relation between H and B fields, and D and E fields

    Hey! I am having some trouble understanding why the magnetic flux density B and the magnetic field strength H does not have the same units. I mean, as far as I understand, the H field is just the B field with the magnetic properties (magnetization) of the material taken into account? Isn't...
  5. Repetit

    Data on CoPtCrB

    Hey! Im doing a project at university about storages medias. I come across a matter called CoPtCrB used as the magnetic media in for instance harddrives. I have not been able to find any information like density and such though, and I need those data. Can someone in here direct me to some facts...