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    Question about glass [Broken] [Broken] Enjoy.
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    Exploring the Interests of Working with Steel Beams

    What kind of strain gauge are you using exactly? This is probably a day late and a dollar short, but if you use a rosette strain gauge, it is much easier to determine the various strains. Google rosette strain gauge and you'll find loads of information I'm sure. Anywho, differences between...
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    Where to Buy Kevlar Sheet in 5.5ft x 50ft Size

    Terribly cheap? You are looking at over $1000.00 for what you need. Compare that to E or S glass and you'll see that it is by no means "terribly cheap". Bill said "Kevlar is NOT inexpensive" thus he said it was not cheap which is true. Is there a real reason to use Aramid? Kevlar is not...
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    Boat Building

    why does it have to be less dense? certain plastics and wood come to mind.