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  1. Artermis

    Beet Root Cell Permeability

    Does the phospholipid bilayer reverse when it comes into contact with the chloroform solution? Normally in an aqueous solution like water, heads would be out and tails in, (polar heads, apolar tails) but in chloroform which is a non-polar substance, would the bilayer reverse and have tails out...
  2. Artermis

    Beet Root Cell Permeability

    Quote: Originally Posted by Artermis Hello Moonbear, I don't know if you know me but I'm a relatively new member but I know that you are very knowledgeable and helpful, hopefully you'll be willing to help me with this. Hi, I've seen you in the biology forum recently. Glad to have you...
  3. Artermis

    Having trouble with these problems

    Check out the units. Wavelength = meters Speed of light = meters DIVIDED by seconds Frequency = 1 DIVIDED by seconds write these down on a piece of paper and try to figure it out from there... what are you trying to get?
  4. Artermis

    Medical International Brain Bee Competition

    Has anyone heard of the IBB? I think I might participate in it seriously, and if so, I'm going to need some assistance on what to study, how to go about it, and maybe even a mentor that I could talk to ;P Basically this is a contest about neurology, and all stuff relating to the brain. A...
  5. Artermis

    Cell Regeneration

    Not really cell regeneration but more along the lines of cell preservation... As you grow older your cells actually weaken, they don't produce as fast, they aren't as receptive, they metaphorically fade out - which is a cause for diseases directly related to age such as cancer and Alzheimers.
  6. Artermis

    Cell membrane- me -

    Maybe a strange question but is there ANYTHING in-between the phospholipid bilayer itself? as in between the space where the two heads are... where all the tails are crammed together and the proteins are integrated into the cell membrane. cholestrol? or is all that space inbetween the bilayer...
  7. Artermis

    Intermolecular forces problems

    This is not true... the molecular mass that relates to London forces (which is a relatively weak intermolecular force) does not have such an impact in this case. Think about the electronegativity difference between H and Br. Also, think about whether or not there is hydrogen bonding (a...
  8. Artermis

    Permutations and Combinations

    If anyone is able to help me with this question regarding introductory Data Management, I would be grateful. Find the sum of all the five digit numbers that can be formed using the digits 1,2,3,4, and 5 without repeating any digit. Thank you! Artermis
  9. Artermis

    Exposing cockroaches to 254-nm light

    My bet's on the gecko. :P
  10. Artermis

    Exposing cockroaches to 254-nm light

    Moonbear... you are so evil.
  11. Artermis

    Why am I short?

    It also might help to reveal your age...
  12. Artermis

    I am in need of dier assistance if i want to pass

    You are in Grade 12 Calculus (and Analysis)? The rest of my post will assume that. I suggest making friends with some people in your class that are good at math and also talking to the teacher to look for some assistance. Ditch your pride and start asking questions in class as well and ignore...
  13. Artermis

    Quick simple H-bonding question

    Taken from : "In methoxymethane, the lone pairs on the oxygen are still there, but the hydrogens aren't sufficiently + for hydrogen bonds to form. Except in some rather unusual cases, the hydrogen atom has to be attached directly to...
  14. Artermis

    Question: Mnemonic for classes of stars

    awesome. Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me Right Now or Soon Charles Cockell :P
  15. Artermis

    Question: Mnemonic for classes of stars

    It's used to remember the order from brightest (hottest) stars to the dimmest (coldest stars). I remember that it starts with Oh,... then in the middle it maybe be: " Be It A Fine..." Boy/Girl, Kiss Me! So the order is like O ... B G K M It's driving me nuts; please help me!
  16. Artermis

    Isomers of C6H10 and C6H12

    Yes the math for it is complicated I believe, but there is some complex method of figuring out how many isomers there are; best way is just to draw them out :P Think "primary", "secondary" and "tertiary"... It wouldn't help you if we just did it for you because then you wouldn't learn much :P
  17. Artermis

    Study habits

    Although I respect gravenewworld because he is a smart guy, I have to disagree with ihs advice here. I concede that the super-cram method might work for some people, but I assure you that you don't want to put yourself through that. As it has been pointed out as well, the point of undergrad is...
  18. Artermis

    Mangosteen - the natural cure for whatever

    I'm reading a book: The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine by James Le Fanu that notes that Richard Doll's "Causes of Cancer" notions that diet had an effect on the probability of contracting cancer to be non-correlated, Dr. Fanu strongly believes that diet has no effects on whether or not you get...
  19. Artermis

    Medical Alien Paw Syndrome?

    Very strange. Any scientific explanations?
  20. Artermis

    I need some helps how does acid affect the ionization of water ?

    Yes. Very basic question. PLease consult your notes or textbook. When you add acid to "anything" (buffer solution, basic solution, neutral solution, acidic solution), it will lower the pH, even a tiny amount. (GCT ---> don't you mean: "...thus lowering the pH") I think that you may also be...
  21. Artermis

    U of T National Biology Competition

    did you prepare much? if so, what did you do?
  22. Artermis

    U of T National Biology Competition

    I'm sorry about bumping this really old thread, but I did a search and this popped up and I didn't feel like starting a totally new thread because this is exactly what I was wanting to ask... (trails off; la di la) , but I'm interested in some information. I thought about maybe going through...
  23. Artermis

    Boiling points

    depends on a lot of things. most questions will focus on a particular aspect; like bystander has said, like functional groups, the compacity of the molecule, the formula weight, the polarity, it depends on a lot of factors...
  24. Artermis

    Calculators Which Graphing Calculator to buy?

    I'm sorry if this topic appears to be in the wrong section, I was not sure what this would go under... if a moderator would be so kind as to move it to the correct sub-forum, I would be glad =) I'm going into Grade 12 this year, and will need a graphing calculator obviously not only for next...
  25. Artermis

    Chemical reaction & cooling

    oh yes, of course how could I forget? if you put the barium hydroxide and ammonium cyanate in a beaker that's on top of a wooden board with a some liberally sprinkled water on it, you can easily have it frozen to the board for a dramatic effect =)
  26. Artermis

    Chemical reaction & cooling

    You are looking for an endothermic reaction, I think? I guess the simplest reaction I can think of is ice --> water :P A relatively more complex one might be the reaction of citric acid and baking soda I will sketch out the endothermic reaction for you H3C6H5O7 (aq) + 3NaHCO3 (s) -->...
  27. Artermis

    Fermat’s Last Theorem: A one-operation proof

    wow I have no clue what hurkyl just said =(
  28. Artermis

    Equilibrium constant

    yes well, I was too lazy to actually fix your equation haha :P do you understand or do you have further questions?
  29. Artermis

    Equilibrium constant

    I'm not sure what you mean by a); since there is no sulfur on the right side of the equation. I don't want to give you the answer, but for b), look at the equation. Is it exothermic or endothermic? What would it mean? Try to think of temperature as an actual "molecular species", or in this...
  30. Artermis

    Equilibrium constant

    I believe your calculations are correct. Latex is friendly though =)
  31. Artermis

    Laser beam Dots

    I read the rest of your blog, and can answer the power question. Why do you think it's not safe to look at the Sun directly with the naked eye? Think about it. The sun is XXX distance away from the earth, and the rays emitted by the sun have to travel all that distance and undergo all sorts of...
  32. Artermis

    Cerenkov Radiation/Cerenkov Light

    dear yourdadonapogostick, ah, i see... so light is actually moving slower in the medium? so it appears as though the particle is outrunning light, it's not, really, light just got the brakes put on it? pleaes confirm that i have understood this correctly Thanks, Artermis
  33. Artermis

    Cerenkov Radiation/Cerenkov Light

    I have done a search but found no answers to my question; which is, why; by definition... ... Cerenkov radiation: light emitted by a transparent medium when charged particles pass through it at a speed greater than the speed of light in the medium. ... After I read that, I immediately...
  34. Artermis

    Ozone and oxygen statement

    Uh. Correct me if I'm wrong, but... Atmospheric O2 Photodissociation breaks up the O2 and then the O and O2 then form O3, no?
  35. Artermis

    Equalibrium & Le chatliers principle

    Given A + B <==> C + D at equilibrium If you increase the concentration of A, there will be a shift in equilibrium towards the right side of the equation and a decrease in concentration of B. For the temperature it depends on whether or not the reaction is an exothermic reaction or an...
  36. Artermis

    Chemistry of Water?

    Try thinking about what needs to happen for liquid molecules to escape the liquid state and be vaporized into gas. Now, what happens if something is dissolved in it? Try writing out the chemical equation for the dissolution of a salt. Namely, how does the solute affect the new solvent compared...
  37. Artermis

    More photos (NOT Disneyland!)

    Cute last picture ^_^
  38. Artermis

    Studying Textbook for Calculus [Self-Learn]

    I've been entertained recently by the prospect of learning Calculus by myself. I'm living in Toronto, Ontario; 16 years old. I've got a good deal lined up on a textbook already from a guy that goes to York University (have not yet confirmed); it's: Course: MATH 1515 - Introduction to Calculus...
  39. Artermis

    A Felon's Journey to Becoming an Engineer

    JimmI, your story was very touching. I would agree with you that you ARE at a disadvantage, whoever tells you that you aren't is wrong, simply because that society is really that unkind, unforgiving and irrational. However, if you keep a positive attitude and refuse to take no for an answer...
  40. Artermis

    Silicon dioxide

    Bladibla, am I just paranoid or were you doing the 2004 Chem 13 News Exam? =) Hehe. I actually didn't know the answer to that question either... CO2 vs. SiO2... I eliminated my way to the answer though; I'm still kind of not understanding of why CO2 is a molecular compound while SiO2 is a...
  41. Artermis

    Also how would you find the average constant?

    I believe that because from Trial 1 to Trial 2, [B] goes down 1/4th while A and C remain constant, and the rate also changes by a factor of 1/4th, this means that [B] is zeroth order in relation to the rate constant, so I believe that you can strike it from your rate law; meaning that the rate...
  42. Artermis

    3 light bulbs 3 switches

    Old riddle =)
  43. Artermis

    Some Equilibrium Problems

    Basic Grade 12 Chemistry questions: 1. Which of the following salts act like acids when applied to soil? a. BeCl_2 b. KF c. FeI_3 d. LiNO_3 e. KClO_4 I believe the answer is c, any confirmation? 2. Which of the following salts act like bases when applied to the soil...
  44. Artermis

    PH - really basic, I know, but I'm tired

    *gasps* I'm stupid =(
  45. Artermis

    PH - really basic, I know, but I'm tired

    Sodium Carbonate = Na_2CO_3 Sodium Bicarbonate = NaHCO_3 0.25 mL = 0.0025L You can ignore the Na+ ion because it's neutral, and the sodium bicarbonate releases the H proton into solution whih results in the hydronium ion being formed, therefore the concentration of the sodium bicarbonate...
  46. Artermis

    Adaware to delete or not to delete

    I've been using IE for a long time with absolutely no problems, I've tightened up the security settings, I run Adaware only when I contract a virus, and my 866mHz computer still runs as smooth as a kitty =) Prevention, yes. Avoid pornography and "bad" sites, and be wary of what you click...
  47. Artermis

    Super Free Will: Metaprogramming and Quantum Indeterminism

    @rygar, I agree that the mathematics behind quantum mechanics sort of form a gaurd from incredibly random events from occurring (at least, on more than an atomic level, as you said). About your side note about the chemical processes in the brain, I'd like to put Feynman's words into my own...
  48. Artermis

    Schools Selecting a university (chances and choices)

    Hehe maybe steal Zz.'s account? =)
  49. Artermis

    HS students: what's a 'C' on your grade scale?

    You don't know my school. Failing isn't considered a possibility, and excellence isn't an option, it's required. =(
  50. Artermis

    Can't seem to match the answer! help!

    I'm not completely sure (I should be sure though! :P) Equation is: Sr(OH)2 + H2O <==> 2OH- + Sr((OH)O <---?? But anyways, the important thing is that there the hydroxide anion has a subscript of 2. You have to pay attention to the stoichiometric rations; therefore the molar ratio of the...