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    Stuck in a very numerical-based project....Frustrated.

    I hope so. We're a couple weeks into the project. Maybe it'll get more fun.
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    My approach to physics seems pointless.

    About the idea of rebuilding proofs... If you're studying a textbook and have read all previous sections, in THEORY, a lot of the time, you should be able to "rederive" all the results in the section that follows before you even read it. Why are students not given this task? Because it would...
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    Stuck in a very numerical-based project....Frustrated.

    Thanks for all the replies. micromass, I took on that attitude too, and I agree with it. But I've committed myself to work on this project **full-time** for the next year. I'm not taking any classes, even. That's a long time to be reminded that I don't like something. We're working on a quantum...
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    My approach to physics seems pointless.

    So here's one way you realize you've learned something: Mid-freshman year winter: I've learned Griffiths quantum and a course of abstract algebra and special relativity and E+M! I have the prerequisites to learn quantum field theory according to this author. Opens-QFT-book. Gets stuck on third...
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    Is it pointless to pursue Math or Physics if you are stuck in an area of grade?

    As a little note, if you're having trouble with first-year physics classes, engineering will probably be just as hard. Sure, you could still get a more lucrative job, but the next few years probably won't be much fun. See if you can improve your study habits, maybe?
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    My approach to physics seems pointless.

    So, the process you've described is learning something really, really well and in depth and doing lots of problems...and then finding out that a year later that you don't remember any of it (without careful review). This is coming from an undergrad physics major, but I've done really well in...
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    Stuck in a very numerical-based project....Frustrated.

    I'm just here to rant a little...I'm an undergrad and working on a physics research project with a theoretical physics professor. I respect and trust my advisor's judgment with everything and would not considering trying to work with another professor at my university. She told me beforehand...
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    How to know if research project is going anywhere?

    As an undergraduate, how do you know when your adviser actually intends for you to get work done and do something that might be publishable? I'm in a liberal arts college with low emphasis on research, so sometimes I have this paranoid feeling that my adviser doesn't actually care whether I even...
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    Why do I just not "get" math proofs?

    The only proof-based math class I've taken so far was on abstract algebra. Concepts were easy for me to understand, but I was constantly having trouble with some of the proofs. I so frequently get this feeling that the last, tiny trivial step left in my proof is just "right there," and yet I...
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    Why am I interested in physics?

    Hi all, So I have a seemingly trivial problem. I'm a freshman in college right now and I'm going to be talking to a professor about a possible research position. I'm honestly extremely interested in the research he's doing and I love physics and am completely devoted to it. The problem is...