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    Best Conspiracies

    war of the worlds well with the new film comming up thought this might be interesting if true I guess you could call this a conspiracy
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    Mood Rings

    I remember the global 'hyper colour' t-shirts no t so long ago, i guess they wotked on the same chemical principles very cool :)
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    Jeff Rense Website

    Sorry to butt in but I have been listening to jeff rense for ages and have come to the conclusion the guy is a bit of a fascist. But that is not what the show is about. Hardly ever visit the website though.
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    What do you think of the hutchison effect?

    His zero point battery thing looks like a crap chemical battery or maybe some sort of pizo electric effect, its very difficult to tell from the information/video but its quite funny whatever. His earlier footage/experiments though is quite interesting.
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    What do you think of the hutchison effect?

    Yes I had this video in mind when I made my last comments :rofl:
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    Web hosting with PHP

    This company is supposed to be good:
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    What do you think of the hutchison effect?

    I am almost tempted to buy one of his earlier videos, if you do pm me. His earlier footage if its a trick (which probably is considering the angles zoom etc) I can not work it out yet. If its for real I don't think its based on any currently understood physics, but don't take my word for it. He...
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    The effect of Qigong on health of elderly

    I have a friend who worringly has just started teaching this. Cant be botherd to read it, but I bet they did not use a proper control.
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    The race towards an early grave or grace?

    I think technology will enable us to by pass the normal path of natural selection/mutation for humans (so far) so I am not sure the question is valid.
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    MSN Messenger -> SMS

    Ok need to have a notification on my mobile phone via SMS when one of my msn messenger contacts initiates a chat session. Looked into hardware solution to expensive, looked into programming my own API to time consuming. Is there like a web service you can pay to do this. Very very extremely...
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    Spontaneous human combustion

    I think its all bollocks, people smoking cigarettes etc burning their clothes. Statistics is the way forward, it all seems so unlikely when there is so many more rational explanations.
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    Argument for the Existence of God

    If it makes them happy that's all good but I think the word 'existence' is misleading and pointless.
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    Frozen wasps

    I heard if you put a wasp quickly in a freezer then thaw it some time later, it comes bacl to life. I am guessing the wasp would on average live as long as it would if it had not been frozen?
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    Is the World Transhumanist Association legitimate?

    From the post before I am encouraged more crazy people the better down my neck o fthe woods keep it up dude:). Not sure what transhumanisim means but I heard the word eugenics, what about voluntary eugenics! you have a pregnant woman (and or spouse) and you have a choice if the kid is prone to...
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    News Mujahidin terrorised Fallujah

    There was also another similar incident a few days before. The one where the soldier says 'hes done' or something like that after shooting though a window, unless I am getting confused.
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    EMP generator using a spark gap

    Well here is a unusal favourites link I found in my browser. Expensive but you might find it interesting if you are going for a home made job. I think the easiest way to generate a large emp involves explosives. Whatever they are all probably illegal in built up areas (or any area if the pulse...
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    News Geneva convention

    Watched a disturbing report on bbc of a us soldier killing a seriously wounded person (through a window) in a room with no escape thought to be an insurgent in Fallujah, it was very cold hearted/cowardly and sickening . Surley this must violate the geneva convention. This must have been...
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    Morse code ic

    Thanks, one of those PICAXE chips should do the job nicely. I can not have my pc constanly connected to the intercom and really need the electronics in the same plastic housing. I could either power the chip from the intercom itself or use a small battery. Should be fun.
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    Extraterrestrial Weapons Ban

    I know all about mind control try listening to the coast to coast radio show with art bell as you go to sleep every night for a month or two. You will soon start see some unusual effects lol :uhh:
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    Extraterrestrial Weapons Ban

    Well seems that this is what the latest study concluded. Still don't like the idea of working directly under one though. This link I found has a lot of information about the subject for anybody interested.
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    Extraterrestrial Weapons Ban

    Artorius: Do not see what is so funny about possible military psychotronic devices just read,look,listen about mkultra. An interesting recently published article about the statistics of power lines correlated to instances of cancer seems to show electromagnetic radiation in some frequencys...
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    News Why I voted for GWB.

    does it really make a difference who you vote for, will the majority of the planet care who you vote for, will it make any difference to them or you? 50/50 who cares (ignoring the physcological factor)
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    Morse code ic

    Is there such a thing as a morse code ic timer chip or is the only way cascading 555's or something complicated like that. Eproms and machine code is ok if that's what it takes if its cheap and easy for my pc. Only need maybe 3/4 pulses timed. EDIT: want to modify my intercom into a system...
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    Energy from the Vacuum? Real or BS?

    Loooked into this a long time, at the end of the day might be possible but to be honest the physics? are WAY beyond me . I Would say forget this stuff 99% is a scam anyway. Try to think of your own stuff, this is worse than useless. Waste of time and time can be worth much alot.
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    Tears of Stone

    The article says of an operation being done on her before the phenomena started, wonder if that has anything to do with it. Pretty difficult to know what to believe with so little corroborating evidence. What do you think the chances are that this dissappears into obscurity without anybody...
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    Mist, Ghost or Computer Graphics?

    Got to give up drinking so much coffee :/ EDIT: The evidence is quite compelling if you look hard enough, still a little skeptical but I do not have any speakers on my system so its hard to tell.
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    Nsa ufo report

    Thanks, lots of interesting stuff there.
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    Nsa ufo report

    A report titled: Exploitation Report - A Fragment, Metal Recovered in the Republic of the Congo ( in the NSA UFO archives looks interesting, unfortuantly the report is of such poor quality its unreadable. Anybody got any other information sources on this ?
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    News Iraq Depleted Uranium

    I agree it does seem to be a bit of a conspiracy theory, but why I said that is because DU has not been used like in kosovo (or maybe that was the first proper investigation?) for that long and the effects would only just be showing up now e.g. leukemia so until now a proper assessment can not...
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    News Iraq Depleted Uranium

    I was hoping that somebody with some insight into what the long term biological effects of exposure to this level of radiation might be? EDIT: Why is it an old and tired subject the effects (if any) of DU will only just start to become apparent, DU is still being used and could be ruining...
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    News Iraq Depleted Uranium

    The more I learn about this stuff the worse it seems can it really be called a weapon of mass destruction should the 'coalition' in iraq be prosecuted for war crimes. Biased information but it gets the point across...
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    Interesting links for you all to look at

    Spent ages reading this kind pseudo science stuff I think 99.9% of it is easily proved as bogus money making scams etc, but there does apppear to be some research in some of these wild claims like smith/mobius?/caduceus coils. I plan to test these when I find a half decent electronics shop. Its...
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    News Good god, we are screwed out of our minds (maybe)

    Can I stay in the middle :)
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    UFO News: Japan's Extraterrestrial Activity

    Turns out this has now been explained, a toy mylar disc filled with helium.$rec=145099
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    News Good god, we are screwed out of our minds (maybe)

    As far as I know USA and UK (and whoever else) have been bombing Iraq cities for about 10 year's now, maybe this has has relevnce on the current situation over htere I am not sure what though.
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    News Good god, we are screwed out of our minds (maybe)

    gene therapy :) EDIT: the nuke situation really does scare me, yes maybe I should do more, then again ever heard of MAD no way back.
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    News Good god, we are screwed out of our minds (maybe)

    The world is a bad place, but I have to agree with adam that australia, usa, and uk are especially bad in the past and present. I think usa gets the prize though. I don't even watch television anymore.
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    Bermuda Triangle solved?

    Still not conviced show me some evidence etc without the holes.
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    Alien artifact found in Tunguska site

    To start of looking back at my posts its not good, but stuff like this is even worse it seem's like more than ever some sort polictal - socialogiacal forces behind this thing more than ever. Like the russsians, I believe its becuase all this war terror affecting peoples judgement. Saying that I...
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    Feynman vs the Flying Saucers

    Surely there are more likely sources of the phemonem from our own planet than others...etc.
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    Bermuda Triangle solved?

    Is there any physical evidence of this except experiments in fishtanks and toy boats (oil rigs excluded)? EDIT changed evidence to physical evidence
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    Feynman vs the Flying Saucers

    So many Waffle's I could not eat them all but I do believe that faster than light travel of information is possible and that the universe probably has other forms of reconisable life forms somewhere. Not sure I get it but from what I understand travel into the past is not possible beyond the...
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    Podkletnov Resurfaces

    Pure specualtion but NASA did spend a lot of money trying to replicate his alleged experiments (and failed). I would undstand if this post is deleted but thought it important to mention it. I think it shows more about his credability about doping an interview with this website more than anything...
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    Bermuda Triangle solved?

    I don't really like testimonials, like undisputable physical evivence even matmatical models is better. The idea of giant bubbles just seems ridiuclas surely these bubbles released from such depth and pressure would dissapate before reaching the surface imnot a physicist but this just seems like...
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    Which Enemy of the Christian Faith Are You?

    Where can I buy a T-shirt with that on :)
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    Bermuda Triangle solved?

    Surely unexplained disapperances are easily quantifiable, its just the mysterious ones that would be a problem. EDIT: I guess it depends on what you classify as mysterious, maybe it cannot be classified? , and if so how do you know they are mysterious in the first place!
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    Bermuda Triangle solved?

    Sounds like some statistics are in order
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    Who knew water could age you millions of years?

    Creationist or scientologist maybe just crazy, oh my has it come to this. Then again I am probably no tthe best example :/
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    Trying to learn electronics

    I am trying learn (re-learn in most cases) basic electronics I have found this piece of obscure software called Edison (same company also make a program called Tina) and need more .prb (problem) files to learn much more from it. Are these free, does anybody know where I can get any from.
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    Car keyring

    Ok, I saw this guy trying to unlock his car with his radio controlled keyring with no luck, he put the device next to his head and it worked. The keyring was the same distance to the car in both cases give or take 1/4 meter. Would the same happen if you put the keyring next to a conductive metal...