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    News Presidential Candidates 2008

    Fred Thompson could potentially be another Ronald Reagan...which would certainly be an improvement from what we've got now. I liked Ronald Reagan. He'd be better than any of the Democrats I'd wager...the very idea, Obama wanting to invade Pakistan...
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    News How will history judge President George W. Bush?

    Worst president in U.S. history, known for one of the biggest military blunders, wreck of a foreign policy, and all-around clueless rube from The Lone Star State. And to the one who said Nixon was worse, however crooked he might've been, Nixon was actually quite good at handling foreigners. By...
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    High school Spanish?

    Can someone give me the English definitions to the following words and phrases right quick? I started Spanish this semester and I pretty much suck at it... el borrador la pizarra la regla Que es? Que hay en...? It's some worksheet my crazy teacher gave us...except the definitions...
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    Original Star Wars!

    anyone going to buy it? i mean, it's the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL CUT ON DVD! i already got a new hope, and i mean to have empire by saturday. anyone?
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    Sad News For Jazz Fans

    they only called him "master of the stratosphere". i myself am playing trumpet in school band, and he's been quite an influence. so long.
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    What car you'd love to drive?

    i know the new challengers will never replace the old ones. if we didn't have the liberal epa they could put a 450 in it...
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    Music software

    anyone know of any kind of music software where it'll let me like write my own music? something that will give me lines that i can put notes in or something like that? it can't be expensive either.
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    What car you'd love to drive?

    Looks like Dodge has finally figured it we wait for Ford and Chevy... [Broken] BRAND NEW DODGE CHALLENGER CONCEPT! AHH, HOW I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS DAY! Ford is coming out with a new...
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    Biodiesel is an alternative fuel source

    Okay, so I was watching Trucks! on spike tv last week, and he did an episode on biodiesel, even made some right before our very eyes. For those of you who don't know, biodiesel is an alternative fuel source for diesel powered enginens. It is a mixture of old used vegitable oil or fried food...
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    Find the total charge. then decide whether you have an atom or an ion

    I don't know much about science, but I got a problem on my math homework that says "find the total charge. then decide whether you have an atom or an ion". Sodium:Electrons-10 Protons-11 Total Charge-? Atom or Ion?-? Sodium:Electrons-11...
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    Harry potter?

    J.K. is clearly starting to get tire of writing them, as per the huge page number in OOTP, and then how it dwindled way down in HBP. Plus she said after the seventh book, which is the last, a prequel or anything of that sort won't be needed.
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    Just failing the driving exam.

    For some crazy reason, in the state of Tennessee, you can make SEVEN FREAKIN' MISTAKES on your driver's test AND STILL GET YOUR LICENSE! Than includes wrecking, running stop signs, running red lights, speeding, etc. A guy from my church gives tests and has been RUN OVER in the parking lot...
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    Harry potter?

    I don't read much, but I do read harry potter. I'm on like, chapter twelve. I stayed till midnight as well. Actually, I didn't get my book till about one, and got home at 1:15. My back was killing me.
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    Post question

    How come it says I have like one post when I have two pages worth of posts? No matter how many times I post, I still only have one post! :grumpy: :mad: :confused: (if this question has already been answered, sorry)
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    A car question

    Why? Oh yeah, you fancy Brits got to use "push button". Seems to me like you're just to lazy to turn a freakin' key. The new corvette has a push button as an option, but other than that, never seen an American without a key. I'd rather have a key, because that little button could go out. Like...
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    A car question

    I know about manual transmissions. Yeah, I'm talking about american cars. by the way, hypatia, what's wrong with ford and chevy?! brewnog wrote: Are we talking crazy big old American cars here, with drum brakes, gas lamps, and hand starters?! WTF are you talking about, hand starters...
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    A car question

    I mean in automatics! and I mean going to lower gears for better braking. should you stop first?
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    What songs would you like played at your funeral?

    When They Ring Them Golden Bells, I'll Fly Away, something by George Jones or Hank Williams.
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    Who watches NASCAR?

    Yeah, I'd like a roll cage, 5-point seat belts, a helmet/hans device. Tennessee roads are crazy. On a separate note, who one this past race? I haven't had much chance to watch recently. The last race I saw was when Biffle did the wall-hitting-burnout about a month ago. He's doing pretty good...
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    A car question

    I was wondering, anyone who know about cars and such, is it hard on your transmission to shift it while you're moving? I do it all the time, but my don't-abuse-transmission-crazy dad yells at me and says it is, but I've seen it done before many times, and they keep right on going. And I mean...
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    Driving Pet Peeves

    Here you can make SEVEN FREAKIN' MISTAKES and still get a liscense. That includes run red lights/stop signs, pass in no passing zones, etc. I really hate the ones that stay right on your bumper and then pass you in a no-passing zone and then slow down and get right in front of you. They...
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    The Media

    Poker? WTF? My local paper is really boring...I don't read it much. All it is is whoever died in Iraq today.
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    Driving Pet Peeves

    I can't drive yet but there is some folks that tick me and my parents off. Like if someone starts to pull out in front of you and then you start out and then stop and they start and stop and let you come and then just absolutely take off. And I hate when we get behind some tractor and it makes...
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    Mom a dad

    my parents just talk ENDLESSLY. Especially about what girl I like at school (I tell my parents NOTHING because they will rant and rant and rant and... 10 years later... rant and rant about it. My dad will not shut up about this girl at school that I can't stand and it drives me crazy. :grumpy:
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    Who watches NASCAR?

    My dad watches F1. I just don't understand why. I always go by when he's watching and go *coughcoughunamericancoughcough*. Me and my friend call Asian cars rice burners. Give 'em some soy sauce for a little extra octane! I actually rolled down the window at some woman in a Toyota 4Runner and...
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    Who watches NASCAR?

    I'm pretty sure you're referring to Elliot Sadler since he's the m&m dude, and he wrecks everytime he goes to Talladega. I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure he got in the middle of the 25 car pile up last week, correct me if I'm wrong. Tony Stewart had a close call at Talladega as well...
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    I'm Incredibly Lonely Right Now

    That happens to me once I come home from school dances. I didn't dance with a girl, chugged down 4 cokes and shoved 5 slices of pizza down my gullet, indigestion is ROARING as bad as the music at the stupid thing is, my guts feel pressurized to 3000 psi, can't breathe, no one to talk to, then I...
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    Who watches NASCAR?

    Who watches NASCAR? I love it. Who's your driver, if you do watch it? Mine's Kurt Busch. I HATE CHEVY. Dodge is okay, but Ford is the best. I cannot stand Jeff Gordon. He's a freakin' yankee. So?
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    Junk food

    I NEVER eat lunch room food. I get diarhea EVERY TIME. No kidding. They say the sloppy joes are the lunch ladies crap. I believe it. My mom brings me barbeque chicken from a local fast food restaurant whenever she volunteers at my school, and it is wonderful, and it isn't bad for you either...
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    Why is there no Star Wars thread yet?

    Moonbear is a girl? :confused: I swear, I didn't know! Sorry Moonbear.
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    What's your favorite

    My dad isn't exactly an expert in the field of psychology...he tries, and fails dismally... I know, those jokes are hilarious. Pinto:Put In Nickel To Operate, they are hilarious. Go there. Some hilarious stuff.
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    What's your favorite

    You got a LOANER from Ford? You must be a bloody good negotiator... My dad had a Ford Courier (sp?)back in the '70s. It wound up on the chain twice because it quit on him. My grandpa pulled up in the FREAKIN' PARKING LOT of the East Tennessee Ford dealer with PEOPLE STANDING OUT THERE WAITING...
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    Why is there no Star Wars thread yet?

    Well, if you recall, when "palpy" "made that long fall", he got a big 'ol ZAP when he hit the bottom.
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    Is there nothing in this house to eat?

    This has happened to me numerous occasions. The best sollution is...if you can drive, go get some food! If you can't, get one of your parents to go get some food! ANNOY THE CRAP OUTTA THEM!
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    The Piano

    Well, C is what I started out on, and helped me a lot, but everybody's different. My preacher actually sight read something, say it's in G or something, and play it in A or possibly B! He plays by ear, and dare I say, he has come close to mastering it.
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    What's your favorite

    Focus, huh? Does it run well? My grandpa had an old Crown Vic (think it was an '86)and when you gassed up it would miss, bog down, and quit. You had to pull over somewhere and pull it into neutral to start it up again. Very dangerous car. Oh, well, I just got into muscle cars recently (I'm...
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    What's your favorite

    My dad can't figure out why I like Ford trucks. He says they are so big "you have to get a runnin' jump to get in 'em!" I can't figure out why people will go out and buy a Nissan Armada tomorrow when gas is about to hit $3.00 in a a month, or maybe a few weeks. My dad says they not only want...
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    What's your favorite

    Funny...I always thought all the old muscle cars shared a lot of the same features...especially Chevy, excluding the El Camino. You must be El Camino on a 4WD Jimmy frame? What kind of tranny you got on that thing? I saw a GMC Yukon on this HUGE frame parked in none other than...
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    What's your favorite

    I can't explain it...I have always just loved American cars. Don't know why. 650 HP? got a lot runnin' under that hood... Aston Martin has come out with a ridiculously over priced car over $100,000. It's so freakin' small...but Europeans are expensive...I saw where a Porsche is...
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    What's your favorite

    You like limos? Have you seen those stretch hummers? Those things are, that's an understatement... Limos arent' muscle cars...they're just cars. I'm an all-american guy, so I don't care much for imports, whether they be Asian, European, etc...just Ford and Jeep. Dodge is okay...
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    What's your favorite

    What's your favorite muscle car? Mine's a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 3/4-speed manual trasmission. What's yours?
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    The Piano

    Make one more reference to Fur Elise and I shall come and slit your throat while you sleep...this has been said once, it is a good score, but it is played way too much. Well, I learned to play the piano about two years ago. Figgering all the notes and stuff is easy, but to really make...
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    Bush is going to Mars

    Bush is just an empty suit. His family is a bunch of dogs (refer to "Worse Than Watergate", by John Dean). Laura sold crack in college, etc., etc., etc. Some democrats said to take him up there and leave him.
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    So how many people in your school were pretty stupid?

    I can also count on my own two hands all the intelligent folks I've met. I cannot, however, do the same with the unintelligent ones. Why is it that now people think that you are stupid if you are ugly and got braces and glasses and they think they are better than you because they can afford...