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    How to find the number of roots of the function?

    thanx a lot i know that the function should be continuous and i need a way to do that for any function any ideas!
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    How to find the number of roots of the function?

    hi there h r u >? i am a high school physics teacher, and i write many software in for simulation and ... the qustion i use Newton raphson method to find a root of function but i want to determine the following 1-is the function has a root or not, and then; 2-how can i find...
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    Sharing knowledge

    very nice and very useful thanx
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    Solving equation

    thanx coomast you r helpfull that's what i need thanx again
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    Solving equation

    by the way this equation is a result for the Blanck's low and Wien's displacement low i want to calculate the Wien's constant at the maximum wave length of black body radiation so i differentiate Blanck's low and solve the equation for which x have a maximum value and the result is...
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    Solving equation

    tanx for the reply the 0 solution i know about it and there is another solution if you graph the equation you can find it approximately its about 2.something
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    Solving equation

    can you help me using the latex
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    Solving equation

    thanx for the reply up there but i search more and i found this kind of equation can be solved using Lambart w-function or omega function, the problem i couldn't have more information about this function else some expansion series and i can't even write a code to solve or to find a value...
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    Solving equation

    hi there; please can anyone help me solving this 3((e^x)-1)-xe^x=0 sorry i couldn't use more elegant form to write the equation i use some software and they help but i can't do it in hand
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    Can someone plss teach me how to make web sites

    use some text editor also need some html tags
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    PLease help: Major problems!

    for the first time i recommended windows xp not vista because of the known compatibility issue of windows vista with some known hardwares
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    Routine Blue Screen of Death

    when the BSOD jump what is the Hex code you have in the screen this code helps solving and identifying the problem also you should check the schudual programs that runs in the time the BSOD appears more information needed like what is your OS
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    Monitor or some other Problem

    try this reset your BIOS by removing the MB battery and shorting the appropriate jumber then clean your vedio card and MB from dust
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    Free downloadable science books

    nice topic also i recommended this download a very nice text(pdf format) in physics and math with history
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    Learning by Simulations

    thanx, very good