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    Who takes Linear Algebra?

    At my University it seems as though only Math Majors and Engineering Majors take this course. Although not required for Engineering major, most student opt to take this course to receive a MATH minor.
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    A Pipe Filled with Helium

    Homework Statement A certain organ pipe, open at both ends, produces a fundamental frequency of 275 Hz in air. If the pipe is filled with helium at the same temperature, what fundamental frequency f will it produce? Take the molar mass of air to be 28.8 g/mol and the molar mass of helium to...
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    An Air-Filled Toroidal Solenoid

    SOLVED! Found my error in my conversion of cm^2 to m^2. I did my the correct conversion is \frac{4.99}{10000}
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    An Air-Filled Toroidal Solenoid

    Homework Statement An air-filled toroidal solenoid has a mean radius of 14.5 cm and a cross-sectional area of 4.99 cm^2 (see the figure). The current flowing through it is 11.7 A, and it is desired that the energy stored within the solenoid be at least 0.388 J. What is the least number of...
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    Fractions Question

    Thank you, Hage567 that helped me. The negative sign I just forgot when I typed in it really should be there. I forgot that that you don't need to divide the whole equation just the denominator or numerator when trying to cancel out.
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    Fractions Question

    Homework Statement Can someone please give me the methodology/rules for this to happen? Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I know there is nothing you can factor out here so I am confused as to how this...