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    How do you find midpoints

    It sounds like you're doing MRAM. When doing MRAM, you set the height of the rectangle to the midpoint of your rectangle widths. To find the actual value of the height of your rectangle, you take that midpoint's distance from the origin in the x direction, and plug that number into the...
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    Critical numbers

    Aren't points of inflection also critical points?
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    Anyone know where I can get previous years' AP Physics C exams?

    Why are you people asking for the free response questions? If you read this forum carefully, you will find a post that leads you directly to the files you seek. Now if only there existed a similar resource for the multiple choice...
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    Very easy question

    Curious... it looks like you're looking for a limit. I wasn't aware that derivitaves "approached" anything.
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    Random numbers Science Fair

    I particularly like this idea. I think what I will do is use a few different ways to get random numbers (a list of around 100k numbers, generated by the typical computer Rand() function, 100k numbers from a white noise source, another 100k from a lava lamp random number generator, as well as a...
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    Random numbers Science Fair

    Ok, so I'm creating a science fair project, called "A Study on the Generation of Random Numbers" My basic project outline is as follows: The most difficult part for me will be that "standard of randomness". I am currently unaware of something like this, but that is most likely due to my...
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    Can a Black Hole create Supernova?

    Ahh... Hawking Radiation. Fascinating stuff. So am I correct in saying now that black holes cannot engulf the universe? Or can they, but it requires many of them, or perhaps one that evaporates at a very slow rate, maybe not even at all?
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    Is Teleportation Really Possible?

    In the footprints of god by Greg iles is all about whatever you're talking about; I suggest you read it if you haven't already
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    Can a Black Hole create Supernova?

    That's kind of contradictory, isn't it? If they go until there is no more "food", how can they NOT consume the entire universe, the universe being made up entirely of "food", or matter?
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    Is Teleportation Really Possible?

    YOU wouldn't ever get there. That is to say, you would be destroyed then recreated, by this method at least. Wether or not it would actually be YOU is beyond me. This is also assuming they could destroy you piece by piece and recreate you. Kind of like in that one fiction novel by Michael...
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    Exploring the Mysteries of Black Hole Singularities

    Yes, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal would do it. I'm sorry for thinking aloud :-(
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    Is Teleportation Really Possible?

    light years arent really a measure of time :-)
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    Will it be hard to find planets with live plate tectonics?

    One of Jupiter's moons is deformed because of the plate tectonics, Io. Or is it Jupiter doing that? I forget. Googling it real quickly turned up this:
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    Exploring the Mysteries of Black Hole Singularities

    Hmm that provokes an interresting thought; say the big crunch occurs, and then it expands again as the big bang. Wouldn't it turn out to be the EXACT SAME universe as it is now? What would prompt it to be different? I mean there arent really any variables when everything is condensed into one...
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    The varying speed of light (Calc+ needed)

    I read in Wired a while ago about how light is affected by gravity or some other such fundamental force, and thus the speed of light varys throughout the universe. Does this hold any water anymore, or is it just baloney? I did a quick search on VSL through google and found an article, but the...
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    Big Bang and Black Holes

    I don't really see how we CANT be living in a black hole... what evidence is there that says otherwise? I mean, we really have no clue whatsoever what is beyond the universe, and we have no clue whatsoever as to what's hiding in a black hole... I think it would be pretty nifty an idea if black...
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    Life Against All Odds?

    The Drake Equation is as follows: N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL N = Stars in Milky Way fp = Fraction of stars with planets around them ne = Number of planets per star capable of sustaining life fl = fraction of planets (of ne) where life evolves fi = fraction (of fl) where intelligent...
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    Earth's 'bigger cousin' detected

    Why is 700 degrees f too hot? Can no life survive those temperatures, even alien life? Is there anything on Earth known to live through such heat?
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    When did time begin?

    Isn't there a theory that claims the universe has been crunching and banging for all eternity, with time being a circular? There isn't a beginning point to a loop, and perhap time is like this as well. I for one am particularly fond of time. Without it I just don't know where I'd be...
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    How does other galaxies differ from out own?

    How does one telephone differ from another? One car from another? It's the same kind of thing, if I'm not mistaken.
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    There must be a center to it all.

    Is it not also true that there was not emission of light in the same manner that a "bang" would produce? Where would the light escape to, anyway?