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    I Hydrogen atom states

    Thank you for this detailled answer. 1 question remains unclear. Why do I use the Boltzmann factor here and not the fermi dirac probability since electrons are fermions and its not a classical system?
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    I Hydrogen atom states

    Hello, I have a little problem understanding the quantum mechanics of a hydrogen atom. Im troubled with the following question: before i measure the state of a (simplified: without fine-, hyperfinestructure) hydrogen atom, which is the right probability density of finding the electron? is it...
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    I Apparent Poynting vector contradiction

    Hello all, Im trying to do a simulation of a poynting vector of an electromagnetic wave and I assume the following: At t=0 the E-field vector is (0,0,e^(-ikx)) and the H-field vector (0,e^(-ikx),0), hence orthogonal to it in vaccum, which is assumed, also the amplitudes are simplified both to...
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    Electromagnetic waves: How broad is a plane wave?

    Hello all again, I was just thinking again about another aspect of electromagnetic waves: Assume we have a planar wave. How "broad" is it or how far does the electric field of it reach? For instance if we have a single planar wave, assume the k-vector in the direction of propagation and then the...
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    Electromagnetic waves: Photons generated by two charges attracted to each other?

    Hello all, after thinking about properties of electromagnetic waves, especially concerning the electric field of them, I ran into some serious understanding problems: 1) photons are electromagnetic waves and vice versa and they convey electrical force. Let's now do a thought experiment: let's...