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    The n-th expansion question

    while i have no problem with the whole universe expanding thing, i have qualms with the balloon idea. you take an uninflated balloon, draw a dot on it, and blow it up. as well as the balloon increasing in size, the dot does also. if (ignoring the X^2/3 law :P) the human body was expanding...
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    GeForce 7800GTX 512 just made a rig with 2 dual core versions of these, in SLI. quad core graphics. 1800 bucks for the cards. or you could get a whole pc. I know which id choose.
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    How do know if something is red-shifted without prior knowledge?

    sorry if this sounds a tad retarded but astronomical topics arent my do know if something is red-shifted without prior knowledge? say you've got light emitted from galaxy far far away at 500nm, and it ends up on Earth at 510nm. how can you differentiate between 510nm actual...
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    G3 trigger module

    really? no-one?
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    G3 trigger module

    hiya a few months ago i got a canon g3, upgrade from a eos 300. first stab in the digital world. now with non digital cams you had a shutter release input, which you could build your own sensors and whatnot for, for taking high speed pics etc etc. it was pretty much a case of applying the...
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    LiAlH4 reducing agent?

    can anyone explain how this little baby works as a reducing agent? I've heard rumours of H- ions, but that's just weird
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    How light produce? and why we can see it? :)
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    Mysteries of the Bright Red Cloudy Sky

    no i can attest to this observation as well, I've thought about it to no avail. i think he's talking about when its roundabout 2-3am, late into the night, so there's no sun lighting the clouds just below the horizon. the clouds do appear a dark red that is v bright compared to, say, a normal...
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    Expanding log(a+b)

    that doesn't plot that relationship as a straight line though does it? i was under impression you had to transform [said equation] into a y=mx+c type form
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    Expanding log(a+b)

    i have a deceptively simple question you see: X^3 = (cY+d)^2 where c and d are constants, with x and y the variables. how would you plot the 2 variables as a straight line graph. I'm having an idiocy attack and can only think "log it..."
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    Need help with this simultaneous equation

    make y the subject of the 2nd one, equate the two, and solve it like a quadratic...? ie. x+2=x^2-x-6
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    Expanding log(a+b)

    anyoen know how to expand this? i can't think of any obvious way...
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    Your Zombie Slaying Weapon Of Choice

    there is actually a published printed manual on how to survive zombie attacks, saw it in waterstones (english book chain)...look on amazon. myself, id prefer an m-14 with APLP rounds (can't remember exactly what it stands for, but they pass through hard objects=walls, wood etc, but fragment...
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    Navigating Damped and Forced Harmonic Motion

    hi guys, doing damped and forced harmonic motion at college at the moment, but i don't do further maths...hence I'm a tad behind compared to those who do (half the class). we don't need to know it for the exam itself, but you know...curiosity. does anyone know of any good online resources...
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    Markownikoff's rule

    looked in books/googled for info about this...i know what it IS, but don't understand why it happens. anyone?
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    Computer always on

    current generation of computers idle wattage is about 200W maybe...more with the higher TDP processors like prescott/dual smithfields. help the planet, help your pocket, turn it off. if you have regular nightmares about shutting down too often killing ur data, one word: backups.
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    Nintendo Revolution Controller

    i doubt theyll go under anytime soon...they really base their stuff on innovation of thought and gameplay, rather than just stringing 10processors together and shouting "Cell r0x0rs!" DS shouldve been displaced by PSP now...but it hasnt, because of those nintendog things.
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    Good m4P (iTunes format) to mp3 converter?

    dbPoweramp is v good for converting between formats, cept u need to dl the encoding codecs as well.
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    I cannot believe MS get away with IE.

    no idea how...looked on google "mount ntfs drives suse 9.1" but what the results suggested, didna work. i've sorted it out now...randomly the pc let me use it properly on safe mode with networking (didnt before), so i transferred my files over lan to other pc, and formatted. that said, how...
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    I cannot believe MS get away with IE.

    I'd love to do that, but if i end a process, sometimes it'll pop up on the list again (obv. a virus), and i have about 4 secs before it maxes out the CPU. i don't have time to get to msconfig, let alone do anything with it. I've dled and tried can get to my local drives, but not...
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    I cannot believe MS get away with IE.

    the point is, on the original installation, i can hardly open the task manager, that's how quick it rockets to 100%. i can delete the icons, but something is still there. on the 2nd installation I've installed spybot search and destroy, adaware, and spywaredocter, and scanned the original...
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    Rocket car

    wish the folks hadnt chucked my old rockets in a box in the attic...would've been cool to do a synched display of all of them with synchronised ignition...bit like the shuttle takeoffs in armegeddon, without all the yelling from willis.
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    I cannot believe MS get away with IE.

    so i use opera normally, because its nice, simple, fast, and relatively spyware/malware/popup free. however one time i had to use IE today, and in 4 mins (i timed it for popups) i had a goddamn rash of malware on my system which i can't get off. when u log in, it rockets the cpu usage right up...
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    Motherboard/CPU processor question

    I reckon the general rule is AMD for activities like gaming and realtime 3d manipulation apps, and pentium 4s for things like audio editing, video editing, 3d RENDERING, and other digital media processing type activities. for joe-average type stuff like MSoffice, dvd playback, music...
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    Rocket car

    i used to do model rocketry but have given it up for some time...i was rummaging through old stuff and found about 10 C-sized motors and began thinking what i could do with them. if i find some spare time i might make a simple rocket car or rocket boat. however, do ppl have tips (other...
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    Comments on lift generation obv. its the vid "How do wings work", and you'll need Quicktime
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    Comments on lift generation

    theres a good video on the cambridge engineering dep. website about this at the mo. pretty much says what has been said...but video or text...depends how long your concentration span is :P
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    Nanotube revolution?

    obviously these ribbons are only relatively strong (ie. compared to steel etc) but their real world strength is q how would they be used to make super-strong materials? as the fibres of a composite or what?
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    UK taking physics and looking to study aero eng.

    hello all, I'm new A-level student in the UK taking physics and looking to study aero eng. that's my profile atm. to topic...obviously when a supersonic flow travels through a normal shock it reduces to subsonic, but which is the cause and which is the effect? apparently the shock...