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    Resonance and tubes

    Homework Statement An open vertical tube is filled with water and a tuning fork vibrates over its mouth. As the water level is lowered in th etube, resonance is heard when the water level has dropped 17 cm, and again after 49 cm of distance exists from the water to the top of the tube. What is...
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    Bats and High Frequencies

    Homework Statement Why can animals such as bats, that have tiny, light-weight ear parts, hear sounds with much higher frequencies than humans can hear? Homework Equations written response The Attempt at a Solution Waves with low frequencies are smaller than those with high, so...
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    Bats and sound pulses

    Homework Statement A bat emits short pulses of high-frequency sound and detects the echoes. a) In what way would the echoes from large and small insects compare if they were the same distance from the bat? b) In what way would the echo from an insect flying toward the bat differ from...
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    Railroad track and sound waves

    Homework Statement People put their ears to a railroad track to get an early warning of an approaching train. why did this work. Homework Equations written response. The Attempt at a Solution Sound waves can travel a long way along an undisturbed metal rod?
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    Pendulum and circular motion

    Homework Statement The motions of a pendulum and a planet undergoing circular motion are compared a) describe a similarity in their motions b)describe a difference in their motion c) Outline a difference in the forces acting on the pendulum and the planet Homework Equations The...