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    MS Office 2010 - purchase doubts

    Thanks DavidSnider. I ll try Open office first as suggested by you
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    MS Office 2010 - purchase doubts

    MS Office 2010 -- purchase doubts Dear members, Products like Norton Anti Virus, when bought, is valid for one year or two years depending on the type of purchase and we have to renew the subscription periodically. Whether this applies to MS Office 2010? I plan to buy it. It will be waste of...
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    Lap top hanging frequently - in this regard

    lap top hanging frequently -- need help in this regard I use hp pavilion laptop and i have original Norton Anti Virus 360 premier installed in it. The problem is my lap top gets hung frequently and this problem didn't arise when i run NAV everytime i go online. I go for full system scan...
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    Scan disk message appearing during start up

    Dear members, Everytime i start the system i get the following message " One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency . To skip disk checking press any key within 10 seconds" I wish that my disk needs to be checked so i didnt press any key but automatically after the specified...