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    Minimal no collapse interpretation

    I'm stuck on that at the moment. (The derivation of pointer states, and objectification through redundancy). (not stuck so much as still learning. That's the mushy part of what I originally posted) As for favoring collapse, I have a problem with "collapse" (discontinuities) , but I'm...
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    Minimal no collapse interpretation

    What I said is way too mushy. Let me think a bit more.
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    Minimal no collapse interpretation

    Is this a proper summary of a minimal-no-collapse interpretation? (I like to call it the fuzzy world interpretation, but I suppose I'm the only one) When objects entangle, it constrains their degrees of freedom. As they entangle with more and more objects, their degrees of freedom are...
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    Many-worlds: When does the universe split?

    I'm trying to understand what MWI is is really about. The sentence "MWI is the most literal interpretation of QM. " leaves me completely blank. I don't get the need for lumpy splitting to explain decoherence and the apparently classical world that results. What am I missing?
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    Division between QM and Interpretations

    That jives with what I thought, that the basic phenomenon is uncontroversial, but not the end of the story. I'm embarrassed I don't even know about the Nobel :( Hmmm... there are two papers with that name,
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    Division between QM and Interpretations

    Trying to relate a bit better to where QM stops, and Interpretations begin. Especially with respect to Decoherence. Is Decoherence seen as a measurable phenomena, or, just as a "possible" explanation for measurable phenomena? Obviously when I mark a path in a 2 slit experiment I cause...
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    Questions/Problems with Many-Worlds Theory.

    I see the cat thing as an entangled cat and gun. It is a superposition of gun-fired/dead-cat and gun-not-fired/live-cat. If you observe either the gun or cat, you know the state of the other. Trying to relate to the cat or gun as independent things leads to illogical places because they don't...
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    Question regarding the Many-Worlds interpretation

    The basic measurement being referenced has two states, but the probabilites of each state isn't 50-50. Doesn't two states mean 2 branches at each measurement? If two states means two branches, then how can state counting in any way help with probabilities. I have a hard time with the view...