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    Multimeter without probes?

    E beam probers are used in the semiconductor industry.
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    Story about a girl

    It's pretty much been done already. Ell Donsaii series (12 books) about a girl with an accelerated nervous system. I liked it, but have never found anyone who has read it. Deals with the social, political, and scientific implications of a superior human (at a pretty juvenile level, I'll admit)...
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    I need some science fiction help

    You can pick anything you want for a second, hopefully a nice round number of some physical phenomena. But, it doesn't need to be a round decimal number. Maybe hex or some other base? Pick any number of days to be a month, any number of months to be a year. No reason to tie it to any planetary...
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    Deeper Oceans

    I think it safe to assume the original post was indicating that the sea floors were different, and that sea level was "essentially" equal all over earth. Are you assuming the same total mass or the same geometry as "real earth". If it is the same geometry, then the mass would be different, so...
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    A fun thought experiment: the science of electric superpowers

    It is very difficult to shock an insulated person without two points of contact. Say a person some distance away standing on top of a car which is insulated by its tires. Or a person right next to you standing on thick glass. In order to kill someone, current needs to pass through their body...
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    Help for Screenwriter on Stan Lee project

    This has some pretty good graphs Looks like 287 meter fall in air will take ~9 seconds and reach ~50m/sec
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    Help for Screenwriter on Stan Lee project

    distance = 1/2 (a) (t^2) t = time a = acceleration of gravity = 9.81 m/s distance = 287m t = sqrt (287/(9.81/2)) =7.64 seconds in a vacuum velocity = a * t = 7.64 * 9.81 = 75 meters/sec ( terminal velocity for a body in air is 56m/sec and takes 12 seconds, so this is wrong for a real fall in...
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    Space Marines

    Lots of marines in Scalzi's books. They wear re-entry suits, land via shuttles, board ships via swarms of small single person carriers, etc etc
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    The longevity of man-made objects and structures

    This timeline gives some good references of what has happened in the last 5 billion years. Continental drift would be beyond significant. Check this First you have to find old rocks, and then they have to somehow contain life signs from 5...
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    Speed, acceleration, distance, time question

    Pretty much everything you said shows you have no understanding of what magnetism is and how it can be utilized. Great hand waving, though. But not precise enough for even a hard SF novel. But, if you need more help with f=ma, etc or the rocket equations, feel free to ask. You should...
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    Speed, acceleration, distance, time question

    I was keying on your statement "According to my math, we have the technology right this very minute to send probes to the nearest stars and they would get there before 2075" What non-mass ejecting technology that we have right now were you referring to?
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    Speed, acceleration, distance, time question

    Sounds like you are having fun with this. Nice script you built. You are forgetting that kinetic energy = 1/2 MV^2. Saying you are providing thrust is one thing, but where will that energy come from. Maybe you are also forgetting that you must carry your fuel that provides the thrust. You...
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    Speed, acceleration, distance, time question

    There are some issues that are caused by your intuitive thinking and experiences that are not really how things work (a very common thing). pounds is a unit of force, not mass. On Earth it is the force 0.453 Kg exerts on the ground due to gravity. It is correct to give thrust in pounds. 1...
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    Speed, acceleration, distance, time question

    Its mass is its weight on Earth converted to Kg. You got that number (54431 Kg) correct but called it "weight". Weight and mass are funny things. Mass is constant regardless of gravity. 1Kg on Earth is 1Kg on the moon (always measured with a Balance against a reference). The same is not...
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    Speed, acceleration, distance, time question

    Equation 1: distance = velocity X time If you know any 2, you can solve for the third Equation 2: velocity = acceleration X time Equation 3: distance = 1/2 acceleration X time X time If acceleration is constant, this tells you how far you have gone equation 4 force = mass X...
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    Realistic help for a fictional plan?

    I'm not sure why you find this so difficult, or even why you need to ask. Just look at the curriculum at various colleges and be imaginative. For example
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    Realistic help for a fictional plan?

    Just 1 part of it: here is the math she needs to learn: (look at all three pages)
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    Best planetary composition for flight

    I'd say take a world, put it in a shell, and pump up the atmospheric pressure :) Or, do a Titan/Demon/Wizard (Varley) world with high pressure. Or cheat and just say the atmospheric density is high because of a high density of attractons..
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    Multiverse & Time Machine Physics

    One place to look is in online physics lectures. Lots of meaningful, and full, whiteboards. For example: There are notes for his Quantum Entanglement course here...
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    Telescope Power

    I think creatures would always, in a sort of semi paranoid way, attribute observed changes to intellegent otherwordly influences. That is, if they were intelligent enough to have the obsession that everything had to have a meaning or explainable cause. If they were oblivious to the sky by...