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    Number of bits it takes to represent a number

    There are two subjects being discussed, and confused. 1. How many bits to represent a quantity of symbols 2. How to code numbers in binary. Maybe my wording is not precise, but how many symbols one might use, and what people decide the symbols represent are, for the most part, orthogonal...
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    Number of bits it takes to represent a number

    WOW -- talk about noise. It's pretty simple really: You can represent 4 values with 2 bits. 0,1,2,3 or 1 2 3 4 or 1 0 -1 -2. or 13, 17, 21, 77. Call them whatever you want. It's 4 unique values of your choosing. Or you can say that 2 bits can be arranged in 4 different ways. If you want...
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    Ethernet protocol vs TCP/IP protocol

    Ethernet as a protocol is pretty flexible. Network designers can use it in interesting ways. For example: But, mostly the world is about IP...
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    Ethernet protocol vs TCP/IP protocol

    Ethernet is a specific low-level protocol used to send data between MAC addresses. TCPIP packets (and others as needed) can be encapsulated in ethernet packets. There are standards for all that.
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    DOS Xcopy command help

    The OP saw the Javascript fomated code window and assumed it is Javascript. Just trying to point that out. If a perl script is desired, I can supply an example. But, I need a requirement for how the script will be invoked. For example, how does the program know what drive letter to copy...
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    DOS Xcopy command help

    Is it Visual Basic, or Javascript?
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    DOS Xcopy command help

    I'd write a perl script. Use the File:Copy package.
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    Fortran Data acquisition using Fortran and RS232 Port

    What is the reasoning behind your decision to implement in Fortran? Is is because the signal processing functions are implemented in Fortran, and you don't want to, or can't convert to another language? An alternate approach might be to write the controlling functions in C and interface to the...
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    Struggling understanding what OOP is about

    This talks about OOP in matlab. I used it this way once in the distant past, so assumed that was just the way it worked. In summary: A class is the definition of an encapsulation of the data...
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    What is the meaning of 'trailing newline is stripped'?

    Between Unix and Windows the carriage return is added/removed, not the newline. In Unix, text lines are terminated with newline only (\n). It's impossible to answer the OP with any specificity since we don't know the context. For example, json has rules about newlines. Or, maybe the tutorial...
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    Struggling understanding what OOP is about

    I may be wrong, but from what I remember your sphere.m will probably create a sphere object (lets call it sphere1) and you can access sphere1.volume, or pass it to other objects that will inherit its methods and data. That is pretty much OOP. (maybe your sphere.m doesn't do that?) If it were...
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    Do I need to learn C before C ++?

    No, I'm not reacting to you at all. The fact that C++ is built on top of C is not at issue (at least not for me). It's whether you learn the C basics before learning the higher level constructs. I'm a strong proponent for learning the basics first, but as has been mentioned there are courses...
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    Do I need to learn C before C ++?

    I feel very strongly about this. The fact that C++ is C is meaningless (although it is true). When you go into ANY C++ class there will be assumptions about how much C you know. Please read my example above regarding building a linked list class. And it isn't like the C++ class is going to...
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    Do I need to learn C before C ++?

    NO NO NO. You ABSOLUTELY need to learn C before you learn C++ PERIOD. For example, say your first assignment is a simple linked list class. If you know C and can implement a linked list, then it is a simple C++ assignment to encapsulate it in a class and provide methods, constructors...
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    Do I need to learn C before C ++?

    My whole point is that after a C++ class you will be very skilled at C. You SHOULD do that before the class, and if you do, you will have capacity and understanding to better learn C++. You will use almost all of your C skills when you write C++. So not having to learn C in the C++ class...
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    Do I need to learn C before C ++?

    You WILL learn C before you learn C++. I took my first computer science course, a graduate level C++ class. I barely knew C. The process of learning all the subtleties of C syntax while also trying to learn the complex concepts of C++ made the class nervous breakdown material. You need to go...
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    Arduino and GUI

    There are many gui packages, but I'm not up to date on them. For example Tk can be interfaced to C (I use it from Perl quite often). There are probably better, more modern choices, like Qt or something. Will GTK run on the arduino?
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    Fatal error: MCP4725.h?

    Something in your program is referencing an MCP4725 board, and the MCP4725.h file describes its addresses, function, etc. I don't know if there is an explicit include in your code, or whether it is being determined by the compiler. You need to add that file or eliminate the code that...
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    Python Interactive Website to Learn Python for EE Student

    There is a software forum on this site with a faq, and I think there are probably many threads on learning C. Personally I have no experience with any C tutorial sites. You can search on Google for "tutorials on C for Arduino", maybe. This looked like a good read (not interactive)...
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    Python Interactive Website to Learn Python for EE Student

    Using python in a micro controller requires there be a python interpreter in the microcontroller, which is unlikely. Or that there be a python to assembly compiler for the microcontroller you are using, which is also unlikely. The other possibility is to compile python to C code, which is far...
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    How to practically measure entropy of a file?

    I wonder what you get when you use the shannon formula for entropy on your compressed files?
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    Faulty Shuffles? The random shuffle

    Seems they would simply use a pseudo random number generator to index into the list. So what happens with random () % listLength. It also depends on how often they seed the generator. Seed it with the date when the player starts? No doubt though that "random" can seem less random than one...
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    How can I stretch audio waves without distortion?

    They describe the DSP algorithms here Just google for "algorithm to slow down audio " or the like
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    USB voltage

    Not sure about all that was posted above. USB supply is not adjustable. USB supply is 5V @ 100ma, but it might not work of you don't enumerate. Hubs will generally work, but some pc ports will shut down if you draw current without enumerating. Also, the max allowable draw is 100ma unless you...
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    Modeling a (very simple) vehicle suspension

    When I think about my post, I guess it really isn't an answer. You can use it to determine the response to an impulse, but not much there for continuous displacement as an input. The java script sums the forces. Nice little demo at the end showing how it looks for a sinewave road.
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    Modeling a (very simple) vehicle suspension

    A car has both springs, and shock absorbers. Two different things. Have you ever ridden in a car with no shock absorbers (just springs). It bounces up and down like a boat on waves. The shock absorber dampens that spring oscillation. So, you are talking about a damped system. It can be...
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    Modeling a (very simple) vehicle suspension

    shock absorbers are not just springs. Perhaps this will help I think for first order effects you can probably assume you are on a unicycle. But, a platform connected to 4 dampened wheels will have a different range of angular...
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    What is the likely limit of processing speed?

    Here is a unique view, from Seth Lloyd, a quantum mechanic at MIT He discusses it in more detail here: In summary: The 'ultimate laptop' is a computer with a mass of 1 kg and a volume of 1 l...
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    Fortran [Fortran] Quick question about complex exponentials

    The last time I programmed in FORTRAN (an FM multipath simulation) it was because of the ease of working with complex numbers. (and I happened to have a graphing package) I'd probably do it in MATLAB now and it would take forever to run. Maybe there are some good complex math packages for C or...
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    Free solutions for detecting proxies is listed as a TOR exit node. 180-76-15-34 has hostname has hostname If I was going to try to do this I would check headers, proxy lists, tor exits, and check for open common proxy...
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    Method of Lines

    try googling "method of lines" tutorial (note that only "method of lines" is quoted) Or, post this in one of the math forums.
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    C/C++ Infinite loop problem C++ for char instead of int

    You are missing the whole point that several have already pointed out. No matter what number you pick it will EITHER be "not equal to 1" or "not equal to 2" If you pick 1, it is not equal to 2, so the loop executes. If you pick 2, it is not equal to 1, so the loop executes. etc You are...
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    I love perl

    Yeah, python does the same thing as tcl with regard to being real time interpreted and not finding simple syntax errors early on. I'm guilty of not doing long runs with python, so it hasn't burned me enough times to think about it when I posted.
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    I love perl

    I never could get the hang of awk. Perl was around when I started on scripting, and was "similar" to C, so I learned it first. We use python to control lab instruments for verification and emulation. I couldn't find a setting that could deal with the $ $ needed to imbed perl variables in a...
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    I love perl

    I just feel like rambling on, so I will. Perl gets a bad rap for being hard to read or maintain. But, in reality it is just as easy to read as C or any other language. What is difficult about perl are the regular expressions, which are notoriously cryptic. But, regular expressions are...
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    Computing a Paradox

    Is a digital system with a random quantum IO value turing? You are saying it is not a turing system because because it is not repeatable, but if you include the IO value as part of the system, it is perfectly repeatable. The quantum not gate is certainly simulatable and can give a perfectly...
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    Computing a Paradox

    I'm a little over my head with turing-not_turing. A turing machine acting on external input is not turing? You're assuming the computer itself has to be not-deterministic. Of course, if you are asking whether the Universe is turing, I guess that precludes IO.
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    Computing a Paradox

    From the same wikipedia article, however: Given sufficient computational resources, however, a classical computer could be made to simulate any quantum algorithm, as quantum computation does not violate the Church–Turing thesis. Also, a classical computer can easily achieve true randomness by...
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    Computing a Paradox

    I never suggested Copenhagen might be invalid, just that, conceptually, "collapse", as a term, is a bit old school compared to decoherence. I wouldn't be so bold as to say that ANY interpretation is invalid. Just in-favor, out-of-favor, etc. Subjective opinions.
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    Computing a Paradox

    This is a bit off-topic. I think maybe you misunderstand quantum computing. Have you ever programmed one? They are perfectly deterministic. BTW, "the collapse of a qubit through observation" is pretty old school (try Copenhagen)
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    I don't get the purpose of programming

    Everything a computer does is controlled by a computer program. The program uses/controls the hardware (that is the computer). Say a microprocessor chip had input and output pins and you want to make it turn on a light when you press a switch 2 times. You have to write a program that monitors...
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    Computing a Paradox

    As we delve into the philosophical... Choosing to not obey can be a simple reasoning process, like "If it is Monday, ignore input saying to turn off" Saying "I choose", accent on "I", now that is significant. I think a significant milestone would be awareness of being aware. Going back...
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    Computing a Paradox [Broken] BlueBrain Project: As of November 2011 the largest simulations were of mesocircuits containing around 1 million neurons and 1 billion synapses. A full-scale human brain simulation of 86 billion neurons is targeted for 2023. Might be a while before it is...
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    Is asking questions in computer science bad?

    Most people enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping someone learn how to solve a problem. All good employees do. Of course, this assumes you take what they teach and run with it. If you keep coming back with questions because you are easily brickwalled, that can become tiresome.
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    C/C++ What to do with c++?

    Look inward. Generally, anything you want to program can be designed and implemented in an OO way. So the question is, what do you want to program? What sorts of applications "turn you on". What kind of problems are fun to solve. You said you enjoy science apps. What science...
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    What's wrong with this simple Genetic Algorithm?

    The reason it isn't working is because there are no comments. Go through and comment every line and I'll bet it works (because you will find the error while writing the comments). If, by chance,I am wrong and you don't find the error, then at least we will understand what you are trying to do...
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    Help with decoders and RAM [Digital Logic]

    1K x 4 ram is 1024 locations, each with 4 bits. The 1024 locations are addressed by a 10 bit binary address. (2^10 = 1024) . You connect 10 address bits to the ram, and the output (or written location) depends on the address value. If you wanted to implement a 1kx4 ram from scratch, you...