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    Tension in threads.

    :rofl: :rofl:
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    Tension in threads.

    When you take torque, you take it about a point. First you have to find some point which you like (which can be any point, but you may want to choose something that makes the calculation simple.) Then you look how far the lines of forces are from this point - you drop perpendiculars to the lines...
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    Tension in threads.

    The book uses g = 9.8 whereas you used 10. You did well. There is also an equivalent way of doing it which may seem simpler : write down the force equation and the torque equation. For the system to be in equilibrium, both force and torque must be zero. Plug in the values and you're done.
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    What is the net torque about the axle?

    Shouldn't he multiply the force with the radius (as opposed to the diameter)?
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    What is the net torque about the axle?

    Re-check the calculation for T2 .
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    Light diffraction

    Delphi is correct, noppawit. The formula you use involves the approximation that d is much smaller than D. That's not true here. So you have got to write down the formulas for the path lengths direct : take the distances between each slit and the point x_p. Constructive interference occurs...
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    Simple Harmonic Motion of an air-track glider can that be wrong??i'm stumped. would you do it if you were to calculate the distance traveled b/w say,t=1 and t=2?think a bit and I'm sure you'll find a way. 4.the same answer??what you've found there is just the time period of the shm. remember that a 2pi phase change gives the...
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    Simple Harmonic Motion of an air-track glider

    1.The physics part seems to be correct.However I'm getting something like 91 as the answer.if that is close to the correct answer you need to check your calculations,put exact value of pi and stuff. 2.Your calculator is not in radian mode. know x as a function of you can write t...