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    Life made out of antimatter.

    hello...i have got a basic question...does matter attract of repel antimatter...??
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    Can two people who are travelling in opposite directions through time communicate?

    i have a question? is it possible to travel back in time in any way?we can travel forward in time according to time dilation...
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    Frictionless Ramp question, should be very simple

    use Newtons 2nd law both the masses are moving with same common sense...7 kg block is moving down. lets consider forces acting on 5 kg block... m(9.8)sin30 and T... as the 5 kg block is moving upward...t>m(9.8)sin30 therefore T-m(9.8)sin30=ma do the same for block of...
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    Simple hanging tension problem

    the system is in equilibrium. draw components of both the tensions...we get T2sin30+T1sin45=ma...1 T2cos30=T1cos 45 ...2 solve de 2 eq. to get T1 and t2... please correct me...if i m wrong...i m new here!
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    Hanging Mass - Answer says that I am wrong

    19.6/2sin15 is coming something 15.07!
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    Hanging Mass - Answer says that I am wrong

    2Tsin15(tension)-2*9.8kg=0 am i right?
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    Pully and block

    so is 2ucos(a) right? i think it should be!