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    Unravelling the Mystery of Orb Photography

    That looks like an electrical current floating in the air. Could that be the ghost of Nikolas Tesla? _______________________________________________________________________ [Broken]
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    Ghost Car, oh please!

    I am sure many people have already heard of the ghost car: Here is an explanation: It is just one of many. Other people say the car went through the fence, and the fence returned to its original fence. Others claim the car kept zigzagging because the driver was looking for a hole in...
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    Fusion and Fission grail

    This may seem like a crazy or stupid question. Maybe both. What if there was a way to generate fusion using an element like Hydrogen, and then, miraculously, discover a way to generate fission out of the end result (in this case Hellium)? Could the constant fusion-fission between Hydrogen...
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    Call Center

    I am living in Panama (the country), and there are many call centers here. I worked in one, and I couldn't stand the stress, so I had to quit. I noticed that in call centers around here all calls come from the US. What kind of technology do they use for that? Are the call centers...
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    Webhost Provider

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but... What kind of equipment do you need to set up a webpage provider (is that what they are called?) like Geocities and Tripod, besides lots of hard drives and copies of Apaches? Do I need my own domain a few computers or more than that?
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    Hard drive problem

    I did something stupid and opened the HD. The disks inside look almost new. Some dust particle touched one disk, but I closed the HD before there was more damage. It can rotate just fine. No stuck disk, but maybe some part of the circuit is damaged. If that's the case, then I am in trouble...
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    Hard drive problem

    I am sure it is dead too, but I'll try removing a few devices just to see what happens. This hard drive is huge and old. Maybe it consumes a lot of power. But I doubt it. What a shame because there's a lot in that hard drive. Bummer
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    Hard drive problem

    Actually, I am sure it is in Cable Select. I have failed to enabled the driver in CMOS. There's a lot in that hard drive, but I am afraid it is gone. :(
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    Hard drive problem

    I found an old hard drive in a suitcase. It belonged to my old Compaq computer. It is seven years old. Quamtun Bigfoot 6.5 Gb. It was the main hard drive in that computer. I tried to install it in my new Compaa, which is also a Pressario, but only a year old. It is in the second ide drive as...
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    Quantum entanglement and wireless electricity

    I read about quantum entanglement in an article about teleportation I read on the web. If two particles can be connected despite an enormous distance, in such a way that the properties of one can be transferred to another, even though no wire or string is linking them, can you use this...