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    Temperature of Gas

    I am learning experimental physics and I am covering mass spectrometers and multiwire proportional counters. Anyway I have been trying to find out what temperature these are kept at while these are in operation. For instance gas filled mass spectrometers usually use helium to get an average...
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    Determining Target Thickness from Area Density

    Ahh ok I have found the equation thanks for helping. Also I guess I should know that all I have to do is look at the units to determine how to find the thickness. I must be not thinking straight today ! Cheers
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    Determining Target Thickness from Area Density

    Ok I am studying experimental physics and I wondering if you can determine the thickness of a target if you only know the area density. For example if you have a target of 70 micrograms/cm^2 can you determine the thickness from just this information ? I have tried to find equations but cannot...